Author: [MSK]Delta8
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 0.2.6

Short description: Adds door open/close-actions to all supported choppers in mission.

Date: 2015-01-10 15:37

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[MSK] HeliDoor Script


Hello pilots, co-pilots, gunners and passengers, this is my helicopter-door-opening script. At least a beta-version of it.
It adds actions to open/close every door of every (supported) helicopter in your mission.

Script is MP-compatible (thanks to 14.JgKp., especially BenAtArms, for testing)

Supports the following Helicopters:
-Taru (all doors!)
-Littlebird (if doors are added before mission starts!)

Supports following Languages:
- English
- German
- French
- Dutch
- Russian
- Spanish

Installation / Usage:
Download, unzip (7zip) and put it into your mission's folder (Remember to put 'stringtable.xml' into your missions root-folder).
Then put the following syntaxe into your init.sqf:
"0 = execVM "[MSK]_HD\[MSK]_HD.sqf";"

Known Bugs:
- Helicopters that spawn later in mission won't get the actions. I'll work on that issue.

Future plans:
- Further translations
- Fire-from-vehicle for Passengers if the doors are open
- maybe I make a mod-version, together with additional features

Credits & Thanks:
- Thanks to marker for English, syncie for Dutch, NorX_Aengell and ussmarines for French, Shuravi_rnd for Russian, RabsRincon for Spanish and Fr3eMan for Italian translations!
- Thanks to 14.Jägerkompanie for testing and feedback (especially BenAtArms)!
- Thanks to BI for creating ArmA3

- Added: Italian translation (thanks to Fr3eMan)

- Added: Backdoors of the Taru-variants (medical and transport)

- Added: Spanish translation (thanks to RabsRincon)

- Fixed: Issues in French translation (sorry to all Frenchman!)
- Added Russian translation (thanks to Shuravi_rnd)

- Added feature request: If you have a LittleBird with doors it will get the specific actions
- Added french and dutch translation (Thanks to syncie, NorX_Aengell and ussmarines for translating)

- Fixed the Huron/Taru-issue (Hopefully it works correct in MP)
- Added stringtable.xml to use different languages

- Added English version (Thanks to marker)
- Hopefully I managed to get rid of the huge loading-time-issue

v0.1 beta
- first release

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