Author: mad_cheese
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 2.1.2
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: AI tool to order complex squad movement

Date: 2019-05-29 09:08

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C2 - Command And Control


Command & Control (C2) is an addon that will optimize your control over AI-squadmembers. Complex tactical orders can be issued in a matter of seconds.

Arma 3 handles individual AI movement very well, but forces the player to micromanage as
soon as plans become a bit more detailed. C2 tackles this issue and gets the best out of your AI with ease. Use it's two modes alongside the default controls and prepare for a new experience.

Send units to the positions of 3d indicators or plan routes with a comprehensive tablet device. Adapt the shape of your environment or fortify a building in seconds. Plan a fully automated insertion or extraction, orchestrate a raid or have your driver take you for a gunning stroll - C2 is there to help until you run out of ideas.

C2 works with both infantry and vehicles and provides the additions to Arma3's movement controls that you need for an authentic experience - the idea is to give the AI acess to your very own thought process.

C2 is fully muliplayer-compatible - Server key included. It is 100% client side, meaning that you don't need to run it on the Server and not everybody needs the mod.

Roll out on an adventure with your AI that you have not experienced so far! For further information please refer to the included manual or the video tutorials.

SUPPORTS ACE3, RHS Escalation, SuperFlash grenades.

Interferences with other mods: none reported as to date

This addon does not work with A3 versions smaller than 1.48.

* AI Tool to maximize your squad control
* Squad AI moves to the position of visible indicators (6 formations, full flexibility, building support)
* Detailed Route-planning via comprehensive tablet device (incl. many options)
* Dedicated helicopter page
* Fully autonomous maneuvers once executed
* In-Game Menu with many overdue functions (ROE, AutoStance, AutoWatch, FixFormation etc)
* Effective Supression
* GetTactical Grenade System
* Huge AI functionality bundled into accessible macros
* MP compatible, key included

To install the C2 - Command And Control you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the Advanced Aquad Movement please refer to the included documentation.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Credits & Thanks:
BIS for my creating favorite game ever AND keeping it open source
zapat, who's FANTASTIC creation GetTactical was the spark to make me pick up this project after abandoning it, since C2 focuses on FPS gameplay and MP
zapat & Sttosin for helping to find a better name than ASM
SaOk, SavedByGrace and Undeceived at OFPEC for being real mentors even when I understood less than I do now
Larrow and Das Attorney for their supernice help on the forums
da12thMonkey for helping out with the pesky modelling process
M.O.R. who's enthusiastic testing gave me the drive to keep tweaking all these little things
Someone speshall

License / Disclaimer:
might not work a lot of units are added to team too fast
Player given commands as 'STOP' or stance commands have priority over scripted commands

FIXED: Grenade and Suppression WP-Actions could not be selected
FIXED: WP-Conditions could not be selected

FIXED: Map UI could bleed out of screen depending on interface size setting
FIXED: Mod no longer clashes with the THE FORGOTTEN FEW misison
ADDED: Force Tracker can be disabled in init.sqf (MCSS_C2_DISABLE_TRACKER = true;) >> Exile missions etc

-FIXED: Script Errors with ROE functions
-FIXED: disableAI scriptErrors after TacOps patch

Units in standby will take cover and standby until ordered to continue. Existing Map plans will remain intact
ADDED: Remote AT Launch. Works the same as GL-launch function.
units carrying GL and AT will prefer AT over GL
AT can shoot into windows now
Target indicator picks up and tracks moving vehicles
ADDED: TIMEOUT-setting in map planning changed to WP-CONDITION. Includes Timeout and GoCodes.
ADDED: Additional keybinds. Not set by default. Meant for Voice Attack, but useful anyways. Have a look at the keybinds menu.
FIXED: Map overlay bleeding into main display
FIXED: Issue with looking direction with map planned waypoints leading to shaking units
FIXED: Infantry Routes with diminished pace were wrongly canceled
FIXED: Directional Markers of waypoint hubs now stay attached to the main WP-marker when being moved
FIXED: Error with missing direction fixed for FIND COVER function
FIXED: Deleting a final or single waypoint with the rmb context menu would not stop the unit
FIXED: Some functions such as suppression are no longer accessible to subordinate players
FIXED: Opening GPS would toggle the map overlay

