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Version: 0.1

Short description: More roleplay with powerpoint briefing

Date: 2015-03-29 15:22

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Script Powerpoint

Cutkiller26 [SIRA]

With this script you can easy make a animated briefing for you're missions. And give more fun options for mission maker.

Installation / Usage:
1. Place and name the screen (Panel or user texture) : bigscreen
2. In your mission folder init.sqf put the ligne :
BRIEF_setObjectTextureGlobal = {(_this select 0) setObjectTextureGlobal (_this select 1)};  
3. Place a computer or directly on the panel the init ligne :
BRIEFinit = this addAction ["<t color='#FFFFFF'>Launch Powerpoint.</t>", "Powerpoint\BRIEFinit.sqf", [], -1, false, false, ""];
4. Open the file "BRIEFinit" and change the name of picture by your's. The picture of end of Powerpoint can be changed in "BRIEFend.sqf"

Know issues:
Two player can take the command of diaporama in the same time.
The screen need a player proximity for load image.

Based on Original Script by goldenfiver take on Bohemia Forum Corriged and edited by Cutkiller26 [SIRA]

Credits & Thanks:
goldenfiver for the start of script.

- first release

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Tags: Diaporama,   Powerpoint