MV22 by hcpookie
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hcpookie released the MV22 on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Updated MV22 flight model and added door gun models.
    A good fastrope and/or vehicle towing addon is strongly recommended with this addon. Mission makers should consider something like Norrin's fastrope addon: MP Compatible Fast Rope Addon.

    Comes in the following versions:
    • pook_MV22 - USMC - unarmed 24-man transport, walkable interior
    • pook_MV22_idws - IDWS system w/ fewer seats
    • pook_MV22_idws_baf - BAF IDWS
    • pook_MV22_M240 - M240 rear gun version
    • pook_CV22 - USAF/USSOCOM - increased fuel capacity M240 version
    • pook_MV22_baf - BAF M240

Written on 2015-01-09 23:48 by hcpookie  

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