V 2.0: ---
* Planning Mode capabilities added to main map-display (Toggle overlay with "C"-Key)
* New overlay is a more compact and powerful version of Planning Mode
* Planning Mode now has the same Unit Selectors as the radial menu (displaying teamColor and name)
* buttons also have same SHIFT- and CTRL functionality for faster selections
* Suppression is now treated and displayed as a polygon which can handle large areas
* Suppression Zone is displayed on map, similar to VBS Tactics.
* Polygons/Zones assigned by planning mode can be resized
* Hold CTRL, click on main zone-marker, then drag mouse.(WIP but working).
* New temporary HUD-display with VBS-style Suppression Zone Selection (default: SHIFT + T)
* Drag LMB over Screen to create zone
* Old Suppression (target object) can still be used and creates a 5-10m suppression area. Use this to suppress 'snapped positions' such as windows for example.
* Available so far: Suppression, Ambush, Landing, Combat-Landing (heli only). Coming Soon: Defend, Plant, Throw
* Right click on HC-waypoint and select options for the waypoint and the waypoint action
* waypoint action is a script plus an inserted waypoint that waits for the action/condition to be fulfilled
* Conditions to complete Actions: Timeout, GoCodes, DayTime (within 30min for ambushes etc)
* ADDED: New Right Click Context menu for HC waypoints to configure conditions/formations for waypoints and their actions
* ADDED: Smart-Pages added to planning mode
* no more need to switch between Ground and AIR pages, C2 does it for you as you select units
* Non suitable- / cargo units are still greyed out
* Teamcolor Buttons will choose page according to roles of units (more AIR units than ground will select AIR-page)
* Purple/All will select all units according to role/page
* When current page is HC-page, page will switch according to class
* HC-groups can be quick selected with rightClick on groupIcon
* with BIS-HC, select with leftClick
* ADDED: C2-PlugIn for AIC/Advanced AI COMMAND (by DUDA123)
* waypoints can issued through main map-planning overlay's HC page
* HC-quick-select compatible (right click on AIC group icon)
* HC-WP-Menu compatible (right click on AIC wp-icon)
* HC-WP-Actions-compatible
* C2-Overlay is hidden while AIC-commandingMenu is open to preserve MMB functionality
* ADDED: Classic WP-SYNC reintroduced. Works just like loops, CTRL + MouseDrag
* LOOP is selected over SYNC if waypoints belong to the same unit
* ADDED: Assign/Unassign NVGoggles added to radial menu
* (Items >> IR_LASER >> Assign NVG: Shift + lClick || Unassign NVG: Shift + rClick)
* ADDED: Keybind-Alternative to send units to HUD-indicator positions (binds customizable)
* Regular: Spacebar
* FWD Peel: Ctrl + Spacebar
* BWD Peel: Alt + Spacebar
* ADDED: New, unified markers
* TWEAKED: WP-Markers now snap to closest building position when dragged over enterable building
* TWEAKED: markers for WP-HUBS can now be dragged individually
* TWEAKED: Hud-Indicators now snap to buildingpos according to:
* distance to aimpos
* closest floor-level to aimpos
* TWEAKED: Position snapping for wp-Hubs (Planning Mode)
* aims to assist quick orders and tackle the problem with oversized building-mapMarkers
* units will be spread across line, but will look for objects to snap to/ take cover at
* leading unit's waypoint will currently not be affected
