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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 2.0.1
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: FOA is an AI enhancement suite designed around Combined Arms and engaging Gameplay versus AI opponents. Many hours of development have gone into providing the Arma 3 player with a realistic Arificial Intelligence experience.

Date: 2016-03-13 10:00

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A.I.S.S. 3: Feat of Arms


We were happy with the original FOA, but over time there were things that we wanted to see happen. So in spring 2015 after FOAs initial release, we started talking...
First and foremost, we wanted a realistic human behaviour to the AI. This didn't mean robotic and patterned behaviour, but certain things that we felt people would do in a given situation that may have been missing from the default AI. The default AI has improved and it became more about meshing our expectations with the improvements in BiS vanilla AI routines.

-Moving to cover upon contact
-More active use of cover in combat
-better use of stance in Combat
-Less to little Ramboing, no charging
-an impression the AI value it's life
-Use of smoke
-Continued use of given waypoints despite changes in reactions to contact
-Ai using prone in a more realistic manner
-Much less predictable behaviour
-Flanking and alternate routing in combat (flanking not fully implemented yet)
-Garrison of buildings and building searching, really ... just use buildings lol

When you gain in one area you tend to lose in others. We wanted an AI that could accomplish this in Open ground and Cqb situations and that became a trade off game.
How far will they go for cover, how often should that be and on and on it goes. FoA evolved into A.I.R which then was reworked back into FoA for this edition.
In the end we are happy with where it is at for this initial release.
We built test missions that were shared across the testing group to see if we could see the same things and then we each tried within our own Arma Environment. This is the result.
Hopefully you like it.
There are more features we would like to add.
-AI suppressing and a few others.
-menu for adjusting Foa parameters to eliminate -filepatching issue.
This particular build was about getting the cover mechanics working, building searching working and making it all adapt to the changes in BIS ai.

To install the AISS3 Feat of Arms you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the AISS3 Feat of Arms please refer to the included documentation.

Test missions from Feat of Arms Instructional Series

Module Instructions and Example Missions
You can always highlight the Parameter title for the description in any of the modules !!!
-FoA SP respawn - Allow player to respawn in SP
     -Apply to - who the module is applied to
     -Respawns - number of total respawns available (quantity)
     -Respawn Delay - respawn time delay (time in seconds)
     -Respawn Postion -location of respawned unit 
     -Respawn Radius - radius around respawn postion
Video link
-FoA AI respawn - Great for Waves of AI.
     -Apply to - who the module is applied to.
               - one module can be synched to multiple groups
-when a unit is killed or wounded very bad like 1 unit left with damage 
or .9 or so it respawns  that 1 uni. The module does not respawn battalion at once.
-Strength - Strength of force. This affects AI respawn rates. Platoon = 40 men,Company = 160 men, Battallion = 480 men. So Platoon = 40 divided be size of group. 
     -Respawn Postion -location of respawned units, module or group postion
     -Respawn Radius - radius around respawn postion
Video link
-FoA Garrison  -Use to force units into Garrison postions at mission start after slight delay.
    - Garrison Radius - radius that units will use to search for garrison postions.
    - Garrison timeout - min/max value determines random time then units search for 
                                           new position in radius
    - sync the module to group leader and the units will garrison nearest structures.
    -Units will prioritze nearby static turrets and empty vehicle turrets. See Vid 2
Video link

-FoA Exclude  - Exclude Units from FoA control.
    - sync the module to group leader to exclude from Foa Control.
Video link
-FoA Patrol - Units will patrol the area automatically.
     - sync this module to the group leader to have the units patrol the surrounding area.
     - Radius of patrol in min max values for synced unit types [Infantry,vehicle, air]
Video link
-Battlelines Modules
-Add stategic Location
-Battlelines Sector HQ
-Sector Tracking
more documentation coming soon

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
Subscribe to the Youtube channel

Future plans:
2.0.1 - performance and troubleshooting
2.0.2 - a few New features

This is WIP, The roadmap is to optimize and troubleshoot this version for v2.0.1 and then release new features in v2.0.2
- We have seen some fps drop in some situations, and in particular in Battlelines when air, arty, tanks and infantry are running around.
- Look, the ai isn't perfect, there may be the odd janky crap... let us know and we will do what we can :)
-You may be expecting some heavy duty AI changes, at this time the effects are subtle. We have not added single pistol shot, dive roll, curved bullet through a window, down a corrider, then 90 degree headshot AI

Steam Workshop:
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Credits & Thanks:

Feat of Arms Logo by
Graeme Shute

VO by

Testing thanks - in alphabetical order
-Evil Organ
-GigaS aka jCae2798

Userconfigs removed and file not found fixed.
Units defending in battlelines will now Garrison
Added Amibiant battle sounds module and category
only tested by me, but should be functional
Battle Lines still is not compatible with veterans mod and PLA mod

Added mod.cpp and image


Alpha 1.2
Started scripts for servers we have a server now and will be running test. KEEP in mind none of us know what we are doing server side yet so may still be a bit before I can give a deffinate yes on works on servers
Fixed exclude bug
fixed units getting stuck
added code and tweaked cover script Units will now take cover and move up on enemy while going in and out of cover. Still early work but looks pretty good right now.
Tweaked Garrison script Building search radius is now based on unit size.
Few other tweaks.
Also had to redo Steam as they made changes after about 2 hours I think I figured out how to update it correctly on steam! lol So if you are subscribed you will have to re subscribe, to get newest one and on.

Alpha 1.1
FOA left somethingout fix

Alpha 1
If FOA_Module = 1 you will need FOA module as well as Support,Garrison,Patrol, or other FOA modules for units to do those things. All other features still should work regardless.
IF FOA_Module = 0 then FOA will do its thing. Keep in mind this one will break some missions and campaigns.
Patrol and supports now work together without bugs and few extra waypoints. The ones that are created are deleted once completed, and Original waypoints that mission maker gave stay put and are reassigned once Supporting or Patrolling are done.
Units take consideration for cover when in towns. In towns they wont search as far for cover and out of town much further out for cover.

PreAlpha .1
Modules are now more like Vanilla. You can use triggers of groups rather than syncing several groups to module.
Editor placed objects module is removed no longer needed.
Worked on cover and support a bit. Units that are engaged should not be called for support. So far its working, but needs work.
Garrisoned units should stay put a bit longer than before when being attacked. Still needs work, but slight improvement.
Finding cover is based on size of unit instead of a set radius. Still needs work.
Few other minor tweaks.

- first release

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