Author: alecont
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 1.18
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Mod based on the Argentine armed forces, contains the most important units, vehicles and weapons.

Date: 2020-02-22 10:30

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FAA Fuerzas Armadas Argentinas

Alecont & EDIDAV

Mod based on the Argentine armed forces, contains the most important units, vehicles and weapons. The mod was made with the aim of recreating these forces in the present and a near future, and that players of all nationalities can enjoy using the Argentine forces, their weapons, vehicles, etc. in ArmA 3.
It also has a small OPFOR unit that represents a subversive guerrilla.
This mod was made thanks to many developers who contributed to the project.
In the main folder of the mod inside the folder "keys" you will find the .bikey for use in your custom server.

To install the FAA Fuerzas Armadas Argentinas you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

- Report bugs or errors
If you want the patch or badge of your clan or group to be included in the mod simply contact us.

Credits & Thanks:

Credits and special thanks:
- Bohemia Interactive
- CDM-Foxtrop: Bersa and FM HI-Power, accessories and great collaboration with information, correction of errors, etc..
- Nzdfcrash: Various models and great collaboration with information, bug fixes, etc.
- Edidav: Textures
- Grumpy Rhino: helicopter package
- Aplion: A2 to A3 Import Tutorial
- LukesToni: UCA jacket
- Vurtual: Vehicles
- Redd: Vehicles

License / Disclaimer:
*Do not use content from this mod for your personal project without permission!!!

+ Added
- Deleted or substituted
* Fixed
+ Added FMK-3 submachine gun new model By Tank (Redd n Tank), config by Foxtrop & Alecont
+ Added Browning Hi Power 9mm gun (new model and configuration)
+ Added MP5SD submachine gun
+ Added Unimog with CP-30 Rocket
+ Added UI pictures for Unif Jacket in Arsenal and inventory
* Fixed Bug in Unif jacket: it prevents its good performance by releasing and grabbing the uniform in inventory
* Modified decals textures in C130, UH1H and Bell412
* Modified sound in FN MAG machine gun
* Optimization of PBOs
* Fixed typing error in weight settings on weapons
* Modified texture (grey to black) in FN FAL and FN FAL PARA
* Adjusted .RVMATs in FALs
* Fixed errors in FALs shadows

+ Added weapons pod for:
. UH1H and UH1N Artillados: Pod Cal .50, Zuni Rockets, FFAR
. T6Texan: Zuni Rockets, FFAR
+ Added aesthetic detail in Argentine rifle magazines
* Fixed in M113 errors: loading textures on rear, front and loading old classnames in your inventory
* Fixed various bugs in WeaponBox within Editor
* Modified Argentine WeaponBox aesthetic
* Modified and corrected weights of all weapons according to real data
* "ACE Users" - configuration of ballistics, twist rate and barrel length according to real data of each weapon of the mod
* Modified Foregrip and HandAnim in Steyr AUGs

1.16-hotfix v1
* Fixed error script in HMMWVs
* Fixed UH1N M240 magazines

+Added in M113s and Unimogs ability to be transported by helicopters
+ Added Bell 412
+ Added UH1N Gunship (Pylons) and Transport
+ Added HMMWV Medic
+ Added HMMWV (TOW)
+ Added HMMMV Charging
+ Added in UH1Hs opening cabin doors
+ Added new unimogs paints UN,EA,FAA,ARA. by LuchoEB
+ Added springtable (Names translated into English for those who do not use ArmA 3 in Spanish)
+ Added Scope MicroT1 by nzdfcrash
+ Added new FAL or Argentine Rifle models:
. FAMA (Argentine Assault Model Rifle)
. FAMCA (Argentine Carbine Model Rifle)
. FAMTD (Argentinian Rifle Model Designated shooter - Heavy Cannon)
. FAMTD (Argentinian Rifle Model Designated shooter - Light Cannon)
+ Added FMK3 Submachinegun by Foxtrop, Modif by Alecont
- Removed Bell 212
- Removed inscription "EJERCIT OARGENTINO" in uniform UCA GREEN OLIVE.
* Increased load capacity in UH1H and CH47 Chinook helicopters
* Adjusted charging radar in CH47 Chinook
* Fixed bug that prevented loading ammunition on M107A1
* Modified M249 and FN MAG magazines
* Modifications in Terrorist Guerrilla faction including: Bug fixes, uniform change, equipment change, name modification.
* Optimization and corrections in FAL rifles
* Modified M113: Added visual details and light model exchange.
* Fixed aiming animation on UH1H machine guns

+ Added Unimog U1400L Pack green and desert
+ Added New Hueys Pack in five different paints (EA, ARA, EA Malvinas, EA Medevac, UN)
+ Added M113 Ambulance
+ Added M4A3
+ Added Multicam Black camo GEN 3
+ Added Multicam Artic camo GEN 3
+ Added UH1H pack and M113 Ambulance in ONU Argentina faction
+ Added jungle hunters Beret
* Fixed MICH helmet textures
* Optimized FAL'S
* Optimized CH47 pbo files
* Optimized performance, model and fix errors of T6 texan
- New T6 Texan texture by LuchoEB

