Author: PennyWize74
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Version: 0.1

Short description: A retexture of the CH-49 Mohawk to make a USMC version.

Date: 2014-11-26 00:15

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"USMC" CH-49 Mohawk


I got inspired a lot by the USMC CH-53E when creating the retexture for the Mohawk.
So maybe a few of you will recognize the similarities (I actually hope so).

Installation / Usage:
If you want to check out the chopper, just copy the testmission to you Documents\Arma3\missions library and open it in the editor.
If you want to place the chopper in your own mission, you need to follow these easy steps:
- Place a CH-49 Mohawk helicopter in the editor. In the initializatio field write:
this setobjecttexture [0, "Textures\USMC\CH49_USMC_1.paa"]; 
this setobjecttexture [1, "Textures\USMC\CH49_USMC_2.paa"]; 
this setobjecttexture [2, "Textures\USMC\CH49_USMC_3.paa"];

Then copy the Textures folder from this download in your mission folder. Save the mission and preview.
If you want to spawn the chopper with open sidedoors (not operable) add the following to the choppers Init:
this animateDoor ['door_back_R',1];  
this animateDoor ['door_back_L',1];

So if you have anything to report or maybe any other skin request just write me, I'll see what I can do.

Future plans:
I am working on a Desert USMC skin and a German Heer skin. Maybe a UN Skin will follow.

License / Disclaimer:
The texture is a retexture of the original vanilla CH-49 Mohawk by Bohemia Interactive.
The template for the retexture was done by DreamRebel, thank you for that.
If you want to use the texture for your own missions, feel free to do so, but name me in the credits if you publish the missions please.
You are not allowed to use the textures for any kind of Mod or anything that gives you profit in any way if you dont ask for permission.

- first release

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