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Version: 1.12
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Short description: This is a new enemy faction pack chock full of authentic Nazi killin' flavor.

Date: 2014-10-28 23:26

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Fascist Rebel Faction AAF Enemy Pack


Flash: Refugees picked up by NATO vessels operating in the Northern Aegean have indicated that an ultra-nationalist fascist militia has taken over several islands in the area. Recent satellite reconnaissance data for the island of Altis confirms their allegations of war crimes being committed, and almost the entire civilian population has been displaced as a result of their recent arrival leaving large population centers abandoned, except for military forces. Whats left of the Greek government has officially requested international assistance in dealing with this crisis, as local defense forces including the battalion strength AAF led by Col. Georgious Akhanteros have not been heard from in the past 48 hours. A NATO advanced landing force is being prepared for deployment immediately, and according to the Pan-Asian news network and other intelligence assets, CSAT has dispatched an amphibious assault fleet from the Black Sea to the Altis area. Escalation threat between all parties involved is unknown given this new common enemy and humanitarian crisis, but what is clear is that fascism must not be allowed to spring up in Europe again- that threat must be dealt with before all others.

This is a new enemy faction pack chock full of authentic Nazi killin' flavor. They are reskins of AAF units representing an Ultra-Nationalist Fascist militia, which sadly is a pretty realistic threat to the area in current events. These units are not designed for players and their loadouts specialized for Ai control. This is part of a project to attempt to add AAF as a playable faction in BECTI missions by freeing them up of their town occupation duties. I abhor Neo-Nazism and the fact that they exist in Greece at all after what the Greek and Yugoslavian people suffered under Nazi occupation is enough for the cringiest of cringes. I call opun all forces fighting on Altis and Stratis to blow these guys to kingdom come, the more the better- and bonus points for posting videos of these guys getting lit up by the heaviest firepower you can think of!

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