Author: Lazarus1177
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.03

Short description: Simple,Script dependent template allowing to quickly populate any area with OPFOR.

Date: 2015-02-21 16:53

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Immediate Contact Template


This is a very simple template to populate any area of Altis with OPFOR(BLUFOR too from V1.01) Infantry and mounted units. I made this because I was simply tired of wasting time placing down units and groups in the editor!
The template itself is quite simple. It consists of some game logics and a marker position. Each game logic will create about 2-3 groups of OPFOR(CSAT) groups patrolling the area in which it is placed.
Adding a placement radius to the game logic will add a nice bit of Randomisation to the mission as the groups will spawn in different places each time.

Currently about 17 groups are spawned in total by the script and an extra optional script is also added which only spawns 4 fire teams. However more groups can be very easily added.

Installation / Usage:
The script files are self explanatory. Before using,take a look at the sample mission to get a good idea of the game logics and their placement in the editor. Then copy the same game logics into your mission along with the script file.
The script can be called from any object in the editor though I recommend running it through init.sqf.
Do not change the name of the game logics or else the script may not run properly.

- Added Zargabad/Takistan template showing Insurgent Troop Movement.Also available in Blufor Version.Size of Enemy force adjusted to match real world encounters.
- Added Chernarus Rebel Template.Shows Insurgent or Resistance troop movement depending on version.Also available in Blufor Version.Russian Troop Template to come later.
- Added OPFOR FIA Template.

- Added BLUFOR Template very similar to the OPFOR Template. Features FIA Troop Movement. Can be easily used to simulate Insurgency, Area or Town Occupation and Large scale Recon Operations.
- Also features an FIA Site Composition showing some captured equipment. About 10 Groups.Compatibility between both templates not tested.

- first release

(Only for specific templates, the script itself requires no addons!)
- CAF Aggressors

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