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Version: 1.1

Short description: A Civilian Clothes Pack which contains 8 different skins.

Date: 2015-03-28 15:06

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Civilian Clothes Pack

R3CS team

Here's a pack of 8 clothes for you to spice up your missions and enjoy!

Installation / Usage:
1. Create a new mission on Stratis for example.
2. Then save as "bob" or any name as long as you remember it.
3. Open My documents then navigate to Arma 3 (if you're using default account if now navigate to Arma 3 - Other Profiles)
5. Then Click missions and open the mission with "bob" (or the name you chose in step 2).stratis and create a new folder called "textures".
6. Extract the skins to that folder
7. Make sure your mission is open and place down a unit (civilian in this case) and put in the init on of these:
this setObjectTexture [0, "textures\cat.jpg"]; (for the sunglasses cat)
this setObjectTexture [0, "cloud.jpg"]; (for the cloud)
this setObjectTexture [0, "hand.jpg"]; (for the hand)
this setObjectTexture [0, "pika.jpg"]; (for the Pikachu)
this setObjectTexture [0, "polcol.jpg"]; (for the Polar Bear)
this setObjectTexture [0, "tiger.jpg"]; (for the tiger)
this setObjectTexture [0, "wolf.jpg"]; (for the wolf)
Or for the bag place down a bag (Bergen) an put this in the init:
this setObjectTexture [0, "murica_bag.jpg"];
6. Then press ok
7. Then in the top bar "Preview"
8. Success.

License / Disclaimer:
If you use these you must credit us. You are not allowed to modify these in any way. If you break any of those rules we will request for you to remove them if you refuse we will contact Bohemia Interactive.

- added a new bag

- first release

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