* snapping-objects must have armor-value higher tham 100
* disabled for "SPLIT" and "CIRCLE" formations
* function is WIP and may be turned into it's own formation
* TWEAKED: Buildingpos Viewer overhauled. Doors now get displayed with correct direction
* TWEAKED: Timeout Value no longer gets reset when closing map/overlay
* TWEAKED: Spacing Values for ground and air wp's no longer get reset when closing map/overlay
* TWEAKED: Planning Tablet discontinued for now. Keeping it around for future usage with drones. Also as backup in case a mission removes the map's DRAW-handlers. Some new functionality may be missing in tablet.
* TWEAKED: FIND COVER function drastically improved. Units also only change position if they have to if they have to.
* selected units distribute suitable array of cover positions
* hard cover is preferred, but if only concealment is found it will be selected
* script checks for soft and hard cover in increments of 15m
* TWEAKED: HUD-indicator snapping improved
* TWEAKED: Planning mode: wp combatmode
* Red icon: default/engage
* Blue icon: disengage/at all cost
* unit will follow the waypoint regardless of personal safety
* TWEAKED: MapDrawing Setup was entirely re-written in a better format, fixing countless potential errors and opening up massive possibilities for the future
* TWEAKED: UnitMarkers are now displayed in the unit's assigned TeamColor for better overview and to encourage usage of teamcolors
* TWEAKED: C2 suppression system removed, instead the new BIS-suppression is put into a powerful framework.
* Using custom invisible targets instead of BIS-targets allows for targeting elevated positions (windows, balconies etc)
* TWEAKED: Suppression Targeting improved
* TWEAKED: Highest Heli Altitude is now 500m because the AI can not handle anything above in most cases
* TWEAKED: Additional voice-commands removed since they most likely do not match the right voice or even language.
* TWEAKED: REFRESH Function now also restores keybinds that were deleted by mission-designer.
* TWEAKED: HC-groups still keep their name, but their button gets a tag (RS: Reserve / disbanded groups. HC: HighCommand)
* TWEAKED: All planning pages can be accesed by key (1-3)
* TWEAKED: 'RESET HUD' option added to general preferences (resets HUD-Form to Line and HUD-DIR to PLAYER-DIR)
* TWEAKED: MouseWheel inverted for scrolling HUD-FORM
* TWEAKED: Advanced Rappelling Waypoints improved
* FIXED: Enhanced Movement Support is overhauled but can look glitchy. This is all on my end, not EHM.
* FIXED: Dragging Suppression Indicator was bugged when aiming-position was higher than getPosASL player
* FIXED: Setting individual combatmodes (Fire on my lead) was also changing the unit's Formation-Index.
* FIXED: "regular" HighCommand Groups could not be joined to the player/commander's squad.
* FIXED: Vehicle boarding through radial menu was blocked by dead crew-units
* FIXED: Player can no longer order units to board enemy vehicles (which would not work and end up with killed units)
* FIXED: MouseWheel EVH's now only fire while HUD-Mode is used
* FIXED: Switching PlanningMode-Pages no longer clashes with entering numbers with "1" or "2" in the Spacing- and Timeout-Box
* FIXED: Error when unit reached last waypoint while player was extending the session
* FIXED: SPLIT-FORMATION in planning mode would clash with TeamColor Selection

