Author: Sli
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Requirements: Karts
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 0.8.6i Alpha

Date: 2015-07-16 21:41

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Get Wrecked [Vehicle Combat Sandbox]


This game mode challenges players to create, customize, drive, survive and destroy. Players build their ultimate vehicle using a range of parts, weapons and modules and then fight to the death in a race zone of choice. It's a prototype vehicle combat sandbox that's designed for small games of up to 12 players. This is an Alpha version released for the Make Arma Not War competition.

- Custom object manipulation system (rotation, snapping, lifting and moving)
- Unique and original textures to put a finishing touch on your vehicle
- Custom key-binding system that's specific to each vehicle
- The ability to save/load your vehicle so you can play with it next time
- Earn money from kills that you can then use to purchase higher tier weapons and vehicles
- Persistent stats tracking (kills, deaths, mileage etc)
- Five uniquely challenging custom race zones (Airfield, Swamp, Downtown, Salt flat & Wasteland)
- A total of 8 different weapons, 14 tactical modules and 22 different building parts

Installation / Usage:
Binding these controls can be helpful, but isn't necessary.
Use Esc Menu > Settings > Configure > Custom Controls

Grab/Drop [User Action 1]
Attach [User Action 2]
Rotate CW [User Action 3]
Rotate CCW [User Action 4]
Open Vehicle Settings Menu [User Action 20]

All other controls are handled by the settings menu (cog icon when scrolling on a vehicle). From that menu you can double click an item then press a key to bind it.

Quick start guide available at

Known issues:
Tempest cannot have textures applied to it.

Make Arma Not War:
If you like our work, please support us in the contest!
Vote for us in MakeArmaNotWar.

Steam Workshop:
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License / Disclaimer:
This mod is licensed under a CC-BY-NC-ND 4.0 License Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivatives 4.0 International
Permission must be sought from the Author for its commercial use or any modification

All changes can also be found on the Steam Workshop changelog.

- Added hud marker for dead players in current race
- Added Prowler to unlockable vehicles
- Changes to loading process to ensure welcome message doesn't appear while on loading screen
- Race checkpoints now give 10% ammo on even points and 10% fuel on odd points
- Updated and simplified supply box script to allow them to function on bridges/steeper terrain
- Added Hunter Seeker Missile to supply crates (will be added to races at a later point)
- Added service points to Port, Quarry
- Lowered laser chance of burn, but increased raw damage output
- Service points now use notification icon instead of screen alert
- Invalid position icons for race editor
- Removed squadRadar
- Removed duplicate mouseHandler function
- Reverted boundary spawn to server side only
- Refactored HUD and playerLoop to run from same loop
- Reduced setPos frequency on lift vehicle
- Overall fire damage reduced
- Slightly lowered GMG rate of fire
- Removed zone boundaries from workshop
- New 'hidden' icon to targetCursor while using cloak
- Reduction in number of simulated objects in zones using makeSimpleObject
- Melee weapons now do more damage, break more easily and no longer collide with buildings
- Improved race editor usability (tooltips and changes to the way checkpoints are added to make it a bit more logical)
- Race checkpoint trigger area is now 15m (10m previously)
- Damage in race zones decreased slightly (it's now roughly 2x damage in a battle zone)
- Last loaded vehicle is no longer loaded on player respawn to prevent terminals overflowing
- Loading in a new vehicle will now clear other vehicles you own in the workshop
- Reduced sound volume on GMG, HMG, Rocket Pods
- Better handling of bad race data or ID when deploying to a race zone
- Removed an unnecessary loop from the chat commands system
- Improved angle of ramps at Terminal
- Fixed Race library corruption when creating/deleting races on other maps
- Fixed Race not correctly ending after at least one player has finished
- Fixed "_newFuel" undefined variable error
- Fixed Several outdated .wss file locations
- Fixed isEqualType [] error related to lack of available vHud bar space
- Fixed Race checkpoints couldn't be placed on bridges
- Fixed Deploy point on plantation above flame pad (lol)
- Fixed setVehicleTexture no longer called for blank paints
- Fixed Closing settings menu too quickly causes corrupted keybinds
- Fixed Melee weapons colliding with invisible objects on bridges
- Fixed Potential HUD break related to getOut EH on vehicles
- Fixed Objects placed below vehicle when lifted caused vehicle to explode
- Fixed Param error when using Rocket Pods on opponents
- Fixed Battleye kick when using too many lasers
- Fixed Mines sitting above ground when deployed
- Fixed Race progress bar stopping for remaining players after first player completes it
- Fixed Player unable to return to workshop if all vehicle terminals are full
- Fixed Crash when deploying to a zone with a chat channel open
- Fixed Races not ending as intended when players killed outside their vehicles or DC
- Fixed Out of bounds deploy point on Plantation
- Fixed Workshop occasionally showed as an option when deploying to a battle
- Fixed HUD progress bar was overlapping player locations in race
- Fixed Renaming a race twice caused race library to break
- Fixed No sound when shooting some weapons
- Fixed Some actions (save, deploy) were running on multiple clients

