Author: Vdauphin
Author Website:

Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3), Community Base addons A3
Island(s): Altis, Tanoa
Playable options: N/A

Version: 1.20.9

Date: 2021-01-07 12:46

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=BTC= Hearts and Minds

Giallustio & Vdauphin

Hearts and Minds is a cooperative mission that aims to recreate a post war environment.
CSAT forces retreated from Altis and NATO deployed units and vehicles to help the local population.
A new formed group, known as "Oplitas", is againts the NATO intervention and it is ready to fight back.

You main task is to defeat the "Oplitas" group and restore peace and order in Altis.
The militia has an unknown number in the island that need to be destroyed.
They have also ammo caches in various locations, destroy them to weaken its power.

Bad actions cause bad effetcs.
Infact there's a reputation system: helping the local population, fighting the "Oplitas", disarming IED will rise your reputation; killing civilians, losing vehicles, respawns will decrease your repution.
At the beginning you have a very low reputation level, so civilians won't help you revealing important information about Oplitas, they will likely lie instead.

  • Medical system
  • Logistic system
  • Deafness simulation
  • Interaction system
  • IED
  • Suiciders
  • Dynamic caching system
  • Civilian interaction
  • Reputation system
  • Something I forgot for sure

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    Recommended and/or optional addons and mods to use with =BTC= Hearts and Minds:
    - RHS: Armed Forces Of The Russian Federation
    CAF, @Ericj_Taliban, =BTC= Militia mod, RDS A2 Civilian Pack mod, CUP units and vehicles mod, IWAR: Irregular Warfare mod

    The Tanoa version requires:
    - Arma 3 Apex

    Changelog: (07-01-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news as it happens)
    - Mission.sqm/Param.hpp not changed.
    - FIX: ViV objects are saved twice (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Cache spawn under water for building above water (@Vdauphin).

    Mission.sqm/Param.hpp not changed.
    FIX: Adjust weapon holder clean up distance to match the clean up distance of dead bodys (@Zakant).
    FIX: Make sure convoy side mission don't select marine (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: EMP side mission stuck if ammo cache destroyed by non-explosive ammos (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Killed-event handler can run twice for the same entity in some cases (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Side rescue, pilot can join player group if an air vehicle fly above (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Syntax error when debug log is on in call militia (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Enemies group with only unconscious AI respawn as civilian (@Vdauphin).

    - Param.hpp changed.
    - Mission.sqm not changed.
    - FIX: Missing factions since CUP and 3CB factions update (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Civilian still moving even after STOP order (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Apply careless and BLUE combat mode to civilian traffic (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Group with only dead units are deleted whatever player position is (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Comment about btc_type_crewmen is a string not an array (@Vdauphin).

    - Mission.sqm/Param.hpp not changed.
    - FIX: Virtual crew doesn't respawn for UAV (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Create FOB at the correct altitude (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: FOB height not restored when loading saved game (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Simplified Chinese Translation for refuel source truck (#890) (@GoldJohnKing).

    - Mission.sqm/Param.hpp not changed.
    - FIX: Can't refuel source truck (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Respawn in altitude (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Drone fire even dead for 5s (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Supply vehicle property not persistent (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Missing crew for UAV loaded from database and created at logistic point (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Avoid the use of drone for rescue pilot side mission (@Vdauphin).

    Mission.sqm/Param.hpp not changed.
    FIX: Use tow instead of lift for boat (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Prevent mount FOB when carrying object (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Prevent redeploy when carrying object (@mrNo0b).
    FIX: Lift wreck flip (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Prevent civilian to stand up if in vehicle after ordering civilian to get down (@mrNo0b).
    FIX: Prevent using vehicles while carrying objects (@mrNo0b).
    FIX: FOB respawn position can be empty (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Impossible to remove spawned "Land_PortableLight_double_F" (@mrNo0b).
    FIX: Avoid reputation up while checking civilian medical status (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Remove persistence of objects created by chemical leak side mission (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Static weapon assembled by player not saved (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: ACE Crew Served Weapons (CSW) not saved (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Undefined variable for fake info cache (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Skip side mission mines if no safe position found (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Documentation reputation misspelled (@Vdauphin).

