Author: Kellojo
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.4

Short description: This script allows you to call in reinforcements in the form of a plane/heli droping units and vehicles

Date: 2015-09-17 17:04

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ETG Reinforcements script


This script allows you to call in reinforcements inform of an airdop bringing in troops and vehicles if wanted. This script works best with large cargo planes like the C130 so I can recommend using a mod for this script but it is not required.

- uses markers for start and drop point
- selectable transport vehicles (plane/chopper)
- selectable number of parachuters (only limited by the aircraft)
- selectable cargo (can be ammobox or a vehicle)
- cargo can be manned (if its a vehicle)
- dropped vehicles/units can be opfor and bluefor units
- a smoke can be attached to the cargo to mark its drop point

Installation / Usage:
1. add this to your init.sqf:
ETG_Reinforcements = 0;
2. add this to an action or execute it with a trigger or script:
nul = ['spawn','drop',west,10,'B_APC_Wheeled_01_cannon_F',100,'B_Heli_Transport_03_F','SmokeShell',''] execVM 'ETG_ReinforcementsScript.sqf';

You can modify the array to your likings...
Explanation of every entry in the array:
(1) = Name of the marker you want the heli to spawn at
(2) = Name of the marker you want the heli to drop its cargo
(3) = Side you want the heli to be ( can be west or east)
(4) = Number of parachuters (limited by the vehicle)
(5) = Put in the vehicle you want to be dropped (can be a vehicle or ammobox)
(6) = Put in a number in which the drop happens around the drop off point
(7) = Put in the vehicle that should drop off the units/cargo (hint : use a heli or plane ;))
(8) = Put in the classname of the smoke or chemlight you want to have attached to the cargo
(9) = Put in 'empty' if you want the cargo to be empty (if your cargo is an ammocrate put in 'empty')

- if you have any ideas or found some bugs/errors feel free to add me on Steam ( Kellojo ) and tell me about them.

Credits & Thanks:
Thanks to Spikey for helping me out.
Thanks to SabreD for his awsome C130 package which works very well with this script.
Thanks to F2kSel for helping me to fix the landing issue.

License / Disclaimer:
You can use this script on your servers and missions and are allowed to modify it however you want.
Its not necessary to give credit to me but it would be appreciated.

-removed exitWith {}; from the script since it is not recommended to use it to exit scripts

- independent reinforcements are now possible
- added support for all Arma 3 choppers (it may look a bit weird if you use a tank and a hummingbird)

- bug fixes (heli now dosent land at the drop point anymore)
- its now possible to call in reinforcements without any cargo
- fixed ammobox drop (parachute now deploys correctly)

- general bug fixes
- reworked the manual
- added example mission
- added support for the CH-67 Huoron,CH-49 Mohawk, every C130 of SabreD C130 Variants ( )

- first release

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