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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0
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Short description: The idea is that you can have a mission where you teleport from a "secret entrance" to the building.

Date: 2015-01-11 22:32

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Nuke Silo side "house"


I built a house for mission makers!
The idea is that you can have a mission where you teleport from a "secret entrance" to the building, which is somewhere in a remote part of the map... for example the mine entrance just North of Feruz Abad on Takistan. Then fight your way down to the silo to place your demolition charge. Mission makers can add a trigger to blow up an object, steal the docs, all enemy dead, etc. inside the house, which will provide the mission success.

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Included files:

This is version 1... I might add a bit more decoration/environmental effects later on.

The house object is seen as a large hill from the outside. Put it WAY FAR OUT away from anything to ensure no one walks "into" it. The hill is large enough that the roadway doesn't seem to work at ground level, so you can't walk up to it. However you can walk on the top if you land a heli there...

Placement is like any other house. I think there are 74 placement points.

AI doesn't seem to like going up/down ladders that well, however this was intended for human players so I do not see this as a big concern.

No triggers are included by default... just the "house".

- first release

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