Author: JasonB
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 1.8

Date: 2015-07-08 19:31

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A Yautja (Predator) Young blood, drawn to war torn Altis for his first honour hunt was slain by an elite group of soldiers while stalking them at their camp. In the heat of battle, the inexperienced hunter accidentally set off one his own EMP devices, revealing his position to the soldiers making him a vulnerable target. While the kill was fair game, just and honourable, the soldiers have been ordered by Government officials to secure the Predators weapons and technology. The humans hope to one day replicate Predator Technology.

The Predator high order have sent one of their best to secure the stolen technology. Those would attempt to stop us will be slaughtered. Predator Technology must not fall into the hands of the lowly human race!

As the Predator hunt down your friends with over 10 attacks and abilities similar to those found in the movies or video games. Kill everyone to win.

As the Humans, dig in, set up traps, customise your weapons via the VA Gear Box, survive the oncoming onslaught. Outsmart and kill the Predator. The Humans have access to a VA Gear Box for ultimate customisation and player one has a single EMP mine.

When there are multiple human players playing, make sure to give each player a turn as the Predator. Rounds are short, fast and furious.

Recommended game modes:
  • 1-8 Human/AI Players Vs 1 Human Player Predator. (PVP)
  • 1-8 Human/AI Players Vs 1 AI Controlled Predator (COOP)
  • Singleplayer. Play as either the humans or Predator.

  • To start Pred AI select Radio 0,0,1. DO NOT START PREDATOR AI WITH A HUMAN PLAYER CONTROLLING THE PREDATOR. Strange things happen...

    There are 5 different AI Predator Types to choose from which dictate which weapons each type can use for different challenges from Predator Hunter to Predator Brawler etc.

  • Voice Acting: Thanks to RedFlash913. He does an awesome job bringing immersion to the mission.

  • The Predator: Cloaking and over 10 different custom created attacks and abilities from high jumps to Plasma Casters and Smart Dscs. All created through scripts, triggers, textures and sounds. All abilities are balanced. The stronger the ability the more time the Predator leaves himself open to attack. Ever wanted to jump from tree to tree and blast your opponents away with a plasma cannon or combi stick? How about using your cloaking device to execute opponents upclose and personal with your wrist blades? Now you can.

  • Predator AI: The Predator AI was the absolute hardest I could make within the limitations of his abilities and was by far the longest feature for me to create. He is an honourable opponent matching firepower vs competition. E.g. Less enemies in the area the Predator will use lesser powerful weapons. When hurt he will retreat and heal, and use the best weapon for the appropriate situation. Will attempt to pick players off one by one.

  • Stealth System: The Predator is invisible but will reveal himself during attacks, is seen upclose or when his cloaking device is damaged. AI react to sounds appropriately by investigating the source of the sound such as a Predator growl etc. The Predator can use a distraction device to confuse opponents.

  • Installation:
    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    This is my first multiplayer map and is a heck of a lot fun. Feel free to leave suggestions and give feedback below.


    - Effects pass update, balance update, AI improvements,
    - Predator has been redesigned (no more VR entity popping in and out of existance)
    - bug fixes and other general improvements.

    - Pred can now destroy vehicles with plasma caster. P1 has a turret he can place.

    - Added atomic self destruct nuke ability for Predator. =)

    - Huge update to version 5.0 Tons of changes and improvements
    - Traps Update! -Emp Mines, Anti-Grav Mines, and Motion Tracking Mines added. Some balance changes. More buildings have been placed for pred to leap onto/hide in.

    - Lots of Balance Changes. -Overall Predator Nerfed. -New Cloaking Effects. -New Base Location (Bamboo Camp Setting). -New Win Condition for Humans (Survive for 10 Minutes)

    - Added 6-7 new voice acting lines incl Arnie ones thanks to RedFlash.

    - Fixed bug where Voice Acting wasn't working in 1.1 (was working in 1.0)

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