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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1

Short description: This script creates sidemaissions.

Date: 2014-12-06 20:47

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Sidemission Script Package V2


I sat down tonight and created a set of sidemission scripts that function on version 1.36 of arma 3.

Installation / Usage:
Using these scripts is pretty simple, merge init.sqf into your init.sqf, then copy the rest of the files into the root directory, and the scripts will be loaded in on start.
Put down a game logic named myzone in the center of where'd you like the objectives to be placed. The script will use a special command to find a good spot for the objective based on what its chosen, for example, if it selects 2*hills + meadow, the command will try hard to find a really hilly spot that has no trees nearby.

You can edit the values being sent to the startup script for the sidemissions in init.sqf, the side doesn't matter currently, long as something is there it probaly won't matter. You can also change the distance the script will search for locations to put the objective.

Known issues:
It should also be noted that selectbestplaces sometimes has a tendency to find a really good spot for a mission and it'll keep selecting that same spot over and over again from that time on, though it doesn't happen that often.

Sometimes it'll find a not-so-good spot and you'll end up with composition buildings clipping into preexisting buildings or clipping through trees and bushes.

The mission will stutter for a few seconds until the compositions are loaded into memory to be used later in objectives (you could get rid of it if you wanted to, not that difficult).

These scripts probably won't be MP friendly.

License / Disclaimer:
Feel free to edit any of the scripts to suit your own needs for your mission, just give me credit for the original script.

- added in a forth sidemission (capture tank, then drive it (or lift) back to an object somewhere else)
- got rid of the compositions since they are pretty damn buggy.
- Rewrote how the script finds its locations, now moves the game logic to different locations and lets the selectbestplaces command sample smaller locations (50 meters), this prevents the CPU from choking from the data overload that the command can bring. You'll also need a extra game logic by the one named myzone named center in order to prevent the myzone logic from wandering outside the radius set in init.sqf
- Organized the sidemissions into their own folder for ease of use

-first release

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