    - Param.hpp **changed**.
    - Mission.sqm not changed.
    - FIX: The lifting support being destroyed during the hooking (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Missing new faction (CUP update, OPTRE...) (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Infinite loop when using 100% enemies in house mission parameter (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Some missing header (@Vdauphin).

    Mission.sqm changed.
    Param.hpp changed.
    Add: Chemical warfare (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Chemical detector (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Spectrum device and EMP (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Multiple side mission at the same time (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Automatically start multi side mission at the same time (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Better placement of IEDs (@1kuemmel1).
    Add: Side mission assassinate (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Path information for convoy mission (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Subtask body bag in side mission rescue pilot (@Vdauphin).
    Add: ED-1 support for IED (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Food and water supply for side mission supply (@Vdauphin).
    Add: FOB spawn in the same direction as the container (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Delete action to logistic point (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Pictures as intel for ammo cache (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Don't show database deleted when saving (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Save game when on allplayers disconnected (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Mission parameter to change probability of a city to be free (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Remove the parameter Medic Advanced to a global one based on ACE Medical setting (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Remove FOB when FOB structure is destroyed (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Remove the group parameter for btc_fnc_delete (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Improve code syntaxe (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Migrate RemoteExec to RemoteExecCall (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Use a dedicate parameter to remove all weapons on player connection (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Forest loadout (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Rallypoint with limited number of respawn (2) (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Vehicle in vehicle for towing when available (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Improve mission.sqf, btc_fnc_cache_create and remove btc_fnc_cache_spawn and one line functions (@Vdauphin).
    Add: setCargo fnc (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Use group param for fncs unit_create (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Randomize time between cache explosion (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Logistic stringtable cleanup and migrate fnc to client/server (@Vdauphin).
    Add: CBA_fnc_notify instead of hint (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Check area fnc (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Subtasks system (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Enhance task apparence with icons and pictures (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Remove sounds.hpp (@Vdauphin).
    Add: "CBA_NamespaceDummy" for city location (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Improve entities syntax (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Don't get owner for earringing (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Advise all players around the dismantling FOB (@Vdauphin).
    Remove btc_fnc_int_action_result (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Clean up data fnc (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Improve call_militia syntaxe (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Persistant event handler on locality change (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Migrate lift system to a proper folder (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Migrate clean up fnc to city folder (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Filter object by parent in mission.sqf (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Improve doc vehicles and logistic (@Vdauphin).
    Add: btc_fnc_typeOfPreview to easily show picture (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Contact asset to hideout (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Set and get vehicle properties function (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Get composition function (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Don't add BTC Place interaction when ACE Carrying interaction is available (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Broken database when switching mission parameter: battle on sea (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: _cfgVehicles isn't defined (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Save interaction, use scheduled (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Lag on city activation due to addWaypoints (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Lag on de activation city due to allMissionObjects (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Chemical damage lag when a lot of units are contaminated (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: ACEX Fortify objects not saved (@Vdauphin).

    - Mission.sqm/Param.hpp not changed.
    - FIX: ACE3 Medical rewrite (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Missing splint in loadout (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Improve several Simplified Chinese Translation (@GoldJohnKing).
    - FIX: Uniform is full when ACRE radio is added (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Missing private in populate.sqf (@Vdauphin).

    Mission.sqm/Param.hpp not changed.
    FIX: Object spawn in floor while placing them (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: FOB spawn twice when two players create a FOB (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Static mg are in gl variable (@Vdauphin).

    Mission.sqm/Param.hpp not changed.
    FIX: Can't sling load wreck and some RHS vehicles since 1.94 (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Enemies don't spawn inside the city radius (@Vdauphin).