ADDED: Addon Support for "Advanced Rappelling" by Duda123
When this addon is active, the Rapelling-LZ will be added to the selections in planning mode.
ROOFTOP RAPELLING: If Rapelling-LZ is placed on a building, a special "unitCapture"-like function guides the chopper to the exact position.
ADDED: Addon Support for "Enhanced Movement" by Bad Benson.
If addon is active, EH-Formation type is added to HUD-mode.
The units will run to the position, face the object and climb on or over it.
ADDED: Tablet visualization improved:formation subordinates now get a small wp marker each. Adds clarity and looks nicer.
FIXED: Civilians could wrongly be filtered as enemy and would get shot clearing a building when independent factions are hostile to player
FIXED: Planes can no longer be stored in occupied hangars
FIXED: Planes taking off after being landed and stored in hangar will be moved to the correct taxi position and direction.
FIXED: Script-Error when landing plane (script trying to wrongly reduce speed)
FIXED: Wrong animations were used for silencer attach/detach

ADDED: Medical ShortCut: Closest Medic heal player (Shift+LMB on medic icon in radial. Tooltip includes instructions too)
ADDED: 360 formation added to planning mode tablet. Radius is displayed with marker and can be dragged to adjust size
ADDED: Planes can now also land at nearest airport to landing waypoint
landingtype is irrelevant
plane will land and be teleported to near hangar until used again
feature is heavily WIP
FIXED: Gunners would face position of vehicle entry after being boardedwith radial menu
FIXED: Lower flyinHeights adjusted when AI is flying plane (lowest: 25m, default 150m)
FIXED: HUD-indicators could be brought up, but not deleted if unit was dead, but not yet revealed to player
FIXED: Radial-TeamColor Script-Error fixed (loop was not exited)
FIXED: re-Arrangement of group while refreshing is now disabled in MP to prevent the player losing his assets in certain MP-missions (BECTI etc)
FIXED: C2-ZEUS could take over control of groups that contained actual players
TWEAKED: MarkerTypes changed to big dots for unified appearance when using other mods (ie advanced AI command)

ADDED: 360 Security || Circle formation added to HUD-MODE. Calculates min. radius for you. You can still increase spacing/radius (ctrl+mWheel) but not go under minimum.
Units can face in- and outwards of the circle. (change with mWheel)
Feature to be included into PLANNING MODE as well.
ADDED: Unit Selectors added to radial menu. Move your Mouse left of the radial menu to open the hidden display, then close/reopen with the small button next to it
Uses new button-type, background displays teamcolor. (will also be implemented into planning-tablet)
regular lClick selects indiv. unit
SHIFT+lClick selects all units from last to current selected (works in between different unit-pages)
Ctrl+lCLick adds/deselects unit
rClick opens teamColor selector (to close, select team or rClick anywhere)
>> assign teamColors in seconds!
ADDED: ReArm function split up and overhauled. Player can now decide where to reArm from (lClick on icon).
rClick on ReArm Icon will make AI look for best gearSource themselves.
ADDED: Reload-Animation added to adding/removing silencers
FIXED: Hundreds of codelines saved by creating broader functions. Better readability for both humans and the engine.
FIXED: Code Structure is now organized, most functions are now commented.
FIXED: Piles of Varnames renamed/tagged for better readability

ADDED: NEW RADIAL LAYOUT. Changes color at night for better visibility.
ADDED: MEDICAL FUNCTIONS added to Radial Menu. Can handle multiple healers and patients at once. Compatible with ACE3, Simple Wounding System, A3 Wounding System & BTC-Revive
ADDED: VEHICLE FUNCTIONS added to Radial Menu. Handles multiple ways of boarding units.
ADDED: ITEM-SECTION added to Radial Menu: Attach/Detach Suppressors | Toggle Pointers | Switch Gun/Pistol | Attach IR_items
ADDED: GoCode Activation added to radial menu (RMB on STANCES)
ADDED: BUILDING CLEARING function (beta) added to radial menu. Look at building when opening the menu to enable the option. Selected units will clear the building from bottom to top. It is recommended to stack up the units outside of the building for better execution.
ADDED: GRENADE POOLS >> When multiple units are selected, all their throwable items are gathered. C2 then uses suitable units to throw the item. (HUD MODE selects one unit, planning mode selects all units that carry the item)
ADDED: "KEEP STANCE" option added to HUDMode-stances as NEW DEFAULT ( >> black icon: Current Stance >> white icon: "AUTO" >> yellow icons: "UP"|"CROUCH"|"PRONE")
FIXED: Regular RClick clears HUDMode Selection again
FIXED: Minor fixes on ReArm script. Function still needs overhaul, player still needs to repeat with multiple units.
TWEAKED: HELICOPTER HEIGHTS changed to: 1000m | 200m | 25m (default) | 5m (not recommended)

FIXED: Addon would switch unit sides in 3DEN Editor
FIXED: "LineMarker" entry added to tablet configs (No more gnarly PopUps)
FIXED: "FIRE ON MY LEAD" - Function no longer screws up unit's teamColor and orders
FIXED: Indicators and HUD-Elements now get deleted if unit dies while in active selection
ADDED: Formation Menu now included in radial menu. Hovering over area adds frame for better vision
ADDED: PREFERENCES added to radial menu (replaces NUM-icon)-> Skill Reset, Suppression Mode, NUM-Controls
ADDED: Player can now choose from A3-Supression or C2-Suppression model via preferences (WIP!!!)
TWEAKED: Unitpos-Icons in radial menu change colors depending on visionmode
TWEAKED: C2-Groupdata changed to fsm and tweaked to handle bigger changes
TWEAKED: Suppression selection now works like radial menu (if no units are pre-selected, addon will select all units by default)

FIXED: markers ended up in global and would not get removed on machines they were not local on.