+ Added T6 Texan II by Nzdfcrash

+ Added AAV7A1
+ Added M113 and M113 UN paint
+ Added Tank Crew men
+ Added Steyr Aug A1 and A2
+ Added Barret M82 cal .50
+ Added Military cap
+ Added Mich2000 Helmet
+ Added PASGT Helmet UN
* PBOs optimization
* Fixed and optimize FALs animations
* Edit M16 Handguard
- Sustituted multicam camo in uniforms

* Fixed cannot mats load errors
* Fixed Multicam Tropic Camo in G3 Uniform
* Modified IMARA units Loadout
+ Added M16A2
+ Added M249 Machinegun
+ Added New Bipod for FN FAP
+ Added New Faction Argentine ONU Pacekeepers
+ Added ECH Helmet Multicam Tropic
+ Added New Weapons in Argentina WeaponBox

* Fixed HMMWV machine-gun M2 sound
* Fixed HMMWV small bugs
- MOD name and objectives change
- Removed M16, M16M203, MP5, G3 by small errors to solve in the future
- Removed the FAL rifles included in the UNSUR up to the previous version
- Removed Uruguayan faction
+ Added ACE support in weapons and almost all vehicles
+ Added compatibility with optical sights of different mods, example: RHS and its different versions
+ Added New FN FAL rifles, modified based on models of Bohemian interactive examples. Compatible with RHS mods accessories.
+ Added FN FAP
+ Added New Pandur II EA retexture
+ Added ACH Helmet multicam tropic, Olive and ONU
+ Added MultiCam Tropic camouflage in uniforms and uniforms GEN 3
+ Added Bonniehat: multicam, multicam tropic, m81woodland, marpat, patagonico, tri-color desert
+ Added Carryhall: multicam, m81woodland, marpat, patagonico, desierto tricolor
+ Added Aircraft C-130 Hercules argentine air force

* Fixed bug that didn't allow the Bell-212 to be used
* Modified the loadout of the troops
* Modified CH-47 textures
- Eliminated previous models of the HMMWV
+ Added new HMMWV models. (Best and with interchangeable accessories)
+ Added FM MAG and M240 Machineguns
+ Added M89 Barrett

* Fixed bugs
* Fixed UH-1H texture load errors
+ Added new texture for UH-1H
+ Added Mercedez Benz G230
+ Added Bell 212 Argentine Air Force
+ Added Regiment Airborne Infantry units
+ Added Regiment Airborne Infantry ucam uniform
+ Added Regiment Airborne Infantry Red Beret

# Report in case of errors after the next update.

* Fixed error Argentina Weapon Box
* Fixed error that did not allow the inventory uniform to be removed.
+ Added new UCA uniform, Multicam, Green and Guerrilla
+ Added CH47F Chinook
+ Added FMK-3
+ Added FM Hi-Power M95
+ Added Bersa Thunder Pro

+ Added Saab Gripen NG (required Jets Dlc)
+ Added Air Force pilot
+ Added texture details in vests
+ Added Multicam Harness
+ Added Cazadores de Montaña insignia
+ Added V Brigada Aerea insignia

* Fixed configs uh1h error

+ Added FAMAS F1
+ Added Colt M4 SMG
+ Added New Unit Cazadores de montaña (Mountain hunters)
+ Added Argentina Weapon BOX
+ Added Uruguay Weapon BOX
- Substituted M4A1 for New model
* Fixed configs errors

+ Added
- Deleted or substituted
* Fixed
+ Added Compatibility with Zeus
+ Added FNFAL
+ Added M16A2
+ Added M16A2 M203
+ Added M4A1
+ Added G3A4
+ Added BARRET M82
+ Added MP5
+ Added Hummve from import from A2
+ Added MH9
+ Added New Uniform convined Woodland Patagonico
+ Added Group Argentine Units in Eden Editor
* Fixed configs errors

+ Added
- Deleted or substituted
* Fixed

+ Added UH1H helicopters
+ Added Pandur II armored vehicle
* Fixed uniforms texture
* Fixed flags mast

+ added Gen 3 uniforms for Argentina and Uruguay
+ all new camo textures for all uniforms
+ added ECH light helmets for Argentina and Uruguay
+ New camo texture for Guerrilla
+ added unit subcategory in editor
+ New names in arsenal
* fixed various issues related to uniforms, vest, and helmets
- deleted ERDL camo, and sustituted with M81 Woodland camo

* Fixed uniforms textures.

*added insignia friendly communities ( Clan ArgA, Soldados Virtuales ON, Soldados Virtuales ON )
*fixed insignia Guerrilla
*fixed commandlines uniforms Guerrilla
-sustituted vests Argentine units

- Deleted weapons dependencies
* Fixed uniforms bug, taking it from the floor
* Fixed uniforms bug, wrong model and textures in arsenal
* Fixed helmets armor
* Fixed vests armor

+ Added
- Deleted or substituted
* Fixed

- Deleted Recon unit from Argentina faction
+ Added FUSNA unit for Uruguay faction
+ Added platecarrier vest with flags for both armies (green, tan, black, and multicam for Argentina)
+ Added patches for both armies and others

* Fixed uniforms bug, when you coluld not take the uniform from the floor
* Fixed uniforms bug, when you could not use patches
+ New textures for CEAT uniform
+ New textures for Multicam
+ New textures for Guerrilla uniform
+ Added Patagonic uniform

- First release

- Community Base addons A3

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