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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0
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Short description: These are different sizes of a terrain for testing of how arma 3 can handle big terrains.

Date: 2015-01-09 12:59

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Large Terrain Test Collection - 2800km x 2800km

TeamProSkill & Sgt.Sev3n

These are different sizes of a terrain for testing of how arma 3 can handle big terrains.

I wont make big changes on the terrains I upload, I do only resizes. I wont place objects or creating new textures. My resized version of the terrains are not recommended for playing since there are no objects nor detail which makes it pretty boring for playing.

The resized terrains are good for:
- testing the arma 3 engine
- testing how arma 3 can handle big terrains
- testing how arma 3 handle many objects (placing via zeus)
- air combat
- testing own addons like new vehicles, weapons etc

Current Terrain sizes Uploaded:
This also answer the question most people have: that you can have huge terrains (500km x 500km and even bigger) in arma 3.

My current test result:
  • 204km x 204km works currently like a charm, the textures arent that good quality like the altis/stratis one, but it isnt THAT bad. (im not finished with testing since i did this size after the 600km x 600km, maybe the results will change after testing done)
  • 600km x 600kmworks, but first you will notice the low quality textures (idk if its possible to have better quality) and some bugs, for example: if you walk and drive, you will notice that you are pushed to left and right. another bug is that on some places, the texture appear in OK quality and if you go/drive few meters, then ultra low texture quality appear and if you go back, the OK quality texture appear again.
  • 409km x 409km works almost like the 600km x 600km size, but the bugs are a little bit less noticable, for example: you will be pushed to left and right like on the 600km size but not THAT hard, its a bit less now. textures are also a little bit better quality but there is still the texture bug where the low res texture suddenly appear on some places.
  • 307km x 307km works almost like the 204km x 204km, the only problem i found is: when you drive very fast, the clutter will disappear. texture looks good but on some places, it looks like this: ,
  • 122km x 122km works like a charm but i knew that before i resized it, because some times ago i ported the take on helicopters south east asia terrain to arma 3 which is 120km x 120km and it worked there already like a charm. on 122km x 122km you have no bugs, no shaking issue, high quality texture like on stratis and altis, no pushing left to right bug and yeah, its a awesome size which works like a charm
  • 2800km x 2800km works very bad (but it works), the texture is ULTRA LOW quality, it feels you have a 800 ping (and that even in SP/Editor), you can not look around properly without feeling you have 800 ping, if you walk, you stuck almost every meter and if you walk forward, you walk automatically to left or right direction, your weapon is shaking heavy in all direction. this size works but it is not enjoyable.

Extract into the ArmA 3 Directory, by default this is located in:
32-Bit - C:\Program Files\Steam/Steamapps\Common\ArmA 3\
64-Bit - C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam/Steamapps\Common\ArmA 3\
After extraction it should look like this:
Steam\Steamapps\Common\ArmA 3\@your_mod_folder_name\addons\

You can also use the "Arma 3 Alpha" folder in your "My Documents" folder. Your folder setup could than look like for example this:
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name1\addons\
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name2\addons\
mydocuments\Arma3 Alpha\@your_mod_folder_name2\addons\

When present place the "userconfig" folder into your game install folder, usually:
"C:\Program Files (x86)\Steam\steamapps\common\Arma 3".
You may already have "userconfig" folder from other addons and/or mods in which case it is safe to merge the contents from this archive.

You'll also need to add a Launch Parameter to Steam, in order to do so right-click on ArmA 3 Alpha and click Properties and then Set Launch Options. In the window that opens enter in -mod=@your_mod_folder_name
For using multiple mods you would then do so like this:

You can also use -nosplash to get rid of the splash art and intro videos.

And of course you can also enable and disable community made addons and mods through the in-game Options Expansions menu if you do not want to mess with startup parameters!

When the above information still does not provide you with enough to learn how to install custom addons and mods you can always ask in our Guide On Installing Mods.

Included files:

TeamProSkill uploaded a tutorial about the arma 3 terrain builder which is very helpful, take a look @his channel.

And Bushlurker working on a great looking BIG terrain too, its 51km x 51km, check it out:

Credits & Thanks:
The terrains I will upload are not made by me, I have permission from "TeamProSkill" for using his terrain, resizing it and uploading it. Thanks to him.

- First Release

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- BI forums

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