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Date: 2008-02-15 09:14

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Model Proxies Archive

I have been working on this little project that I hope BIS is OK with to help addon makers locate there pilot and cargo proxies on the model while in O2 viewer. It easy to setup and I hope it helps at least 2 of you lot out there.

View readme.txt for simple instructions.

I left a sample model open "DummyDefault.p3d" for you to make any I missed and I know I missed a few.

a. Install All BIS Official Tools 02PE/BinPBO and so on
b. Unrar ca.rar to:
      C:\Users\**~Your Username~**\Documents\ArmAWork
      C:\Documents and Settings\**~Your Username~**\My Documents\ArmAWork
so it should now look like this:
      C:\Users\**~Your Username~**\Documents\ArmAWork\ca\temp\proxies
      C:\Documents and Settings\**~Your Username~**\My Documents\ArmAWork\ca\temp\proxies

If you need to make your own this is a quick how to tutorial

Best practice setup
a. Install All BIS Official Tools 02PE/BinPBO and so on
b. Depbo ALL Bis default addons and copy the unpboed folders to your ca folder created at
C:\my document's\ArmAWork\ca\

1. Open the addon Folder with proxies that you depboed before you should look in
in here you will find the UH60_Pilot.rtm this is the file you need to change the
default stance of the character so that he is shaped in a certain way to fit
the gunners/pilot seat.

2. Open DummyDefault.p3d file and select window on the top bar and check show
animations this will give you the animations panel.

3. Right click on that animations panel and select From Matrices and select
the .rtm you picked in step 2 this will then add 3+ animations to the animations
panel what i did was then delete all the animations but not the 0.000000 bit
when you select this animation step you will see the model change to the shape
needed for the proxy in your model. Now look in your model where you would
like to view the proxies in the viewer and slow double click the named
property and you will see the path required for your addon proxy keep this noted.

4. Create this file path C:\Users\*user_name*\Documents\ArmAWork\ca\temp\proxies\*Addon_Name*\(with out the *)
and save the changed default model to this folder called pilot.p3d.(There will be other names such as driver/gunner/cargo and so on)

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