    - Param.hpp changed.
    - Mission.sqm not changed.
    - FIX: Missing faction from GM and Contact DLC (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Some patrol can spawn in water (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Static could be inside terrain or flip (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Civilian weapon isn't saved in the cache (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: "Ship" vehicle class in wreck repair was missing (@heitor-sampaio).
    - FIX: Improve Simplified Chinese translation (@GoldJohnKing).
    - FIX: Towing for HEMTT flat (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Description in capture officer mission (@Vdauphin).

    Optionals :
    RDS A2 Civilian Pack mod,
    CUP units and vehicles mod, Community Factions Project,
    3CB Factions, Project OPFOR, IWAR: Irregular Warfare mod, Iraqi-Syrian Conflic, Central African Rebels [SFF-R],
    FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack), VETERAN,
    =BTC= Militia mod, Taliban Fighters by EricJ,
    The Unsung Vietnam War Mod,
    Iron Front 3 Lite, Face of War WW2,
    Operation: TREBUCHET, OPCAN - OPTRE Reskin Pack.
    Param.hpp and Mission.sqm not changed.
    Improve the players experience in Portuguese (@EckoMoire).
    FIX: Missing private (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Header (@Vdauphin).

    Param.hpp changed.
    Mission.sqm not changed.
    FIX: PlaySound3D, allah akbar sound doesn't trigger on my server since 1.92 (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Side mission rescue, missing smoke (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Hint not show at mission end (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Remove hidden faction (with 2 scope units) from mission parameters (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Floating compositions (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Disable BI wreck system to prevent conflict with H&M (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Pilot from rescue side mission not delete (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Convert ASL to ATL when over sea (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: btc_fnc_info_hideout take an object as parameter not an array (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Switch to OPF_G_F (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Auto build tool for H&M (@Vdauphin).

    Param.hpp changed.
    Mission.sqm Unchanged.
    FIX: Disable wreck system on Helo vehicles (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: btc_player_side error when side mission cycle is activated (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Missing 3CB factions and Veteran, remove CAF (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Header comments to functions (@Vdauphin).

    Mission.sqm Unchanged.
    Param.hpp Unchanged.
    FIX: Plane crash when they spawn (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: ACE vehicles' parameters not saved in database or after repair wreck (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Case selection for static spawn (@1kuemmel1)
    FIX: Repair wreck detect ACE fastrope (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Wrong Comments btc_type_gl (@Vdauphin).

    - Mission.sqm and param.hpp unchanged.
    - Add: Simplified Chinese Translation in stringtable.xml (@GoldJohnKing).

    Mission.sqm changed.
    Param.hpp changed.
    Add: ACE cargo (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Strategic map for re-deployment (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Option to restrict the arsenal (@1kuemmel1).
    Add: Parameter to enemies and civilian spawn (@Vdauphin).
    Add: New slots and autoloadout in mission parameters (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Dynamic loadout on player connection accordingly to role, map and is day or night (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Use config and aiAmmoUsageFlags to dertermine btc_types (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Sniper and Machine gunner autoloadout (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Filter weapons available in ACE Arsenal (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Simplify respawn (@Vdauphin).
    Add: New params syntaxe (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Use new commands findif, inArrayArea, inArea and in (@Vdauphin).
    Add: in command (@Vdauphin).
    Add: missing preprocessFileLineNumbers (@1kuemmel1).
    Add: Use stringtable from BIS (@Vdauphin).
    Add: CBA/BIS/BTC functions (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Remove btc patrol variable (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Improve the btc_fnc_mil_create_group function (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Improve filter class name (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Direction to mil_createVehicle function (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Use the btc_fnc_foc_create_s to load FOB from DB (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Use function btc_fnc_mil_create_hideout for data base loading (@Vdauphin).
    Add: btc_fnc_int_ask_var can return any variable from server (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Enhanced patrol eh fnc (@Vdauphin).
    Add: CBA_fnc_waitAndExecute convertion for H&M subtitles conversations (@1kuemmel1).
    Add: Unsheduled to deactivate city (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Remove unused functions (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Debug improvement (@Vdauphin).
    Add: Automatic sqf validation (@bux).
    Add: CBA header to BTC functions (@Vdauphin).
    Change: Move XEH declarations to description.ext (@bux).
    Change: Clean up civ functions (@bux).
    Change: Clean up city functions (@bux).
    Change: Clean up weapon cache functions (@bux).
    Change: Clean up data functions (@Vdauphin).
    Change: Clean up deaf functions (@Vdauphin).
    Change: Clean up redeploy (@Vdauphin).
    Change: Clean up all functions folders (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Portuguese in stringtable.xml (@EckoMoire).
    FIX: Missing factions (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Missing closing bracket in check_rinf.sqf (@bux).
    FIX: Functions server side use way too much CBA_fnc_addPerFrameHandler (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Hideout spotted with info is different between save (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Syntax error due to ACE option "add wheel automatically to vehicles" causing database isn't saved (@Vdauphin).

