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Requirements: No addons required

Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This adds Enhanced Movement to your character.

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Date: 2018-05-10 14:22

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Enhanced Movement

Bad Benson

This adds Enhanced Movement to your character.

- one context sensitive key to:
--> jump
--> climb on/over and step onto obstacles

- one context sensitive key to:
--> open doors/hatches and perform any close by actions
--> climb ladders
--> access the gear of any object (vehicles, ammoboxes, etc.)
--> get quickly into prioritized vehicle seats (temporarily disabled)
--> vehicle seat menu
--> access gear of group members (temporarily disabled)

additional random (optional stuff)

- daylight/non-NVG laser pointer
- NVG ping sound and post process effects

To install the Enhanced Movement you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

after installing the addon simply go ingame and press ESC.
there will be a small menu that will allow you to bind your keys and adjust your settings.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Known issues:
- some objects make you float (this has to be fixed by BI insdie the models)
- some windows or general places are not climbable (again..this has to be fixed by BI inside the models)
- clipping resulting in floating/clipping and generally unpleasing visuals

Future plans:
- improved animations

Credits & Thanks:
- various people i learned from over the years especially Einherj. the rest. you know who you are. thx!
- thx Columdrum for the action code example
- Apache7 for helping me sort some binarize problems and general rtm things
- Macser for his awesome Blender rig that inspired me to make my own in max (coming soon)
- Mikero for his great tools that simply work and do the job properly
- LordPrimate for temporary signature solution
- BI for this amazing and weird ass game series that i hate and love at the same time

all beta testers and especially...

Apache (indepth MP testing)
Einherj (indepth MP testing)
Deuce (indepth SP testing)
Corporal_Lib (indepth SP testing)
SerJames (indepth mod compatibility testing)

License / Disclaimer:
- use this at your own risk (obviously...)
- this update will not fix (potentially break) old broken savegames

Modification of the contents of this addon requires the author's (that would be me) permission. should permission be granted the content and derivatives of it are under the APL-SA license.
The contents of this addon are not allowed for any type of commercial use. that includes derivatives of it.
That includes using this as part of game modes/servers that have donation systems that are tied to ingame content as reward for donations, even if that content is not this addon specifically.
this means the use of this is only allowed in a 100% free context. that obviously excludes normal servers that accept donations without ingame content perks.
The use of contents of this addon (if permission was granted) is not allowed outside of arma games. that includes "very similar military simulators based on the RV engine".

- changed: set init function back to postinit from preinit. it was apparently causing issues with certain script heavy missions (KP Liberation reported by Keurgh)
- fixed: settings/keys menu should work from the main menu too now
- added: mods that support this feature will be highlighted in the list to improve visibility, if the list is cluttered
menu fixing
testing menu fixes
- fixed: imcompatibility with ACEX sitting
- fixed: military concrete building door interaction and related broken ladder interaction
- changed: settings/keys menu now accessed through arma's default "Expansions" menu
- added: seperate key options for jumping and climbing anything beta
- added: option in the menu to turn off forced walkable surfaces incase it conflicts with anything beta
-fixed: invis roadway lod wasn't removed properly on elevated positions (thx to Lappihuan for reporting) beta
Enhanced Movement
- added: invisible roadway lod object to allow walking on anything including poorly set up models (thx again to bloodwyn for cooperation)
Enhanced Interaction
- added: support for BIS door locking
- added: access dead people's gear (or that of AI in your group) with the use key
- added: access seats from inside vehicles
- fixed: accessing ammoboxes with the use key was broken beta
- fixed: door interaction was broken after Arma 3 stable update...replaced with new slightly different method beta
- expanded core functionality for mod supports default values for setttings
- mission EH optimised for Exile mode
- changed name inside mod.cpp too beta
- expanded core functionality for mod supports default values for setttings
- mission EH optimised for Exile mode beta
- changed: when Exile is running a mission eventhandler is used now, this should fix issues caused by code clean up and restructuring exclusively occuring with Exile

0.8.4 beta
- changed: initialisation moved from preinit to postinit to ensure player unit related settings (like stamnina) are applied after the player unit is created beta
- partly fixed loading of SP save games (just reload the same save game after resuming the game for now until it's fully fixed)
- fixed problem with default weight limits being set to 100% when the game actually allows you to go above you can freely use everything without limits by default (minus stamina limits) as it was intended beta
- reverted unified improved mod menu event handler because.....Exile

