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Due to some people, who sadly call themselves journalists but ashame anyone who actually is a real one, who wrote a complete crap item showing they had no idea what they were actually writing about and just made up some text to attract readers and make themselves feel good that they could actually make text of crap the author decided to pull this work from public release.
It is no longer available cause those so called journalists made him look like an IS supporter. Bad journalism is one thing, but crap journalism displaying a normal person to the whole world as an IS supporter should make yourself ashamed to actually write. Shame on you! Go back to school and/or please stop writing, you are a waist of journalist space.

No, we do not link to crap journalist articles here so you wont find a link to the article everyone should be ashamed off if he or she is actually connected to it in any way. Go be ashamed of yourself for calling yourself journalists!

The author of this removed content, in no way, supports IS!


Someone informed us he released an updated version of his IS-mod on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    I present my new mod , this is the first time I've created a content for ARMA after many years as a player. This mod is based on the units of the Islamic State and are inspired by the large content that I could find on the net especially on youtube. Does not include any new model is basically a textured units Vanilla.

    • Fixed now zeus compatible.
    • Added marker ISIS flag.
    • Changed visible faction name from ISIS to Islamic State to be compatible with other mods.(Leights Opfor). Alive faction remains "ISIS".
    • Fixed problem with attached statics and sandbags on dedicated.
    • Properly configured "allahu akbar" language. Now is new and dont replace PERSIAN Language.
    • Added to mod Tactical Beards pbos courtesy of iNTERBRED (Many thanks).
    • Modified ramdom facewear and headgear scripts to assign tactical beards (dark mid and big).
    • Tactical beards Dark big and mid included inside, no dependency.

Written on 2015-01-19 12:46 by Armaholic  

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