v0.8.2 - v0.8.5 [Closed alpha release]
- Added Race editor and race mode
- Added FlamePads to map
- Added 'Loading' text to vehicle preview
- Added 'Crash Test Dummy' texture for dev builds
- Added 'Napalm Bomb' as droppable module
- Race lobby menu and 'ready' threshold for race starting
- Caltrops now more reliable and destroyed after first collision
- Increased global damage scale by x2 (0.04 > 0.08)
- Decreased ammo requirements of some weapons
- Decreased breakage frequency for melee weapons
- EM Fencing now only mitigates the speed reduction of an EMP, rather than removing effect entirely
- Alert UI moved further upwards to reduce screen clutter
- Halo effect now follows ground when vehicle is airborne
- New system that uses server to determine empty setpos locations
- Reduced particle effect drop frequency on verticalThruster to improve FPS
- New method to dynamically spawn zone boundaries (client and local) on deploy to boost server FPS
- Typename comparisons updated to new isEqualType command (faster)
- Changed player proximity action refresh to a new lazy-update method
- New vehicle save name method to avoid profileNameSpace conflicts
- Renaming a vehicle now correctly deletes old named entry (no more cloning!)
- Global keybinds (settings, rotate keys) can now be set in the vehicle settings menu
- Changing keybinds no longer requires vehicle to be saved at the workshop
- Sponsorship money now triggered by server side events check
- Redesigned default vehicle 'Fresh Meat' to make it a bit more noob friendly
- Unit/Vehicle stance info is now hidden from HUD
- New command !boundary which toggles visible zone boundaries on/off (may improve Client FPS)
- Removed a number of buildings in Downtown Kavala to improve FPS in that zone
- Caching on entries in drawIcons to eliminate unnecessary repeat position finding per frame
- Damage now differs between Battle / Race zones
- Magnetic Coil now 50% less power/range in race zones
- Group global keybind added (open settings menu to configure)
- Mines can now be dropped while airborne
- Warning icons for mines and caltrops, now only added for first item in the group
- Snapping now aligns to axis of matching objects (rotation align currently disabled)
- Progress saved on DEV versions of Get Wrecked is now isolated from live version
- Emergency repair device now only repairs 50% damage
- Updated targetCursor to better calculate shooting while on steep terrain
- Fixed Issue with stats retrieval occuring too early on previewVehicle
- Fixed Bug preventing local vehicle setup from properly occuring
- Fixed Suspended vehicles no longer drop altitude when attaching/detaching objects
- Fixed Death camera sometimes triggering multiple times consecutively
- Fixed Settings menu keybind should now work for vehicles nearby the player
- Fixed HUD not fading in correctly if deploying in first person
- Fixed Incorrect offset on muzzle effect
- Fixed Unsaved vehicle prompt should now correctly show only for edited or non-loaded vehicles
- Fixed Hitting ESC/Enter should now correctly confirm or cancel dialog message boxes
- Fixed You can no longer disassemble static weapons
- Fixed Player going unconscious when hitting supply boxes or vehicles
- Fixed Vehicle spawn protection status being applied twice on deploy
- Fixed 'Beach' zone on Stratis with bad boundary detection
- Fixed occasional missing items on vehicle load
- Fixed 'Slytech' missing texture bug
- Fixed some vehicle items tending not to load under low server fps
- Fixed Items shifting position when saved multiple times
- Fixed Purchasing multiple items should now correctly use nearby supply boxes owned by player
- Fixed Filter list on deploy menu should now correctly update when arrows are used
- Fixed Race menu should now correctly only show races valid on the current map

- Combined cleanup scripts into events loop to improve server fps
- Guided missile, lock-on, railgun, mines and explosive damage now affected by target armor
- Notifications and alerts should now fade a bit more smoothly
- Updated several commands to avoid conflicts in 1.48
- Fixed - PreviewLocation defaulting to the sea
- Fixed - Owner not being set on vehicle creation to lock terminal correctly
- Fixed - Vehicle lock halo not showing
- Removed - Tailored vehicle textures in favor of file size reduction
- Removed - Respawn scoreboard flashing on death screen
- Added - Auto height snapping of similar types to object manipulation
- Added - Custom sound effects to attach/detach actions

- Stratis map support, with three new zones - Airbase, Peninsula and Beach
- Weapon damage and armor rebalance
- Vehicle melee weapons - Metal Spikes, Concrete Pylons and Wooden Battering Rams
- First person is now enabled in both combat and the workshop
- A number of script and network optimizations to improve FPS and stability
- Fixed - Stats system now functioning correctly
- Fixed - Game crashes involving HMG/GMGs and vehicle collisions while in zone
- Added - Rocket Pods, Harpoon, Teleportation Pad, Electromagnet
- Added - EMP Resistant Fencing, Military Grade Concrete, Chainlink Panel
- Added - Box Truck, Fuel & Ammo Trucks, Tempest to available vehicles
- Added - Vehicle name generator

- Fixed - Nuke not dealing any damage
- Fixed - Magnetic coil script error
- Fixed - Changed settings menu mouse bind back to double click to toggle
- Fixed - Emergency parachutes can be deployed multiple times while active

