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BlackPixxel released an updated version of his TF47 Launchers addon on the BI forums.
The TF47 Launchers - RHS Compatibility Patch has also been updated!

    Quote :
    Here is a small update which should fix the currentMuzzle error. All the scripts were remade aswell and should make it easier to implement new launchers in the future. The SMAW spotting rifle is now less dangerous when used with ACE3. Thanks to Joko's effort the backblast configuration in ACE3 is more flexible and allows for a backblast-free spotting rifle.
    I also decreased the texture sizes of the SMAW and the AT4 from 4K to 2K (which is the standard for Arma 3 weapons). They should look better now on lower video settings and the filesize is decreased as well.

    • temporary zeroing fix by switching to 2D scopes

Written on 2016-10-03 09:16 by BlackPixxel  

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