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Mad_Cheese released an updated version of his Command & Control addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    C2 is an addon that will optimize your control over AI-squadmembers. Complex tactical orders can be issued in a matter of seconds.

    • Added: Addon Support for "Advanced Rappelling" by Duda123:
        - When this addon is active, the Rapelling-LZ will be added to the selections in planning mode.
        - ROOFTOP RAPELLING: If Rapelling-LZ is placed on a building, a special "unitCapture"-like function guides the chopper to the exact position.
    • Added: Addon Support for "Enhanced Movement" by Bad Benson.
        - If addon is active, EH-Formation type is added to HUD-mode.
        - The units will run to the position, face the object and climb on or over it.
    • Added: Tablet visualization improved:formation subordinates now get a small wp marker each. Adds clarity and looks nicer.
    • Fixed: Civilians could wrongly be filtered as enemy and would get shot clearing a building when independent factions are hostile to player
    • Fixed: Planes can no longer be stored in occupied hangars
    • Fixed: Planes taking off after being landed and stored in hangar will be moved to the correct taxi position and direction.
    • Fixed: Script-Error when landing plane (script trying to wrongly reduce speed)
    • Fixed: Wrong animations were used for silencer attach/detach

Written on 2016-11-11 15:29 by mad_cheese  

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