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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.1

Short description: This is the second version of squad system I made for ARMA 3. SQ-1 you can find here.

Date: 2015-09-09 08:32

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Squad system SQ-2


This is the second version of squad system I made for ARMA 3. SQ-1 you can find here.

- Join any player, who is on your side (join to AI is not possible, but you can have them in your squad)
- Kick any player in your squad
- Send invitation to another player
- Create password for your squad
- You can leave your current squad
- Editable variables
- Notifications for players
- Script will automatically find you in the 'Squad' list
- User friendly UI
- You can give leadership to another player in your squad
- New GUI style (ARMA 3 GUI)
- Dynamic colors. Colors of icons and some text will change to the color you have selected in the game settings
- Send requests about status of the player (status (alive or not), health, squad size, position, rank, name)
- Privacy settings. You can disable requests about you. So another player will not be able to knows your status.
- Rank icon left from player's name
- Optimized for 1024x768 resolution (4:3) too

Installation / Usage:
Download the example mission.
1. If you have file 'Init.sqf' already in your mission, then copy from my init.sqf line: execVM "JTS_SQUAD\Functions.sqf"; and add it to your init.sqf. Otherwise - just copy the init.sqf to your mission.
2. If you have already Description.ext - copy the line: #include "JTS_SQUAD\SQ-1.hpp" and add it to your description.ext. Otherwise just copy the Description.ext to your mission.
3. Copy the folder 'JTS_SQUAD' into your mission (not compatible with Squad system SQ-1)!!
4. You can adjust the script. Open file 'Functions.sqf' located in \JTS_SQUAD\. You will see the editable variables. Change them on your own.

JTS_SquadSize = 5; // Set the maximum number of units in one squad. Attention! If you have more units in your squad than the limit - a unit will be removed from your squad, until the squad-limit and amount of units in your squad will not be the same as variable JTS_SquadSize. Do NOT use values lower than 3. Value 5 means, 5 units. Also commander + his units = 5. His units = 4. Maximum: 50

JTS_PROHIBIT_INVITES = 0; // if 0 - invitations are allowed on mission-start. If 1 - invitations are prohibited on mission-start

JTS_RND_PASS = 0; // if 0 - players don't have password on mission-start. If 1 - random password will be created for every player on mission-start

JTS_REQ_STATS = 1; // if 0 - requesting the status of player is not possible at mission start. if 1 - every player can check the status of any player at mission start.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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- Attention! This script removes automatically a unit from your squad, if you have more units than the variable JTS_SquadSize.

Credits & Thanks:
Script was tested by: JTS (me), Urban, Shuravi

License / Disclaimer:
Respect copyrights!
You are allowed to use this in your mission, but you are NOT allowed to:
1. Change it
2. Publish it from your name
3. Change it/Publish it from your name

- Fixed error 'colorDisabled' in SQ-2.hpp

- first release

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- Armaholic forums
- BI forums

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