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Version: 0.8

Short description: Scored targets inspired by UNA Targets.

Date: 2015-02-03 21:41

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Moss Targets


Since there are no target scripts for Arma 3 other than the UNA Targets by Walker for Arma 2 (that does not work in A3), I bring my own creation to the table for everyone.
This project is based on UNA targets idea, but built from scratch with Arma 3 scripting instead. His work inspired me to create my project and my targets may work the same way as his, but the scripting is completely different.

A lot of groups and clans out there don't even have working targets to shoot at other than improvised pop up scripts. Thus during my time in my old community I tasked myself to create a proper target system with real score based on accuracy. This script was originally intended to be used with the pop up targets in game, but I changed it to sign targets when I remembered the UNA targets.

To those that know how UNA targets worked, they relied on coordinates from a vehicle that spawned where the bullet impacted, which greatly reduced the accuracy of the targets. My script uses target eventhandlers to convert the position hit into model space, which makes score calculation easy to count and for recalibrating for a different target. You can easily change any part of the scripts and targets to adapt to your shooting experience.

  • Multiple settings to set in the file fn_MainInit.sqf.
  • Easy to copy paste lane system that supports up to 20 unique lanes (And more).
  • Scripts are initialized through the logic of the lane that is synched with all the objects it needs.
  • Multiple targets per lane supported. (Use synchronization tool and make sure the targets names follow the rules)
  • Practice shooting without score count.
  • Qualification shooting with score count.
  • Score count with bullet hit count and average score option.
  • Marker hit system for shooter and spotter (instructor).
  • Lane number signs (Inspired by USMC rifle ranges).
  • Sign with video feed of the target to see hit markers from shooting position.
  • Table with Rifle and a box with Magazines.
  • Markers and rulers in the editor to align the objects to your mission and map.
  • Register and unregister system for the shooters on the lanes.
  • Reset score function.
  • Variable of score is calculated and stored so that a hacker can't simply change his score (For whatever reason you may have a player doing that)
  • Photoshop original files to make more target pictures and range numbers.
  • Code has comments for all the script for easy editing.
  • Local variable and function handling. (Scripts should run locally and without lag)

- Put the mission folder in your missions folder in your My Documents folder.
- Open the editor in game and open the Moss_Targets mission.
- Copy paste everything you need or rename the mission folder to begin your new adventure.
- Make sure to bring the script files from the mission folder to the mission you're importing it to.

Editing guidelines:
If you change any object the logic is synced to, make sure to change the type of object in the settings file.
Because the script that initializes the objects and their script checks what type of object it is independent of the name of the object.
Scripts may seem difficult to understand, but know that the script is modular and can be copy pasted up to a hundred times.
Thus a minimum amount of objects are named in the editor. Only the logic and the target has names because of the range name system and the camera monitor system for the targets. Make sure the names of the objects ends with a 2 digit number ranging from 01 to 20+.
Comments provided should be enough for you to edit the script yourself, but feel free to post a question below.
I will do my best to answer them.
On the mission you will find markers with hints.
Read them and then remove them.
If you have an improvement to the scripts, post it here and I will add it together with credits to you.
There are certain things I haven't seen due to my lack of skill using pythagoras.
Changing target picture or scoring is a little bit tricky.
Activate debug mode in the settings file and then shoot the target to get the debug info in game.

Frequently Asked Questions:
  • Why are the lane number textures not in .paa?
  • Because the Level of Detail for the texture drops to a blurry 2x2 pixel image impossible to aim at, I use the JPEG which doesn't shrink.
    I've made several attempts using .paa and tried to limit the mipmap generation to 1, but then they just won't show up at long distances.
  • Why is the center of the table 3 instead of 10?
  • Because you will never score a full set of 10s at 200 meter with ironsight and you would spend countless hours trying to combat the game's rifle movement. Unless you slap a RCO, remove rifle shake and go prone, your shots will not be forgiving. Thus the system of score is simplified to a more friendly standard where someone might actually be able to hit the target and score expert depending on rifle usage. The score board was originally intended to be used for table 1 and 2 based on the USMC rifle marksmanship qualification, but was changed after time to accommodate for the game's lack of accuracy. You can edit the target texture and scoring function yourself if you want to use a 10 point system, but I won't recommend it.
  • Why are the signs or targets black?
  • Because of Arma engine's limitation of rendering JPEG files as textures in game, you need to approach the sign close enough until it changes.
  • There's no score count when I shoot.
  • Register at the podium of the lane, then shoot, then check your score.
  • I can't use the lanes.
  • You need to register or unregister from previous lane before using your lane.
  • The target monitor is bugged.
  • Because it takes a lot of power for the engine to render the live texture, you are limited to using maximum 6. Also make sure that the logic and the targets have the same number in the name.
  • I get an error about unsynchronized objects.
  • All objects related to the shooting need to by synchronized in the editor to the logic (the blue flag object). Copy paste the original mission file objects and don't remove the synchronization from the objects unless you know what you are doing.
  • How do I use more than 20 lanes?
  • There are only 20 pictures for the lanes in the pics-folder. If you want to use more lanes you need to make yourself more pictures using the Photoshop template files you get with the project, or remove the User Texture objects in the editor.

Known issues:
- Using BIS camera from the debug console will render the monitors black.
- Score calculation is off by a hair on the target (due to image ratio versus texture of object ratio).
- The monitor for the targets takes time to initialize and you can only use maximum 6.
- Because of textures not being in .paa format, the player must walk up to the black replacement texture and load the textures in before it's visible at long range.

Camera monitor count is maximum 6.
Don't rush the actions on the signs.

Future plans:
- Improve the range based on user input.
- Get reports from people that have tested 15 or more players on a range.
- Clean the code up for target score calculation is possible.

License / Disclaimer:

Usage request: Do not remove me as original creator of the content when using it in your missions or mods.
You may edit, improve and use the scripts under the Arma Public License

- first release

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- BI forums

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