A.I.S.S. 3: Feat of Arms by A.I.M
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A.I.M released an updated version of the A.I.S.S. 3: Feat of Arms mod by him and the A.I.M Team on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    We were happy with the original FOA, but over time there were things that we wanted to see happen. So in spring 2015 after FOAs initial release, we started talking...
    First and foremost, we wanted a realistic human behaviour to the AI. This didn't mean robotic and patterned behaviour, but certain things that we felt people would do in a given situation that may have been missing from the default AI. The default AI has improved and it became more about meshing our expectations with the improvements in BiS vanilla AI routines:
    • Moving to cover upon contact
    • More active use of cover in combat
    • better use of stance in Combat
    • Less to little Ramboing, no charging
    • an impression the AI value it's life
    • Use of smoke
    • Continued use of given waypoints despite changes in reactions to contact
    • Ai using prone in a more realistic manner
    • Much less predictable behaviour
    • Flanking and alternate routing in combat (flanking not fully implemented yet)
    • Garrison of buildings and building searching, really

    • Userconfigs removed and file not found fixed.
    • Units defending in battlelines will now Garrison
    • Added Amibiant battle sounds module and category
    • only tested by me, but should be functional
    • Battle Lines still is not compatible with veterans mod and PLA mod

Written on 2016-04-01 09:39 by mikey74  

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