    Mission.sqm and param.hpp unchanged.
    FIX: Use AR-2 to drop leaflets (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Bodies are deleted too close from players (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Remove DLC statics from logistic point menu (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Mortar entry "B_Mortar_01_F" (@Vdauphin).

    Mission.sqm unchanged.
    Changed param.hpp
    FIX: Floating hideouts (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Checkpoint are too far from the city center (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Missing spanish localization (@Vdauphin and @pablodma).
    FIX: Remove also weapon holder simulated (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: AI is healing him self in side mission treatment (@Vdauphin).
    FIX: Community Factions Project support (@Vdauphin).

    - Changed param.hpp
    - Unchanged mission.sqm
    - FIX: Can't drop leaflets (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Remove patrol on foot (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Update faction selection in mission parameters (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Animation fleeing when 'get down' and getweapons (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Wrong color for debug markers after restart for saved game (@Vdauphin).

    - **Changed** mission.sqm and param.hpp
    - Add: Now civilian can use UAV to drope bomb on player instead of using suicide bomber.
    - Add: Better explosion effects for ieds.
    - Add: Dynamic composition for the side mission clear mines field.
    - Add: IDAP containers for supply side mission.
    - Add: CBA and ACE3 mod only dependency.
    - Add: New icons.
    - Add: Specific icon to orders action.
    - Add: Subtitles for conversations (@1kuemmel1).
    - Add: ACE Arsenal (@Vdauphin).
    - Add: Entry to the mission parameters to easily switch between BIS and/or ACE arsenal (@1kuemmel1).
    - Add: Remove double actions in orders to civilians.
    - Add: Expand place options.
    - Add: Localization (Stringtable.xml).
    - Add: Task description is now localize client side.
    - Add: Marker texts are now localized to client.
    - Add: Clean up stringtables.
    - Add: Clean up English from stringtable.
    - Add: Two ropes during towing.
    - Add: Fire to civilian car decrease reputation.
    - Add: Go away order is now directional.
    - Add: Leaflets to evacuate civilian and avoid war crime.
    - Add: Copy/Paste tool to duplicate containers.
    - Add: Detect military building and populate it with enemies.
    - Add: Shortcuts for civilian orders.
    - Add: Use preprocessFileLineNumbers.
    - Add: ACE3 progress bar and major clean up in files mission.
    - Add: Optimize city creation by using simple objects.
    - Add: Faster loading on player connection (@Vdauphin).
    - Add: Clean up mission.sqf.
    - Add: CfgFunctions in description.ext.
    - Add: Improve code with `params` and `private` (@Vdauphin).
    - Add: .editorconfig file for more consistent code style (@bux).
    - Change: Normalize line endings (@bux).
    - FIX: Suicider spawn after each save and restart.
    - FIX: Deploy FOB hint is missing space.
    - FIX: btc_fnc_mil_create_group return an array.
    - FIX: Destroy underwater generator side mission script error.
    - FIX: Tabs to spaces (@bux).
    - FIX: City has no more suicider/drone (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Vehicle customization is not persistant (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Remove weapons when cache is destroyed (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Side mission for join in process player (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Add missing translations (@1kuemmel1, @bux).
    - FIX: Smoke grenade trigger firenear EH (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Vehicule customization for repair wrecks and respawn fonction (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Missing functions on client when placing civilian units as Zeus (@bux, @Vdauphin).

