Pianosa by ItsDonJon
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ItsDonJon released an early alpha version of his Pianosa island on the BI forums.

    Quote :
    Pianosa is an real italian island, which I used as guide for this terrain, but the terrain is still heavily modified for gaming purposes.

    The island is ~10kmĀ² big and is relativly flat, not a big surprise, because pianosa is italian for flat.
    Well, long story short: This is the Alpha Version 0.1, I hope you like it and if not, PLEASE tell me so! So I can improve it for everyone!

    In the year 2035 the situation in southern europe is getting more precarious then ever before. To help the struggeling south-european countries the EU subventioned them, Italy used that money to improve living conditions on smaller peripheral island and started some new projects on island like Pianosa, e.g. the construction of a new city, the installation of some solar power plants (more to come). Because of the strong wave of refugees from north africa, there are several slum-areas scattered over the island, even in old and historic places like the abandoned prison complex in the center of the island.

    • The cities of Agira & Belpiano
    • Several military compounds
    • Airport
    • Some ruins arround the island
    • Many trees and bushes and co (additional 30000 objects!)
    • Completly new Satimage

Written on 2015-07-02 08:02 by ItsDonJon  

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