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Requirements: Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3), Community Base addons A3
Island(s): Altis, Chernarus, Takistan
Playable options: N/A

Version: 3.0.9

Date: 2015-10-06 07:07

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Dynamic Combat Generator


Dynamic Combat Generator (DCG) is a coop mission that uses locations (towns, cities and capitals) as the basis for its systems. At the start of the mission enemy forces occupy a number of locations; they properly fortify and patrol the area based on the type of settlement. One of the occupied locations contains an enemy officer with valuable intel. The first objective is to gather said intel. From this point, DCG will generate a number of tasks based on the officer's information. Alongside the main tasks are civilian tasks that influence the player's reputation with the local population.

  • Occupied locations with patrolling and garrisoned enemies
  • Enemy forces scale in strength based on occupied location
  • Enemy patrols and sniper teams throughout map
  • Enemy static emplacements
  • Enemy count scales based on player count
  • Civilian interaction
  • Civilian approval system
  • Civilian traffic
  • Civilian rebels and suicide bombers
  • FOB construction system
  • AI transportation system
  • Dynamic weather
  • Unit caching
  • Headless Client support
  • ACRE2 support
  • TFAR support
  • Unit and vehicle addon support
  • Easily portable to any map with locations (towns, cities, capitals)
  • Field manual (accessible through esc menu)

  • Addon Integration:
    ACE 3 (requirement)
  • tasks designed with ACE in mind
  • constructed FOB buildings and medical vehicles work with ACE
  • DCG actions within ACE interaction menu

  • ACRE2 and TFAR
  • customizable radio structure based on player role (default structure includes Command, Support and Squad comm nets)
  • automatic channel setup based on radio structure
  • works correctly with radio ID systems
  • radios are removed from Arsenal

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/Arma 3/MPMissions folder.

    Task List:
  • Locate Officer
  • Defend Supply Cache
  • Airlift Repair Supplies
  • Rescue VIP
  • Defuse Explosives
  • Eliminate Artillery
  • Destroy Ammo Cache
  • Retrieve Device Intel
  • (C) Rescue Civilian Hostage
  • (C) Deliver Medical Supplies
  • (C) Defend Against Rebel Attack
  • (C) Stabilize and Transport Injured Civilian
  • (C) Identify Deceased Politician

  • Changelog:
  • added weather - based on map data and selected season
  • added roadside IEDs
  • added fn_findOverwatchPos - finds nearby position with a defined elevation difference and line of sight to original position
  • added sen_unitpools.sqf - easy unit pool editing, place file in \userconfig\dcg\sen_unitpools.sqf
  • added support for BIS_fnc_dynamicGroups
  • added doctors to MOB Dodge Medical Center
  • changed Ammo Station placement - moved to Depot
  • changed Defuse Explosive task - disarm action moved from player to detonator
  • changed safezone functionality - removed fired eventhandler checks, now while in safezone, current weapon is put on safety and player is immune to damage
  • changed transport system functionality - due to a system breaking bug in the previous implementation, the first player to board the copilot seat will have control over the transport HLZ
  • changed task system - now runs until all tasks are called
  • changed vehicle hud - fits default ACE font
  • updated fn_setPatrolUnit - unit will return to patrol after disengaging from combat
  • updated fn_setPatrolVeh - driver will return to patrol after disengaging from combat
  • updated Ammo Station - includes ACE repair parts
  • updated code to use CBA's per frame handler
  • updated FOB system - placing helipad calls in friendly reinforcements (single use)
  • updated code for 1.50
  • updated RHS, LOP support
  • updated fn_spawnGroup - spawn vehicles with cargo units if possible
  • updated teleport actions between MOB and FOB
  • updated functions with ACE progress bar
  • updated fn_getNearPlayers - improved code performance
  • updated fn_spawnSniper - improved code performance
  • updated mission parameters
  • updated ACE basic medical level support - all players can use medical equipment
  • updated ACE settings
  • updated fn_cleanupMOB - now cleans up dropped items
  • updated Stabilize Civilian task - improved scripted damage for basic and advanced medical system
  • updated ACRE integration
  • updated Field Manual
  • fixed bug in Defend Against Rebel Attack task - task does not check if players are on server
  • fixed bug in fn_spawnTower - unit is reluctant to fire weapon
  • fixed bug in fn_setPatrolVeh - air unit patrol radius is capped at 1000m
  • fixed bug in fn_findRandomPos - returned position is almost always at minimum range
  • fixed bug in Arsenal Box init - Clean MOB Dodge action can delete Arsenal Box
  • fixed bug in Stabilize Civilian task - civilian automatically wakes up while using basic medical system
  • fixed bug in VVS - clear vehicle cargo does not function correctly
  • fixed bug in VVS - medical vehicles are not set as ACE medical vehicles
  • fixed bug in SEN_occupy.sqf - enemy units are occasionally damaged on spawn
  • fixed bug in fn_findRuralHousePos - returned position can be in safezone
  • removed ACRE/TFAR radios from Arsenal
  • removed vanilla addactions - replaced with ACE interaction menu
  • removed fn_setAction
  • removed fn_removeAction
  • removed fn_settingsPost
  • removed fn_getIntel - redundant, use ACE action on object instead

  • Credits:
    ACE3 by ACE3 Dev Team
    FHQ Task Tracker by Varanon
    VVS by Tonic
    ZLT field repair by Zealot
    ZBE Caching by Zorrobyte
    Vehicle HUD script by Tier1ops
    Plank by kamikaz333
    Defuse the bomb by cobra4v320
    X-Cam by Siloa


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    - BI Forums

    - Advanced Combat Environment 3 (ACE 3)
    - Community Base addons A3
    - All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) (Optional)
    - Task Force Arrowhead Radio (Optional)
    - Advanced Combat Radio Environment 2 (Optional)

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