    - Param.hpp CHANGED.
    - Mission.sqm unchanged.
    - FIX: Update factions array due to mods update (add WarfareThai EX).
    - FIX: Markers are not deleted when side mission convoy/capture officer failed.
    - FIX: Use sling load cargo memory points when available.
    - FIX: Lift behavior for helicopter wreck (@Vdauphin).
    - FIX: Sometimes engine of vehicles can't be turn ON.
    - FIX: Set damage fonction for side mission civilian treatment.
    - FIX: Syntax error when the lifting HUD is used.
    - FIX: Documentation about saving marker on map in camp channel.

    - Param.hpp changed.
    - Mission.sqm changed.
    - FIX: Remove deprecated ACE modules in mission.sqm.
    - FIX: Replace ACE setting in mission parameters by new mission CBA setting.
    - FIX: Remove everybody can disarm IED option in mission parameters (Now use CBA setting).
    - FIX: ACE action "Start Hacking" does not appear for join in process players for side mission Hack.
    - FIX: Enemy can spawn inside rock.
    - FIX: Divers don't have waypoint on ground.
    - FIX: Syntaxe error when data base loading objNull vehicles.
    - FIX: Civilian H&M-interaction do not appear for some mod.
    - FIX: No reaction to orders (civilian from mod factions).
    - FIX: Missing factions due to mods update.
    - FIX: RTP errors when EH are removed twice.
    - FIX: Syntaxe error for setWaypointType.
    - FIX: Some spelling/grammar.
    - FIX: Civilian give hideout information in final phase.
    - FIX: Selectrandom in troops.sqf.

    - Mission.sqm/Param.hpp unchanged.
    - FIX: Rearm at logistic point (ACE 3.11 and Arma 1.70).
    - FIX: Broken Icon path for loading action (ACE 3.11).
    - FIX: Anti-Air infantry filter.
    - FIX: Vehicle explosion damage other objects around during database loading.
    - FIX: Helo is not respawning when destroyed on the helo spawn position.
    - FIX: Tweak name Anti-Air infantry in mission parameter.
    - FIX: Grammar.

