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Version: 6.2

Short description: A ReShade Preset Series to improve color and light in ARMA 3.

Date: 2015-08-12 12:21

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Real Light - ReShade Preset


The new preset of my Real Light series is finished and now available.
My goal is to achieve a more realistic light at any ingame time without interfering with the overall game performance in Arma 3.

I edited the overall exposure to achieve a more natural sunlight.
Custom gamma and contrast settings are used for more realistic half shades.
I did many color fine tunings to round the entire look up and get it even more believable than Arma already provides.

The reason why I made this preset was that I liked the look of Arma already very much. But the Sunlight and the visual components related to that weren´t realistic enough for me.
Arma has a big amount of grey tint overall which prevents it far to often from looking realistic.
On cloudy weather situations its way too dark for example. Direct Sunlight doesn´t "feel" right.
So I developed "Real Light" to eliminate those flaws.

The installation guide and a comparison screenshot selection can be found here.

All comparison screenshots on imgur are available here.

My Profile can be found here:
There you will find the presets of the different versions and many screenshots which I recommend you to view in fullscreen.

If you have trouble gettin it to work with the Game just let me know and I will help you.

Thanks for all the support, useful feedback and compliments I got here in this forum. You guys are awesome and a great community!

Credits & Thanks:
The ReShade Team: Crosire - - Marty McFly - Ioxa - JPulowski - LuciferHawk

- Adapted the Real Light V6 preset to the new 1.0 release of ReShade.
- New Default LUT! Both versions of Real Light V6 now have a new default LUT. The first one had some color issues at some light conditions. It is gone with this new default.
- In general I refined the Advanced version with the Ambient Light. I managed to erase a sometimes occurring green tint.

I solved the issues with too bright skies - the skies are stable and constant blue now where they need to.
Also I reduced the whiteouts in very bright spots and kept more details in this version.
In this version I launched two varieties or Real Light.
Real Light V6 is always intended to use without any noticable performance impact for average PCs.
Real Light V6 | Advanced has two more subtle effects which are heavier on performance and better suited for stronger rig´s.
The two effects are Ambient Light and Debanding which smooths the sky gradients pretty good.
Choose which version runs best on your personal setup.
I organized the "SweetFX_settings.cfg" file to give you the most important options right away. You can choose saturation, contrast, extra sharpness and a warm,cold or no tint right from the header. Important things are annotated for easiest individualization.




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Real Light Series

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