Author: FoxFort
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Requirements: ArmA 3

Version: 1.52
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Adds new uniform camouflages

Date: 2020-10-21 07:24

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FoxFort Camo Pack


This addon contains the following camouflages with "FFCP" in prefix:

A-Tacs, ACU, AOR2, Berezka, Blue, Black, CCE, CCE Urban, CADPAT, Dauget, Dauget Combo, Digital, EMR, Flora, Flecktarn, Green, Jigsaw, Izlom, Kamysh, Khaki, M81, MDU10, MDU93, Marpat W, Marpat Desert, Scorpion W2, Surpat, RS Woodland, Desert Digital, Tiger, TTSKO, Type 07, VSR, Urban Tiger, USD (US 3-color), Nomad, Square Urban, Square Desert and Square Woodland, MTP, M90 Splinter.

Available via Virtual Arsenal, Virtual Ammobox System and via it's own supply box.

To install the FoxFort Camo Pack you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

In Editor, on all sides, you can find examples of "FoxFort Camo Pack" soldiers. You can also use "FFCP Supply Box" in Editor to check all equipement.

You can use "FoxFort Camo Pack" addon in your mod, mission or server. But do NOT make any changes on it/them and give me credits. You are NOT allowed to earn money in any way with "FoxFort Camo Pack", without previously getting approval from me, all those who have my approval for that will be written on here.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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Known issues:

- All uniforms are unlocked, which means it can be worn by BLUFOR, OPFOR and INDEP side.
- You can use these uniforms/vests online in MP but other players also needs to have this addon installed or you'll appear in underwear for them.

Credits & Thanks:
Thank you for downloading and using this addon.

License / Disclaimer:
Just by downloading and/or using my mod/addon you automatically accept and apply:

- You are allowed to use my "FoxFort Camo Pack" in your private or public missions and servers.
- You are allowed to use my "FoxFort Camo Pack" as part of your mod/addon as long as you make that your addon/mod requires to have my mods/addons installed and running at the same time as a seperated entities.

- You are not allowed to alter or to extract my assests from any of my mods/addons and to release it to public as your own work.
- You are not allowed to use all or parts of my mods/addons in order to intengrate it into your mod/addon, without making "FoxFort Camo Pack" mod/addon as a requirement to be installed and run as a seperated entities.
- You are not allowed to use all or parts of my mods/addons in order to make any kind of damage to my name.
- You are not allowed to port my work into other games/mods without asking me.

--(Basically, just do not steal my stuff and pretend that you made them.)--

- Added: MDU93 Blue and Blue Tiger camouflages for AAF Uniform.
- Added: Retexture of Epoch DLC, LDF uniform model: MDU93, MDU93 Blue, MDU02 and Blue Tiger.
- Added: MDU93 Tactical Vest.
- Improved: MDU93 texture has been altered to bit better look: AAF Uniform, AAF helmet, AAF Vests, Tactical Vest and Bonniehat.
- Improved: Swedish M90 camouflage is now a bit darker.

- Added: Nato Plate Carrier in Black/Olive combination.
- Added: PASGT Helmet in a bit brighter black color.
- Added: Hunk and Ghost Operatives. (Requires APEX and Laws of War DLC ownership for proper usage).
- Improved: ACU Camouflage for AAF Equipment.
- Changed: Nato Khaki Plate Carrier *.paa name.

- Added: Gorka Outfits (just a retexture): Green, Berezeka, Berezeka Yellow, (Partisan) Autumn, (Partisan) Summer.
- Added: Khaki Body Armors with AKM magazine texure on torso instead of Stanag.
- Improved: Slight improvement of Partisan Autumn and Summer textures.
- Improved: Slight improvement of A-ATACS uniform texture.
- Changed: Name from "Fatigues Gorka" into "Gorka xxx".
- Changed: Russian and Serbian body armor textures now have AKM magazine texure on torso instead of Stanag.
- Removed: CSAT Square Desert, Square Woodland, Square Urban textures (I've never used them, they didn't really fit).
- Removed: CSAT most of Harness variants, since they all look the same. I only left Green, Khaki and Black variants.
- Removed: "FFCP Supply Box", with Virtual Arsenal being a thing for several years, supply box is redundant.

- Added: AAF vest (L,M,H) with Desert Digitial camouflage.
- Added: Berezka Yellow camouflage, for AAF and CSAT uniforms.
- Added: Patrol Cap in green-olive camouflage.
- Added: PASGT helmet olive camouflage (from Orange DLC).
- Added: Flora-Sweater, mix of Russian Flora pants and dark green sweater.
- Improved: Original Berezeka camouflage texture has been improved.
- Improved: Desert Digital texture.
- Improved: VSR uniform texture slighty improved.
- Changed: Khaki Uniform has been replaced with "Gorka" uniform texture. (Texture was improved to look kinda like Gorka-4 outfit).
- Changed: Names of AAF vests, now they are "AAF *Camouflage* Vest L(ight) or M(edium) or H(eavy)".

- Added: NATO Black shirt with OCP trousers uniform.
- Added: NATO Black shirt with M81 trousers uniform.
- Added: NATO Black shirt with Marpat D trousers uniform.
- Added: NATO Black shirt with Marpat W trousers uniform.
- Improved: Urban Tiger camouflage for AAF uniform, Body armor, vest, bonniehat.
- Improved: Urban camouflage for NATO uniform.
- Improved: Flora camouflage for AAF uniform, Body armor, vest, bonniehat.
- Improved: VSR Tiger camouflage for AAF uniform, Body armor, vest, bonniehat.
- Improved: MDU02 camouflage for Vest.

