FoxFort Camo Pack by FoxFort
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FoxFort submitted an updated version of his FoxFort Camo Pack.

    Quote :
    This addon contains the following camouflages with "FFCP" in prefix.
    Available via Virtual Arsenal, Virtual Ammobox System and via it's own supply box.

    • Added: AAF (uniform, helmet, bonniehat) with "WZ93", "DBDU", "Alpenflage".
    • Added: Tactical Vest with "DBDU" camouflage.
    • Added: Patrol Cap with "Alpenflage" camouflage.
    • Added: Goggles and Balaclava with Goggles in "Black" variant.
    • Improved: NATO Helmet Net with "Green" camouflage texture.
    • Fixed: Missing "Partizan S" and "Partizan A" Bonniehats.

Written on 2017-01-12 08:39 by Armaholic  

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