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Requirements: RHS: Escalation
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: N/A

Version: 01-02-2016

Date: 2016-03-27 06:16

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West to East


The concept of this mission is simple: Fight with your comrades as an infantry unit and cut right through the enemy defenses from the West side of the Map all the way to the East side in a non stop small arms with helicopter support warfare. You have two main objectives...stay alive and push East!

More about these objectives:
1. Staying alive.
Enemies will come for you even if you don't pursue your second objective. If you find a decent spot with lots of cover and want to camp out, do so knowing you will be playing defense. Use your radio - Its as simple as Alpha, Bravo, Charlie to get help.

2. Pushing East!
You literally just need to keep moving East to reach the shores. Enemies will defend their territory. Look at the sun if you have it or your compass/map.

1. Discover the map. Whether it be Altis or Sahrani, you end up fighting on much of the Map you would otherwise not find yourself sightseeing. That inconsequential wreck on a hill may take you 5 mins of intense firefight to take.

2a. My KillCam script.A chance of seeing kill shot up close and get to see AI ragdoll like never before. (See video for more ) Credit CosmiC10R and Mikey74 for helping me out with the code.

2b. Player KillCam script. Even your death will be gloriously presented if you fail. You can learn for next time as you get to see who inflicted the final hit on you. Credit to froggyluv, BigPickle, and Jigsor.

3. Features RHS Escalation US forces vs. Russian units. The assets you get to have fun with is well worth your time. No vanilla units except the small AH bird.

4. Has high randomization to keep you coming back for more. This includes 30 different mission starting points, randomized enemy attack groups including marksmen, attack gunships, transport helos, etc. More to come on this one. I plan to use basically every possible group and some custom RHS Escalation units in some capacity or another. The dialogs will be unique and each gameplay never the same.

5. Bring friendlies as you want into the battle with some limitation. No need to micromanage AI. Your AI team knows to push East! Don’t set them up for failure...unless you were like me in the video above.

6. Request helicopter land and drop off support troops with no limit.

7. Request an Apache or a fighter jet to provide CAS when things get too hot or Tanks to face enemy armor.

8. Tort's dynamic weather script. Thanks for sharing! This combined with random time of day brings out the best lighting combinations.

9. Soolie's customizable supply drop script. Thanks for releasing the script and the tutorial!

10. Script to determine which units are in which areas on map. Script by Moerderhoschi. Thanks mate! Check it out here: http://forums.bistud...ipt-Easy-to-use

11. Staying informed. You will get just in time intel on approaching enemies and see the firefight ahead of you like never before.

12. Väinämöinen's amazing bombing run script. Thanks for sharing!

13. Rydygier's Arty Fire For Effect script! Epic explosions from East and West. Thanks Man.

14. Unlimited Ammo Script by XxanimusxX auto re-arm

15. Enemy Bomber jets utilizing thedarkbird's script found here:
16. Random location generator and selector Script from Shuko. Thanks for sharing!

17. Boats! Now when you get close to the waters, you get a chance for enemy transport boats and gunner ships confrontation. This is made possible by TPW_boat script. Thanks Mate for allowing the use of this sweet code. Check out tpw_mods here: http://forums.bistud...n-for-Arma-3-SP
NOTE that the way the infantry systems work now they don't check for water so they may spawn in water. I will work to fix that but may take some time.

18. Bullet Cam for sniper riffle. Code from tutorial on Killzone Kids blog. See here:Thanks for this and other great tutorials.

19. Audio of guys talking about spawned enemies were originaly in BF3.

20. Excellent Zen_Occupy house script: Thanks for including parameter to have shooters fill buildings from top then to bottom.

21. You will feel like you are in a massive war. You might experience the exhaustion of battle after battle with the Ambient battle sounds from Mikey74. Thanks Mikey74 for helping incorporate this into the mission in script version! Check it out here: http://forums.bistud...e-sounds-Module

22. Fastroping AI. ZLT Fastrope script used. Thanks!

Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

The download links to Steam Workshop. Subscribe there and it will be downloaded to your game.

Survival Tips and Game Quirks:
Always have some friendlies around or you’ll fail your first objective and restart a lot.
When you get intel on bigger threat act fast….running for cover is not losing the battle.
New enemies will not spawn with enemies existing on the map. Call a helicopter and they will help you spot remaining enemies….even if they spawned in a rock! Check your map.

Recommended Mods:
1. AI combat behavior mod such as AISS (Highly recommend the upcoming release..I must say best firefights hands down...insane suppression and suppressed behavior)/bCombat/Reactive Squads etc.
2. Sound mod like SOSPure/JSRS along with
3. LAxemann soundscape (Highly recommend).
4. Bloodmist (You know...for the kill shot cam and overall feedback).
5. Blastcore phoenix.
6. TPW mods if your computer is still going after all the action.
7. Weapon resting such as VTS/TMR/AGM
8. SAMO - Tell your squad to suppress and more!

Current to do list:
Add more random west ground troops and even more east ground troops
Include zorobyte's ZBE_Caching script to clean up dead bodies.
Add Side Arm to player

  • Experimenting with spawning enemy camps to mix it up

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    - RHS: Escalation
    - SMD Sahrani A3 (Optional)
    - All in Arma Terrain Pack (AiA TP) (Optional)
    - Bornholm (Optional)

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