Author: Rabid Squirell
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: This adds different units from the South African SMCF Forces.

Date: 2020-04-13 14:53

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SAEF: South African Expeditionary Forces

Rabid Squirrel

Introducing the Alpha Version of the RS-16, a modern equivalent of the R4. 5.56mm, 35 Round Magazine.
As well as the new RS-16 LMG and GL Variants.

To install the SAEF: South African Expeditionary Forces you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

Known issues:
Added: New Camo Variants for the RS-16.
Added: Ironsights to the RS-16
Added: Recon Fireteam's for Desert, Multicam, and Tiger Stripe in the Editor (Blufor and Independent).

Really glad to have a solid Prototype out for the RS-16, it has been quite a bit of work, so I hope you all enjoy it!

Credits & Thanks:
Made by a South African group called SAEF!
Credit to Raven for the Monochrome South African Flag Patch.
Credit to Yinniy-Pig for the RS-16 Gunshot Sounds.

License / Disclaimer:
If any of you guys would like to use this uniform or modifiy it in anyway please ask permission from me first. Just leave the request in the comments section. Thanks.

Added: Something Special

Changed: Rain Textures Configuration to take into account the new RT update.

Fixed missing Rain Textures Backpack textures
Removed RS-16 (Has been shifted over to the RS Armaments Mod)
Removed RS EHO (Has been shifted over to the RS Armaments Mod)
Removed Editor Units pending 1.6.0 update

Added: New German Flecktarn Themed SAEF "Splinter" Uniforms, Vests, Backpacks, and Helmets.
Added: 2035 German "Splinter Flecktarn" Uniforms, Vests, Backpacks, and Helmets. (Request of a Friend)
Fixed: (Potentially) Compatibility Issue with the Advanced Armor Mod.
Changed: SAEF Base Vest Armor Values, now inline with Vanilla Plate Carriers. (Hotfix)
Fixed: Removed Bipod Access for the GL and FG weapon variants.
Added: New custom recoil patterns for each RS-16 Variant that were meant to be added with version 1.5.3. (WIP)

Added: New Sounds for *all RS-16 Variants (*Only minor change to existing LMG Sounds).
Added: Underbarrel Proxy for the base RS-16 Variant, bipods can now be used.
Changed: Reload Animation for the RS-16 LMG.
Fixed: Muzzle Flash Rotation Error.
Fixed: Rain Textures Error for the RS-16 FG.

Added: Missing Camo Variants of all SAEF Headgear and Facewear
Fixed: Incorrect Helmet Armor Configuration
Fixed: Incorrect RVMAT configuration for the Woodland and Snow Uniforms (Rain Variants)

Fixed: Several Minor Config Errors

Added: New Uniform Textures and Gear
Added: The RS-16 DMR Variants
Added: The RS Experimental Holographic Optic
Changed: Overhauled Existing Vest, Uniform, and Backpack Textures
Changed: Textures and Normal Maps for all existing RS-16 Variants
Changed: PBO Layout for more streamlined updates

Overhauled Textures and Model for the RS-16 Assault Rifle and LMG.

Added: Support for RS - Rain Textures

Added: New Bisgin and Bikey

Added: LMG and Foregrip Variants of the RS-16.
Added: New Camo Pattern for the RS-16.
Added: UI Pictures for all the RS-16 Variants.
Modified: Specular Maps for the Camo and Normal Variants of the Weapon.

Added: Units in the Editor (SF Teams)
Added: Ironsights to the RS-16
Added: Camo patterns for the RS-16
Fixed: Errors Caused by the Recent A3 APEX Update
Fixed: Issues with normal maps on some of the Uniforms
Fixed: Editor Error asking for 'SAEF_Insignia' that wasn't there

Added: Alpha Version of the RS-16
Added: Normal Maps, and Specular Maps to increase the definition of the Custom Uniforms.
Added: Khaki Kitbag.
Added: Additional Custom Uniform.
Fixed: Issue with Missing Textures.

- Modified the armor values for Vests and Helmets in the config file.

Added: T-Shirt Variants of all Uniforms (Except the Snow Uniform).
Added: Patches for Custom tags (replaces custom uniforms).
Added: Unmarked Backpack, Vest, Uniform.
Added: Black Canvas Helmet.

Added: Russians - Two uniforms (Snow, Woodland) - Full Army is not in yet.
Added: Snow and Woodland camos for the SAEF - All uniform Custom names included.
Added: iFluffy added to the custom nametag uniforms.
Added: Two new Helmets. (Canvas - Snow, Woodland).
Added: Beanie (Black with SA patch).
Added: Two Cap types with Headphones (Black and Green).
Added: Shemags as Facewear. (Green, Black, Brown and Snow).
Added: Thumbnails to all uniforms (except the Ghillie Suits), some backpacks, and all face Bandanas/Shemags.
Added: SA Diving gear, we have been using alot of Diving gear in the last few weeks so I decided that they were a requirement.
Added: Russian Harness Vests and Russian backpacks (Added to both factions, but with different insignia).
Added: New Helmet, and Vest (White Snake, and White Digital Respectively).
Added: Olive Carrier rig for a varity of uniforms.
Added: White Varients of the Peace, Xenomorph Mouth and Pirate Bandanas.
Modified: Black Carrier Rig Vest Has been made darker to better match the uniforms.
Modified: Textures and camos of all the gloves of each uniform.
Modified: I have made some minor changes to the layout of the config file, if any bugs occur due to this please report them, I have had no errors on my side.
Fixed: The re-occuring .rpt error.

- Our Clan has undergone a name change to SAEF (South African Expiditionary Forces). These are the debut uniforms with the new patches etc.
- A new Uniform Camo (South African 1980's Brown).
- A new addition to people with custom patches (BlackBeard).
- Two new Bandana's - Xenomorph mouth and Green SA Flag.
- Three additional Spec-ops helmets with SA patches (Brown, Green, and Black Snake).
- Experimental Fix for the server rpt errors caused by the addon.

- Our Clan is undergoing a change in name from SMCF to SAEF In the meantime all SMCF patches and logo's have been removed from the uniforms only the South African Patches Remain.
- NATO Pants: People were complaining that they looked too bright and clean, made them darker and given a coat of dust.
- A new Uniform Camo (Olive Drab).
- A wide variety of Backpack Camo's - as well as South African Monochrome Patch to Backpacks (Kitbag and Assault Pack).
- Two Spec-ops helmets with SA patches.
- Two new vest types added (Khaki and CSAT) - they also contain the monochrome patches.

- Added: Two new uniform types added - Tiger Strip and Digital Urban.
- Added: Customs tags added for Wors in all Uniform variants.
- Added: Faction added Executive Outcomes PMC Forces.
- Added: Faction Icons for all groups.
- Fixed: Faction icon not found error.
- Fixed: Ugly looking textures on old NATO and CSAT uniforms.

- Added Monochrome SA Flag as opposed to brightly coloured Flag.
- Added Uniform Varients for both CSAT and NATO. (Regular, Short Sleeve, and Ghillie Suit).
- Added Custom Tags on the Uniforms for Greyling and Wurm.
- Modified layout of badges on the Uniforms.

Added a Generic Ghillie Suit to the Mod.

Added a few more custom Uniforms for the SMCF group.

Added custome uniforms for Colgate, Angus and van Staden.

- Community Base addons A3

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