0.8.3 beta
- optimised EH system (thx to dedmen for tips, file AND line pointers of where to apply them)
- removed laser and NVG (these things may or may not come back as seperate addons)
- revamped mod menu (visually mostly the same but optimised and cleaned up under the hood to allow more detailed settings)
- new key binding system to make things more future proof and allow things like using mouse keys or any other features vanilla key binding allows
- fixed: can't get in or out of locked vehicles anymore using my vehicle menu
- added: option to switch between fast and detailed vehicle get in (fast get in made a come back...aka battlefield-like priority based one key system)
- mod logo in the main menu is lost on the journey

v0.8.2.6 beta
- serialisation error should be fixed (need feedback)

v0.8.2.5 beta
- different method for initialisation (yet again)
- fixed (hopefully): remaining issues some people had with Exile
- fixed: should also work after reconnect now

v0.8.2.1 beta
- ESC key issue "should" be fixed, accidently left some experiemtal stuff in the key handler

v0.8.2 beta
- fixed: the laser script error
- added: automatic Exile support, compatibility pbo obsolete
- added: experimental laser line (can't remember if this is new or not). it's in a pretty generic position since there is no way (that i know of) to get the IR laser position...totally optional
- removed: landing animations...until i made something more pretty and smooth

v0.8.1 beta
- tweaked: offsets in detection code (meaningful feedback appreciated, go test in places and give me coords of those places if they don't work)
- fixed: laser pointer script error when vegetation is right in your face
- fixed: wrong lod was used for door interaction. now you will be able to open any door, glass or fence, with ease just by looking at the actual door geometry

v0.8 beta
fixed: removed some remaining exploits. should be mostly glitch free now
added: exile compatibility pbo

v0.7 beta
- fixed (hopefully): infamous _bx error
- added: unbind keys using ESC key (menu will close but it works so w/e)
- fixed: insta prone/crouch
- added: pistol and rifle versions for drop down animation
- added: stamina penatly based on load carried
- added: switch variable fo people who only want to use certain aspects of EM...will be explained shortly with proper release
- fixed: vehicle menu can now distinguish between empty seat and seat with dead person in it
- added: laser feature can be disabled via menu

v0.63 beta
- removed: scripted fall damage (babe_fd.pbo obsolete)
- removed: interaction icons (obsolete)
- changed: interaction based on geometry instead of memory points now. in practice: look at the door and not an imaginary point to interact with it

v0.62 beta (Nexus)
- added: stamina penalty for jumping and climbing
- added: climbing is performed slower depending on the load you carry
- added: dropping down safely (look straight down and hit the climb key), animation is a placeholder
- added: menu supports key combos now (still WIP but works)
- (re)added: mod menu is moveable/draggable again by holding down shift
- removed: fatigue bar, obsolete
- removed: weight limits, obsolete
- changed: menu slightly changed to make more room for key combo names
- changed: fall damage is more lethal due to presence of a counter (drop safely)
- changed: no more auto eject when using interaction key inside vehicle, custom action menu instead
- and maybe other stuff i forgot about.

v0.61 beta
- weight limits have been "removed": the limits can still be set by the mission makers but i felt the default state should not be restricting since fatigue already provides a penalty.
this will reworked once the Nexus update and stasmina are on stable
- NVG effects reworked: i replaced blur with more dynamic "wet distortion effect" to get bloomy lights but keep sharpness overall
- NVG sound gets only played on goggles and not scopes

v0.6 beta
cosmetic fixes

v0.5 beta
- almost 100% rewrite of all systems
- fixed/tweaked: more accurate and flexible detection
- new animations (very much WIP will be updated in the next update in 1-2 weeks)
- fixed/tweaked: fall damage handling (now optional pbo in case of problems)
- fixed/tweaked: savegame handling and overall initialisation
- added: cooperative climbing now possible (simply provide you back so a friend can use it to get to higher places by climbing onto it and then climbing again to the higher place)
- fixed/tweaked: jumping overhauled entirely (still needs some nerfing)
- added: super simple interaction icons (optional)....... -added: arma 2 mode since arma 2 buildings have badly placed memory points
- added: self-interaction (just holstering and general weapon selection for now...more later)
- added: vehicle menu to select seat categories

v0.4.4 pre-alpha
- fixed: player could get into vehicles from too far away using fast get in

v0.4.3 pre-alpha
- anti flying hotfix

v0.4.2 pre-alpha
- changed: proper anim configs to allow better transitions, WIP, especially climbing over walls
- added: scripted fall damage. it's handled by the addon and bypasses engine damage now
- added: land anims for falling from 6 m and higher (first test)
- fixed (hopefully): damage from climbing...please report with description of reproduction
- added: fatigue for all movements

v0.4.1 pre-alpha
- fixed: menu adapts better to specific UI settings of the user
- changed: menu will always reset to top left corner to avoid it is still draggable though

v0.4 pre-alpha
- improved: mod compatibility
- changed: CBA no longer required
- fixed: should work now after loading a savegame (excluding old savegames made without the current version)
- added:
-- fatigue indicator (optional)
-- ability to disable fatigue (only in SP)
-- menu to change mod settings and keybinds easily from ingame (press ESC to access)
-- experimental bf3/4 like fast vehicle get in with driver, gunner cargo prioritizing (optional)
-- option to turn off features in general to allow mixing with other mods

v0.3 pre-alpha
- removed some legacy code from my old interaction

v0.2 pre-alpha
- fixed (hopefully): broken spam block
- changed: fatigue limit is now 95%

v0.1 pre-alpha
- first public release

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