- Added: GranitB camouflage for AAF uniform, Body armor, vest, bonniehat.
- Added: GranitB camouflage for Nato uniform, Nato Stealth Uniform, Nato helmets.
- Added: TigerVRS camouflage for Nato Stealth uniform, Patrol Cap, bonniehat and Tactical Vest.
- Added: Olive camouflage for Nato Stealth uniform.
- Added: Berezka camouflage for CSAT uniform.
- Improved: Slight improvment of all camouflages on Nato uniforms.
- Improved: Toned down brightness of Nomad camouflage.

- Added: MDU02 camouflage for AAF uniform, Body armor, vest, bonniehat.
- Added: NATO uniform "OCP" camouflage.
- Added: Retexture of APEX DLC stealth uniform with: Atacs, Black, Green, CCE, Daguet, OCP, M81.
- Improved: NATO uniform "Green" and Nato uniform "EMR" texture.
- Changed: Renamed "Scorpion W2" into "OCP".

- Added: AAF (uniform, helmet, bonniehat) with "WZ93", "DBDU", "Alpenflage".
- Added: Tactical Vest with "DBDU" camouflage.
- Added: Patrol Cap with "Alpenflage" camouflage.
- Added: Goggles and Balaclava with Goggles in "Black" variant. (APEX DLC needed for Stealth variant).
- Improved: NATO Helmet Net with "Green" camouflage texture.
- Fixed: Missing "Partizan S" and "Partizan A" Bonniehats.

- Fixed: Missing NATO and CSAT helmet textures.
- Fixed: Texture mistake on NATO "MTP" and "Nomad".

- Added: AAF (uniform, helmet, bonniehat) with "Partizan S" and "Parizan A" variant.
- Added: NATO Helmet Net camouflage with "Kahki" and "Green" variant.
- Improved: AAF "M90" and "MTP" uniform textures.
- Improved: "FFCP Supply box" has been divided into separate boxes (AAF, NATO, CSAT and COMMON).
- Fixed: Error:"No entry .../ItemInfo.scope'." thanks to "Mickyleitor" from BIS forums.

- Added: AAF, CSAT, NATO(uniform, helmets, bonniehat) with MTP camouflage.
- Added: AAF uniform, helmet and bonniehat with DPM95 and DPM camouflage.
- Added: AAF uniform, helmet and bonniehat with Swedish M90 camouflage.
- Fixed: CSAT green helmet texture mistake.
- Fixed: Removed old CSAT Berzeka from Supply box.
- Improved: Nato Daguet helmet camouflage is now little darker.
- Improved: Added CSAT helmets classnames to the list.

- Added: CSAT uniform, Helmet and Harness with: Blue, EMR, Square (U,D,W) camouflage.
- Added: AAF uniform, AAF helmet, Nato uniform, NATO helmets and Bonniehat with: Nomad camouflage.
- Added: AAF uniform, AAF helmet and Bonniehat with: Blue and Type 07 camouflage.
- Added: Tactical Vest in: CADPAT and Nomad camouflage.
- Added: CSAT Russian armpatch/insignia - made by "graemetgd".
- Improved: CSAT uniform with: Green, Khaki and Type 07 camouflage.
- Fixed: Sample CSAT Khaki soldier had a wrong name.
- Removed: CSAT Berezka uniform camouflage.

- Added: AAF uniform and MICH in Blue variant.
- Added: CSAT unifrom in Berezka, Green, Khaki, Tiger and Type 07 camouflages.
- Added: Black Harness vest.
- Added: New logo.

- Added: CADPAT, Fleckern, Jigsaw and TTSKO camouflages.
- Added: Khaki CDF beret.
- Added: 2 version of CDF insignia.
- Changed: Reduced weight of NATO Light helmet.
- Changed: Code was cleaned and shorten.

- Added: AOR2 camouflage for Nato uniform, Nato Helmets, AAF helmet and Vest.
- Added: 14 camouflages for Nato helmets, in all 3 variants.
- Added: 4 Berets in colors of: Sky Blue, Green, Red and LE green.
- Added: 3 insignias: Yugoslav Army, France and French Foreign Legion (LE).
- Added: Text file with class names.
- Changed: Bonniehats are now in new common pbo.
- Changed: Black Vest and AOR2 Vest are in common pbo.

one new texture
added rolled-up sleeves version for all uniforms

- Added: 12 new camouflages for Nato fatigues.
- Changed: Name of pbos.
- Changed: "Black Fatigues", new texture and in a new PBO.

- Added: Tiger and VSR camouflages.
- Changed: 14 old uniform camouflages got little texture improvement.
- Changed: "Brown" camouflages renamed into "Khaki".
- Changed: "Desert" Uniform renamed into "Khaki".
- Changed: From "Combat Fatigues Black" into "Black Fatigues".
- Changed: Internal names for textures.
- Removed: "Desert" and "SpektarS" camouflages.

- Added: US Desert (3-color) and ACU
- Added: Logo for this pack.
- Fixed: Missing ATACS bonniehat from "FFCP Supply Box".

- Added: Dauget Combo Uniform camo (Mix of CCE and Dauget).
- Changed: Body Armor values have been updated to work with v1.54 update.

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