Template: Pre-Built Pasteable Bases for Zeus & Ares Mod by Vernei
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Vernei submitted his Pre-Built Pasteable Bases template for Zeus and the Ares Mod.

    Quote :
    Approximately 35 pre-built structures for use with the Ares Zeus Mod to quickly and easily place intricate structures.

    One of the biggest issues I've faced when I'm Zeus in Arma 3 is creating bases/fighting positions/other structures in a timely manner without them looking like crap for the players I'm Zeusing for.
    With the recent release of the Ares Mod which expands Zeus functionality, I decided to build many different kinds of these structures which are very quickly copied and pasted into missions using the Ares Save/Load module. What used to take 20 minutes in designing and placing a small base for players to assault, now takes mere seconds using these pre-saved bases and the Ares mod.

Written on 2014-12-02 21:12 by Vernei  

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