    Now the H&M have new OPTIONALS mods :
    - [RHS AFRF](, [RHS GREF](, [RHS SAF](,
    - [RDS A2 Civilian Pack mod](,
    - [CUP units and vehicles mod](,
    - [Project OPFOR](, [IWAR: Irregular Warfare mod](, [Iraqi-Syrian Conflic](, [Central African Rebels [SFF-R]](,
    - [FAP Units (Foes & Allies Pack)](,
    - [=BTC= Militia mod](, [Taliban Fighters by EricJ](, [CAF](,
    - [The Unsung Vietnam War Mod](,
    - [Iron Front 3 Lite](, [Face of War WW2](,
    - [Star Wars Opposition Main](, [Star Wars Opposition Maps](,
    - [Operation: TREBUCHET](, [OPCAN - OPTRE Reskin Pack](
    corresponding changelog:
    - Mission.sqm/Param.hpp CHANGED.
    - Add: Reputation malus when a building is damaged/destroyed.
    - Add: Civilian can trow Molotov cocktail or handgrenade.
    - Add: Civil give the number of hideouts left.
    - Add: You can lift wreck underwater with the SVD.
    - Add: Empty ammo box.
    - Add: Players markers in Global channel are now persistent.
    - Add: Now damage of each vehicle parts are saved in Database.
    - Add: Logistic point available objects depend on loaded mods.
    - Add: Units close to the generator in the Side mission.
    - Add: New side mission hack a missile.
    - Add: Side mission cycle.
    - Add: Garage for admin.
    - Add: A semi Automatic mod support based on faction name (187 enemies factions and 15 civilians factions available).
    - Add: You can select Anti Air enemy.
    - Add: You can select Tank enemy.
    - Add: An option to activate vehicle armed in hideout or side mission or cache.
    - Add: Optimize actions for civil orders.
    - Add: Optimize trigger detection for slow server.
    - Add: Optimize mission parameters.
    - REMOVE: btc_hq_red/blu/green soldier in mission.sqm.
    - Add: Create function for EventHandlers.
    - Add: btc_fnc_city_create for city\init.sqf.
    - Add: CBA Per Frame Handlers to H&M.
    - Add: Optimize server network by using remoteExec instead of BIS_fnc_MP.
    - FIX: RHS vehicles are underground since RHS 0.4.3 update.
    - FIX: Clients see different colours for same car.
    - FIX: Can't lift due to ACE fastrope.
    - FIX: Wreck vehicle malus is apply at each DB loading.
    - FIX: Object flipping when touching the ground.
    - FIX: Civilian suicider not killed due to pavement.
    - FIX: Destroyed vehicle are not destroyed after server restart.
    - FIX: Wrong color for the medical taru pod.

    Mission.sqm/Param.hpp unchanged.
    FIX: Side mission mine is not trigger correctly.
    FIX: Units in house are not saved correctly.
    FIX: Foot patrol can spawn inside rock.
    FIX: Detect more accuratly city center in some cases.

    - Mission.sqm/Param.hpp unchanged.
    - FIX: Destroyed vehicle markers not appearing on dedicated server after a server restart.
    - FIX: Lift a vehicle with player inside (crew).
    - FIX: Logistic point not working if player drop weapon on it.
    - FIX: Vehicle explosion damage others objects around during database loading.

    - CHANGED param.hpp
    - Unchanged mission.sqm
    - FIX: Side mission Hostage fail for no reason.
    - FIX: AI skills is not set correctly (ACE 3.10.0).
    - FIX: IEDs appear in front of player in some cases.
    - FIX: Hide the box uses during the wreck lift.

    - Mission.sqm/Param.hpp unchanged.
    - FIX: Dead body above water can't be search.
    - FIX: Now civilian or enemies patrol in house.
    - FIX: Vehicles are damaged by Data Base loading.
    - FIX: Documentation about towing vehicle (car can't tow truck or tank).
    - FIX: Logistic point can't be use when animals or module are placed on it.
    - FIX: Player spawn under the FOB floor.
    - FIX: Player respawn where at connection position.
    - FIX: Helo and logisitc point elevation.

    Mission.sqm/Param.hpp unchanged.
    FIX: Defuse IED don't give reputation to player.
    FIX: Traffic is removed when the vehicle is hit by a rabbit.
    FIX: Error appear in function btc_fnc_mil_send for headless client.

    - FIX: Vehicles fly or are in the ground during towing.
    - FIX: Player don't get any notification when side mission convoy and capture an officier begin.
    - FIX: Logistics point can't detect wreck when FRIES is equipped on helicopters.
    - FIX: Wreck lift.
    - FIX: When all players fall unconscious, AI disappear.
    - FIX: Patrol can be out of city area.
    - FIX: Car can tow truck or tank.
    - FIX: Tank can't be lift.
    - FIX: Tank can't be tow by truck or tank.
    - FIX: Check cap trow error in some case.
    - FIX: Missing interaction icon on StaticWeapon.
    - FIX: Group created are not deleted in some case.

