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Dap, from the VTN Team, informed us an updated version of the VeteranMod has been released on the BI forums.
A seperate addon which allows you to use the VeteranMod with CBA is also available on our downloadpage!

    Quote :
    After a long pause VTN was updated. Current version: 0.4.2 build 2000.

    • Added: AN/PRC-150 multiband radio
    • Added: M4 carbine without hand grip
    • Added: PM md.63 assault rifle
    • Added: North Korean F-7 and chinese Type 69-1F fragmentation rounds for RPG-7
    • Added: AT crew for insurgents
    • Added: Missed units for USMC (Desert MARPAT)
    • Added: Icons for VTN groups in editor
    • Improved: M40A3
    • Improved: BRDM-2A
    • Improved: HMMWV M1151
    • Improved: 6SH104 vest model
    • Fixed: 1P76 sight visual bug
    • Fixed: GP sights on AK74 and AK103
    • Fixed: Config parameters for sappers and engineers
    • Fixed: Player may stuck if wounded unit was killed during first aid
    • Fixed: Missed items for some units (ItemCompass, ItemRadio)
    • Fixed: Capacity of russian medical bag
    • Fixed: Throw power indicator
    • Fixed: Gear for some units

Written on 2016-11-10 10:41 by Dead Kennedy  

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