- Fixed - Attached weapons should now be properly immune to damage
- Fixed - Flamethrower consuming ammo in addition to fuel
- Fixed - Invulnerability not working vs bag of explosives
- Fixed - Attached static weapons disappearing after second save
- Fixed - Hud failing to update after dropping explosives
- Fixed - Explosives dropping all in one stack rather than individually
- Added - Shockwave effects to some explosive weapons

- Optimized vehicle service terminal initialization script
- Tweaked lock-on missiles slightly to improve accuracy
- All items attached to a vehicle are now destroyed when the vehicle is blown up
- Adjusted size of all battle zones slightly to account for more player slots
- Bandwidth optimization to load vehicle system to improve responsiveness
- Slowed HMG rate of fire, increased stock damage per round
- Shield generator now correctly swaps textures for vehicles without a custom texture
- Lowered chance of tyre pop on mortar impact and mortar rof reduced
- Eject system is now an emergency parachute (WIP)
- Optimized HUD loop to improve client fps
- Vehicles with engines off now have lower radar signatures
- Overcharge no longer affects weapons, only module cooldowns
- Reduced overall number of items in workshop to improve fps
- Tweaked eventHandler for karts to prevent wheels getting stuck
- Lowered mass modifiers further to allow for more items on kart/quadbike/suv
- Self destruct and Magnetic Coil no longer tags nearby players as killed by it
- Reduced mine damage to 30%
- Tweaked terminals to now use checkNearbyActions
- Additional checks on save/deploy/clear to determine ownership and prevent griefing
- AttachToRelative function thanks to KillzoneKid
- Tweaks to vehicle name tag function and simulation manager to improve client fps
- Reworked damage system to extend engagement times and reliance on service points
- Magnetic Coil now has less power but a faster cooldown
- Single mouse press (instead of double) to toggle mouse fire on weapons in settings menu
- Getting hit or taking damage now prevents service point being triggered for 5 seconds
- EMP timeout increased to 40 seconds and effect duration on source vehicle increased to 4 seconds
- Fixed - Damage object causing action menu to bug out
- Fixed - Lock ons causing excessive network traffic
- Fixed - Key binds resetting on load vehicle
- Fixed - Guided missile always exploding at 1000m
- Fixed - Lock-on using front of vehicle instead of camera direction
- Fixed - Mouse fire mode not defaulting to 'active' on newly attached weapons
- Fixed - Laser not firing due to script error
- Fixed - Bug causing player invulnerability to toggle on/off in the wrong areas
- Fixed - Railgun should now correctly use indirect/direct fire mode after delay
- Fixed - Lock on missile failing to launch to target and no minimum lock range
- Fixed - Vehicle status monitor setHit spam causing desync/lag
- Fixed - parseZones not correctly finding all markers
- Fixed - Karts and vehicles shifting sideways with stuck wheels on deploy
- Fixed - Bag of explosives should no longer bump source vehicle when detaching
- Fixed - Meta data bug with default vehicles for new players
- Fixed - Railgun, mortar blocking mouse fire for all weapons
- Fixed - New players unable to get past 'loading screen'
- Fixed - Older saved cars not using updated vehicle binds order on fresh load
- Fixed - Jittery vehicles (due to excess weight)
- Fixed - Flamethrower should no longer set light to source vehicle when firing ahead
- Fixed - Teleport Supply crate putting vehicles below ground
- Fixed - Cleanup should no longer remove attached objects on vehicles
- Fixed - Weapon marking system not re-marking for same player with different weapon
- Fixed - Weapons/modules activating while message dialog open
- Temp Fix - Multiple vehicles loading on top of each other when multiple people spawn at same pad
- Removed - Parachute vehicle drop as it causes desync and does not work properly
- Removed - Long concrete wall, for balance purposes
- Removed - Jammer supply crate in place of radar powerup
- Added - Custom sounds to vehicle service points
- Added - cleanup to remove excess actions from unnecessary items while in battle
- Added - Nuke death camera focus mode
- Added - 3D halo status effect for vehicle power ups (WIP)
- Added - Supply drop crates with custom power ups/money/ammo etc
- Added - New events system to handle random, condition based script execution
- Added - New text notifications to show deploying players, weapon used to kill
- Added - Charge up noise on railgun
- Added - More taunts: batman, sparta, herewego, hax, headshot and horn icon for settings menu
- Added - Beep sound effect to 'lock detected'
- Added - Lights to temporary vehicle spawn areas so you can see them in preview at night
- Added - More vehicle terminals and support for 12 players
- Added - Support for destroyable attached building objects on vehicles (WIP)
- Added - Key binds for modules now shown on vehicle hud
- Added - !reset to allow for character profile resets
- Added - Reintroduced simulation manager to increase overall fps
- Added - Unflip vehicle option to vehicle scroll menu (when in zone)
- Added - Status new health bars to vehicle tags
- Added - Vehicle armor ratings to prolong time-to-kill
- Added - New custom cleanup script for abandoned and destroyed vehicles

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