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Version: 1.0

Short description: Approximately 35 pre-built structures for use with the Ares Zeus Mod to quickly and easily place intricate structures

Date: 2014-12-02 17:14

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Pre-Built Pasteable Bases for Zeus & Ares Mod


Approximately 35 pre-built structures for use with the Ares Zeus Mod to quickly and easily place intricate structures.

One of the biggest issues I've faced when I'm Zeus in Arma 3 is creating bases/fighting positions/other structures in a timely manner without them looking like crap for the players I'm Zeusing for. With the recent release of the Ares Mod which expands Zeus functionality, I decided to build many different kinds of these structures which are very quickly copied and pasted into missions using the Ares Save/Load module. What used to take 20 minutes in designing and placing a small base for players to assault, now takes mere seconds using these pre-saved bases and the Ares mod.

Fully detailed and realistic bases
Reduced detail/lite versions of big bases to reduce server & FPS impact
Numerous smaller/support bases
Checkpoints and fighting positions
And a few with RHS units pre-placed

Installation / Usage:
You will need to download the Ares - Modules Expanding Zeus Functionality first. If you need help, please use the Ares mod's wiki page which is very helpful.

Once you are running the Ares mod and you are in a mission as Zeus, find a flat and open piece of ground and go to the Modules tab (it looks like the 3 boxes) and find the Ares Save/Load module. Expand it, and select the "Paste In New Position" module. That will open up a blank box where you can type in text. Next, you should tab out of your game, open up the notepad file of the item you want to paste, select all of the text using CTRL+A and then copy it all using CTRL+C. Then tab back into Arma, and paste using CTRL+V in that box and press OK. That will place what you've copied into that location. Highlight everything and hold SHIFT to rotate it to your desired azimuth. Then highlight everything again and hold down ALT to raise it off the ground, then back down to make sure everything is properly adjusted to the new elevations. This makes sure that what you've pasted molds to the local terrain. Once you've done that, you're done!

Again, I realize its a bit of a process to paste these into Arma, but using this method is still significantly faster than creating them by hand and losing them after the mission is complete. Following these steps allows you to create a base or an objective to capture/destroy in mere seconds instead of tens of minutes.

I'm also available to make more of these upon request. I hope you guys enjoy them and it saves you a lot of time.

RHS: Escalation Mod Required is required for some of these templates.

- first release

- Ares - Modules expanding Zeus functionality

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