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Version: 2.2

Short description: This tool is a combination of a few smaller programs that can help speed up some repetitive tasks by generating SQF code based on the parmeters you enter.

Date: 2016-05-18 09:22

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AUSMD Editing Tool


This tool is a combination of a few smaller programs that can help speed up some repetitive tasks by generating SQF code based on the parmeters you enter. This oculd also help by preventing you from making accidental typos and breaking the command/function you are trying to use.

Task Generator - creates task code to be put into a script based on what you enter.
Intel Generator - creates code required to make the interactive intel objects useful.
Light Point Generator - creates all the code you need to make light objects.
RGB/Hex to A3 Calculator - converts RGB values to something that arma can use, also features a converter for hex to RGB.

All of the above have tool-tips that tell you what something specific does and what values it can accept.

Armaholic note:
Exe files can harm your PC! Before running this you should make sure you understand the risks!
Armaholic is in no way responsible if this file causes any damages what so ever! Downloading and installing this program is at your own risk.
We have run anti-virus tools on the included exe and found no issues currently.

Drag the application to the desktop and begin using. Drive selection will prompt you to set up on first start, then after you can change the selection under the question mark button. Not setting up the drive selection by clicking the X will cause RPT viewer to crash the program until you set it up.

Future plans:

Automatic updating, the program will periodically check if the server has a newer version of the program and will then download and notify you that a new version is availiable.
Touched up a few things in description.ext editor
Fixed SQF analysis so it properly functions (and also searches up to 6 sub-folder depth!)

Added junk filter for RPT Helper so you can filter out stuff that is spammed repeatedly (searches line by line)
Added dedicated forms to descripton.ext editor and expanded functionality.
Fixed bug in structured text editor with 'align' parameter doing nothing.

Added a file Header creator that will automatically add a basic header to every file in the folder you select (also subdirectories). Running it a second time will only add header to files that don't already have one.
Added SQF analysis. Simply checks through scripts and offers some feedback on things that could be changed to improve performance (not extensive by any means but follows some rules from BIS wiki Code Optimization article).
*Scanning through all files and sub directories with SQF analysis can take a long time if theres many files, since its only using a single thread to pick through files. During this time it'll seem like its frozen but its not.

RPT viewer does the obvious, makes accessing your .rpt logs through the program much easier.
I also fixed the help form so it actually functions now.
Also added in a structured text creator, making it easy to create complex text effects.
A drive selection setting is also now present to compliment RPT viewer and to make it work for people who might have awkward setups for their user profile which is where .rpt logs are held.

Extended Functionality of description.ext editor to include a debriefing section
Fixed a few oversights in description.ext editor
Cleaned up a few forms to make them consistent

Added BIS_fnc_MP tool
Added a tool to open the scripting commands list on the biki.

- Resized a few forms again
- Added Addaction creator

- Added a few little notes to some of the forms.
- Resized the task form to make it a bit easier to use.

- Added description.ext creator (still incomplete)
- Fixed a few small things that probably will go unnoticed.
- Changed the icon for the application to something a bit less pixlated.

- Added Note Creator
- Added Notification Creator

- Removed the need for quotes inside the input boxes.
- Resized a few forms to make them more usable
- Added Script Snippets

- first release

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- BI forums

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