    - Add: Civilan fleeing.
    - Add: Headless support.
    - Add: ACE3 mine detector support.
    - Add: "Lifting" interaction inside helicopter.
    - Add: "Check cargo" interaction inside vehicle.
    - Add: New hideout composition design.
    - Add: Random cache design.
    - Add: Auto save game.
    - Add: Smooth and design HUD for lifting.
    - Add: Better heavy lift support.
    - Add: In some case sling load visual improvement.
    - Add: Project OPFOR support.
    - Add: A3 CSAT support.
    - Add: Fastroping on helicopter (For RHS Helicopter use RHS ACE3 compatibility to avoid crash).
    - Add: A3 BIS Group support.
    - Add: Better composition for side tower.
    - Add: More IED types.
    - Add: Icon in ACE3 interaction menu.
    - Add: Icon to task system.
    - Add: Loading screen with a base overview.
    - Add: New truck support.
    - Add: Some little optimization.
    - Add: Fonction composition return objects created.
    - Add: Systemchat in debug mode.
    - FIX: Vehicles not spawning on bridge after DB save.
    - FIX: When a player vehicles is destroyed the malus is a bonus.
    - FIX: If a player vehicle is destroyed twice the malus is not apply after.
    - FIX: RHS AA missile infantry is missing in config.
    - FIX: Date not being set up properly at mission start.
    - FIX: Time acceleration not working when loading from DataBase.
    - FIX: Pilot not being removed at the end of rescue mission.
    - FIX: Hideouts are not capturing cities around after a delay.
    - FIX: Task notification appear to everybody when a player is connecting.
    - FIX: Military send from a city to an other is not in Headless Client.
    - FIX: Duplicate static magazine.

    - FIX: Cache is not spawning in final phase.
    - FIX: RHS HUMVV altitude in mission.sqm due to RHS update.
    - FIX: Get down order to civil.
    - FIX: Sometimes rope is not long enough for lifting.
    - FIX: Ringing noise not compatible with ACE3 ear plugs.
    - FIX: Improve support of island for traffic and patrol.
    - FIX: In side mission rescue, the pilot can be kill by ACE cookoff.
    - FIX: C4 on suicider is not correctly display on dedicate.
    - FIX: When an underground object is unhook on bridge, it fall under it.
    - FIX: Sometimes objects can't be lift when fasteroping.
    - FIX: Typo spelling error on final task.

    FIX: ACE3 cook off animation disable for Side mission checkpoint.
    FIX: Side mission medical is not trigger when multiple players are connected on server.
    FIX: Sometimes objects can't be lift.
    FIX: Objects unload fall under bridge.
    FIX: Wreck Respawn, Vehicles respawn half way in ground (#258).
    FIX: Tower side mission should spawn on road to avoid collision.

    - FIX: Now H&M lift HUD is circle.
    - FIX: Sometimes when ACE3 FRIES is activate you can't lift with some helicopter.
    - FIX: Syntaxe error in typeof class name for a Syndikat vehicle.
    - FIX: Patrol and Traffic vehicle are now correctly deleted.
    - FIX: Now you are advise when the convoy left the starting point.
    - FIX: Arma 3 task system say that convoy side mission is attacking the city they are leaving, which is incorrect.
    - FIX: An unclear objective of side mission resupply.
    - FIX: Now you have back a hint advising you there are no FOB deployed.
    - FIX: Remove cargo in statics.
    - FIX: Sometimes IA are not show in debug mode.
    - FIX: Missing private variable.

