Author: Lt.Killer(SAS)
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: Spawns groups of enemy and Randomizes everything about them

Date: 2015-02-04 13:33

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Dynamic AI Spawn System

Lt.Killer(SAS) and Cpt.Killer(SAS)

This script does it all. It works with any units as long as you have the class names. It will randomly spawn groups of enemy 360 degrees around you after activation. The enemy groups will have random weapons, random sizes, random skill level, random amounts of groups spawned in, and at random times. They will then move towards you at a random speed in a random formation. I know that's all of random.
After a bit of setting up with your own prams inside the .sqf file you will truly have a dynamic operation area when you activate this trigger. You can use the trigger many times in different parts of your mission and it will still work. It works great for enemy counter attacks.
I have put together a small video that shows off all the features of this script. I have only tested it with men, but it should also work for vehicles as well. The video is a very basic visualization of how the script works and its up to you to best interpret how it is best used in your mission. I have had some amazing games with this script. The feeling of not knowing if a massive push all from one side is coming or being completely surrounded makes it that much more intense and satisfying.
Hope you all enjoy!

* Enemy will move to attack you!
* Random group sizes
* Random number of groups
* Random weapons inside that group
* Random 360 spawn location
* Random spawn delay
* Random movement speed
* Random Formation
* Random skill

Simply take the supplied .sqf file and copy or drag it into your desired mission folder. Then add this line of code to the "On Act" part of a trigger. See video below for a visual image.

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Credits & Thanks:
wouldn't of been possible with out Cpt.Killer(SAS)

License / Disclaimer:
If you intend on distributing this script please give credit to both me and Cpt.Killer(SAS).

- first release

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Tags: 360 Degrees,   Dynamic,   Random,   Spawn