WIP Report - OFrP WIP A3 #03
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TigerForce submitted a new Work in Progress update of the Operation Frenchpoint for Arma 3.

    Quote :
    Today, Operation Frenchpoint Team offers you a slight overview of the models still in progress. For those who follow our adventure on ArmA 3, on our last news we spoke about giving you some fresh intel, so that's it !

    Let's begin the show with the VLRA in two versions! The first one is the transport version which has been already shown during an old WIP. The 3D Model is now finished. Tireless camel, the VLRA is from a long time, the workhorse of the French Army. No continent resist him, nor any track!

    The second version is still nowadays used by the special forces!

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    Following, a first draft of the Super-Etendard! This old flying tin can has celebrated its 40th birthday recently.

    Then let's show the teamwork on the EC-665 Tiger model, born from the partnership between France and Germany! It is widely used on the current operational theaters by our beloved army. Its utility in combat is no more to prove.

    You will recognize certainly below, the good old sniper rifle of the French army! The FR-F2... With a practical focus of 850 meters. It comes with the SCROME J8 scope.

    Here is a pair of suppositories for FAMAS, named APAV and AC58.

    Yes you recognised it, this is the last generation of Iphone of the French Army. High tech communication system with frequency hopping, the PR4G ER 362 radio is the newest arrived in the forces.

    Following, some pictures of the beautiful Gazelle which is taking a makeover, warning fresh paint!

    To conclude with this third WIP, let's show the current most used tractor by the French army to plow the battlefield ! The VAB...

    Kind Regards,
    OFrP Team

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Written on 2014-11-29 19:54 by TigerForce  

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