    - Add: New side mission where you need to Destroy a convoy.
    - Add: New side mission where you need to Rescue a helicopter pilot.
    - Add: New side mission where you need to Capture an officer travelling in a secret convoy.
    - Add: New side mission where you need to liberate a civilian hostage.
    - Add: Improve side mission mine field with patrol and random type of mine.
    - Add: Now a black smoke popout when a checkpoint is destroyed.
    - Add: Now objects spawned by curator are persistent.
    - Add: Set skill to IA spawning by curator.
    - Add: Now you can play against Syndikat.
    - Add: Now you can select in mission parameter civilian vehicule class name.
    - Add: [=BTC= Militia mod]( support.
    - Add: [RDS A2 Civilian Pack mod]( support.
    - Add: [CUP units and vehicles mod]( support.
    - Add: [IWAR: Irregular Warfare mod]( support.
    - Add: Mission parameter has been cleaned and organized.
    - Add: Improve existing documentation with A3 icon.
    - Add: Hideout activation radius as been increased.
    - Add: Now enemy patrol can use civilian vehicle.
    - Add: Now you can rearm all statics.
    - Add: Now mission spawn helicopter in sky to avoid collision.
    - Add: Faster debug system.
    - Add: Readme for github.
    - FIX: Now you can lift when ACE3 FRIES is activated on helicopter.
    - FIX: Sometimes IED check said there are an IED when there are not.
    - FIX: No reputation bonus when enemy killed.
    - FIX: Player can kill civilian without any reputation effect in some case.
    - FIX: Now when you heal with ACE3 a civilian, you get a reputation bonus.
    - FIX: Now player connection is a little faster.
    - FIX: Some IED can be check twice.
    - FIX: Dirt trails are not connected to anything resulting an error.
    - FIX: Dirt road in Tanoa create error.
    - FIX: Wrong DataBase version loading.
    - FIX: Side mission healing civilians trow errors (link to ACE 3.7.0).
    - FIX: ACE3 warning when handcutoff is used in hostage side mission (link to ACE 3.7.0).
    - FIX: CUP vehicle mod can't be selected.
    - FIX: Unclear radius spawn information in mission parameter.
    - FIX: Playsound3D has wrong parameter.

    - FIX: Suicide bomber explode when unconscious.
    - FIX: Suiciders say allahu akbar when they are dead.
    - FIX: Suicider sound hears by all player.
    - FIX: Vehicle can be stuck in ground after server restart.
    - FIX: Sometimes enemy or civil patrol vehicle spawn empty and are not removed resulting performance issue.
    - FIX: Now civilian are not spawning inside closed building.
    - FIX: Open Arsenal with ACE3 interaction crash the game.
    - FIX: Wrong rearm level at mission starting. Now you don't need to add the ACE3 rearm module to have rearm feature working (you can select rearm level in mission parameter).
    - FIX: Missing documentation about rearming.
    - FIX: Improve civil traffic behavior by choosing appropriate cities.
    - FIX: AI in building don't spawn back at the same place when player comes back in city.
    - FIX: Now enemies spawn less inside rock.
    - FIX: debug output during lifting.

  • FIX: Now hideout info are for the same hideout before and after the server restart.
  • FIX: Now vehicle are not stuck in ground after unhook.
  • FIX: Now IA will not spawn in close container (like Tanoa Port Blue Pearl).
  • FIX: Now mission detect Airport location (like Tanoa airports).
  • FIX: Now traffic/patrol boats will not spawn on bridge (like bridge in Tanoa).
  • FIX: Safe position are now correctly find for hideout, for map with high objects density (like Tanoa).
  • FIX: Some map have city name not center on it (like Tanoa), the mission center it correctly to avoid IA spawning in sea (now less diver).
  • FIX: Now medical side mission start when player position is under 5000 meters.
  • FIX: Now you can correctly select "low" or "high" ied density in mission parameter.
  • FIX: Now smoke effect are correctly removed when mission completed.

  • v1.1
  • ACE3 is now a requirement
  • RHS is now a requirement
  • Interaction converted to ACE 3
  • Database functionality
  • Several fixes
  • Code improvements

  • v1.01
  • Fixed medical system
  • Added Drag, Carry and Load in actions
  • Big containers for logistic (waiting for BIS sling loading)
  • Performance improvements
  • Params to disable medical, deafness and IEDs
  • Params to set enemy type, chance of intel and reputation at start
  • Add ACRE and CAF support
  • RHS version

  • Credits & thanks:
    - =BTC= clan
    - AGM for the action feedback

    - Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)
    - Community Base addons A3

    Forum topic:
    - BI forums

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