Author: Giallustio
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2015-01-03

Short description: A simple revive script.

Date: 2015-01-05 09:22

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=BTC= Quick Revive


I read several times in the forum that a lot of users are looking for a revive that supports the AI.
I had some free time during this week and I created this new script!
I called it Quick Revive because I needed a name to differentiate from the other one and because it has been written in less than a hour.

- SP/MP supported
- AI supported
- Multiple spawn
- A3 items to revive
- Very lightweight

Installation / Usage:
Unpack the =BTC=_q_revive folder in your mission's folder
Create an init.sqf file and write either:
- To load the script:"
call compile preprocessFile "=BTC=_q_revive\config.sqf";
- To add the script to a unit:
unit_name call btc_qr_fnc_unit_init;
Create a description.ext and write:
#include "=BTC=_q_revive\dlg.h"
Open the config.sqf file inside the =BTC=_q_revive folder and customize the script as you wish. (Remember to define the btc_qr_def_spawn as an array).

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