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Requirements: Star 9mm Pistol & SAAF Pilot by Bush Wars Mod

Version: 1.85

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Date: 2008-02-13 12:35

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Alouette III
Bushwars mod

The Alouette III SA316/B in configurations used by the SAAF during the Bush War. 4 Versions are included in this add-on pack:
    1. The K-car Gunship
      This version with 20mm Ga1 cannon includes AP and HE rounds. The most prominent feature of the K-car was the specially developed Heat shield around the turbine which vented the exhaust gasses up towards the rotors. This minimised the heat signature of the helicopter making it difficult for the Russian SAMs to lock onto target. I have implemented this feature with the add-on. In game you cannot lock on to the K-car with a Stinger or any Surface to Air missile.
    2. The Alouette III AS316/B
      Version in Search & Rescue configuration with wench. I will add a wench script at a later stage when it is completed.
    3. The G-car
      This is a version with 7.62mm FNMAG for Fire Force and COIN operations.
    4. The Missile Gunship
      This version comes with 2 X AS12 Stand-of-Missiles. Includes a laser designator with a 2000 meter LOS to target. I have tried to keep it as original as possible (from limited available photos) and have included the South African Manufactured Missile Guidance System. Only 2 versions where ever made and used Operationally in Angola by the SAAF.
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Known issues:
The Alouette III S&R version the wench does nor work yet as we are busy developing a custom script. For mission makers who wish to have the SAAF roundel viewed on the Alouette III S&R just insert this in the init field of the add-on in the mission editor: this setobjecttexture [2, "\bwc_alouiii\data\t\alou_signs_ca.paa"] If you notice any bugs please report them to Bush Wars Forum

- Beta Released for testing

Version 1.80
- Completely reworked to fix all reported bugs and add extra detail

Version 1.85
- Public Release version

You can distribute this add-on on your homepage without further consultation as long as you don�t change or alter the file or its contents. The Author is in no way responsible for any damages caused to yourself or to your computer by this product. Bohemia Interactive Studios is in no way liable for this product or for any damages caused. Use it at your own risk! All material contained in this folder is open source, so please give credit where due.

ObmaR for model and textures
DigiA for the config and scripts
Ou Matroos Beta testing and suggestions
FALCON 1 Beta testing/ technical material/ Images
BIS for the Game and the tools (support) for their great Hosting offer and support

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- Bush wars forum

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