- ADDED: HighCommand control page added to planning mode tablet. Waypoints can be moved and added on the fly.
-> units can be disbanded to HighCommand and rejoined to group. Includes non disbanded HC-groups
- ADDED: Custom HighCommand function added if player is not synced to HC-module. Functionality is very similar to default HighCommand (beta)
- ADDED: Waypoint loops added to planning mode (beta). Replaces the old Sync-Function. Sync is now exclusively done through Go-Codes.
- ADDED: New right click context menu in planning mode with more settings to adjust, interacts in real time.
- ADDED: Planning Mode waypoints can now be deleted individually
- ADDED: "FIRE ON MY LEAD" option added to ROE-Section of radial menu (selected units hold fire until player fires weapon)
- ADDED: "UNSTUCK AI" added to Radial Menu: Resets unit, teleports unit/vehicle to empty position if no line of sight to enemy within 200m. (TAB + SHIFT + MB)
- ADDED: Brain-Button on radial menu now resets stance and looking direction to "AUTO" (mini-macro)
- TWEAKED: Disable AutoDanger now cancels target before disabling AutoDanger, this has an impact on behavior.
- TWEAKED: Radial menu selects all units by default if selection was empty upon opening. Function Tweaked for convenient usage with TeamColors.
- TWEAKED: "AUTOCOMBAT" is automatically disabled for Helicopter Waypoints (Planning Mode)
- TWEAKED: Pilot's are excluded from re-enabling "AUTOCOMBAT" since it has no benefit to them
- TWEAKED: Planning Mode Waypoint-Markers slightly bigger now for better interaction
- TWEAKED: Disbanded HC groups can be joined back individually
- TWEAKED: Target orders assigned via tablet will now be distributed over crew (if they have a turret)
- FIXED: Re-joining units from reserve will no longer lose data of current planning session.
- FIXED: Vehicle drivers would dismount on disband/rejoin/refresh
- FIXED: Player's group would lose all knowledge of disband/rejoin/refresh
- Manual updated

- TWEAKED: Heli's now only auto-dismount units that are non pilot/helicrew-class and not occupying weapon turret
- TWEAKED: Planning Tablet: RelDir display now contains distance and is only displayed while mouse hovers over map
- TWEAKED: Heli pickup/dropoff script improved
- FIXED: 3DEN-Update AutoDanger Bug fixed (DEV build no longer required)
- FIXED: 3DEN Editor initialization bug fixed

- ADDED: Planning Mode Waypoints/Looking Dir Markers of single units can now be dragged with LMB in real time! (exeption: Buildings, GoCodes)
- ADDED: Remote M203 function. Works just as supression but with GTI-grenade key
-> unit must have Gr-Launcher and sight on target. Selecting multiple units will filter a unit that has a shot.
- ADDED: If DEV-build (or >V1.54) is detected, unit's AUTOCOMBAT can be disabled in radial menu
- ADDED: Full stance control in radial menu
- ADDED: Building Click in Planning Mode now also shows door locations of a clicked building (direction not accurate)
- ADDED: Planning Mode mapcursor now shows relative direction
- FIXED: Waypoint conditions for buildings are now reliable enough for sequences!
- FIXED: Bug when unit finishes waypoint-session while player is extending it (Planning Mode)
-> lines now also behave accordingly
- FIXED: Rejoin from reserve works correctly again
- FIXED: Group Switch bug in campaign (player joins new group but is not leader)
- TWEAKED: Auto_Rearm function overhauled. units can now pick up a new primary weapon. Range extended to 120m
- TWEAKED: Color team Selection changed to RMB context menu until drag/drop bug is fixed
- TWEAKED: Suppression indicator is more visible again
- Manual updated

- Community Base addons A3

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