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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 20171028
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Athena is a 2nd screen mod providing those players w/ multiple monitors and/or gaming pc's as well as notebooks w/ an interface that displays friendly unit and group locations, compositions (sl, ar, at, medic, etc.) and marker data.

Date: 2017-11-01 13:14

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Athena - An Arma 2nd Screen Application


At it's most basic, Athena is an application that you can run on your 2nd screen that provides a very highly accurate representation of the in-game map and displays icons for friendly units in real time: a 'blufor' tracker that runs outside of arma on a 2nd screen whether that screen is literally a 2nd monitor, a laptop, a Windows tablet or a Microsoft Surface but that's an oversimplification of what Athena offers.

-Athena supports multiple instances. Building a cockpit and want several map screens? Athena will let you do that without any additional performance impact on ARMA.
-Athena supports the automatic import of any ARMA map and that's both vanilla and custom. No ExportNoGrid here.
-Athena supports the generation of shaded 'height map' views for any ARMA map and again, that's both vanilla and custom.
-Athena supports the private sharing of 'ink' or 'map drawing' with other members of your communities, again, in real time and with a great degree of control that exists outside of ARMA.
-Athena displays and updates an ORBAT in real time: one of your units picks up an MG, it updates their representation to indicate that they're an AR. They pickup an AT weapon, their label is updated to indicate that they're now "AT". Know which of your team members fills the important roles at all times.
-Athena provides a convenient list of locations for the current map: "Requesting evac at Mike-26!" Don't know where it is? Look in the locations tab, click "Mike-26" and click "Locate" and there it is.
-Athena provides a way for you set custom locations, known as anchors, on the map that are important to you. Someone calls requesting a pickup and they provide you with their grid or coordinates, type them into Athena and have it create an 'anchor' for you. This is especially handy for pilots.
-Athena lets you 'track' the positions of a unit, a group and an anchor at the same time by way of tracking lines that are drawn from your unit to the chosen unit, group and anchor. It also tells you the bearing and the distance.
-Athena lets your record your own sessions and play them back later.

But Athena also runs 'outside' of ARMA so even when you're not playing ARMA, Athena still has something to offer you and your community by way of the Athena Community Server (ACS).

-Collaborating on a mission design? Have both you and your associate connect to the same ACS and mark up the map from across the Internet without ever having to fire up ARMA and join a server.
-Have a big op coming up? Connect with your associates and plan out your op prior to game time.
-Expanding on your training regimen and want to introduce some tactics discussions? Connect to the ACS and mark up the map and demonstrate the concepts behind the tactics

Athena is not just a 'blufor' tracker. It's a system that will directly contribute to better coordination and communication across your entire unit.

To install Athena - An Arma 2nd Screen Application you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Armaholic note:
.dll files can harm your PC! Before running this you should make sure you understand the risks!
Armaholic and its staff can never be held responsible when this file causes any damages, disruption in services or anything else in any way! Downloading and installing this file is totally at your own risk!

Armaholic note:
.exe files can harm your PC! Before running this you should make sure you understand the risks!
Armaholic and its staff can never be held responsible when this file causes any damages, disruption in services or anything else in any way! Downloading and installing this file is totally at your own risk!

Included files:


When Arma starts, it will start the Athena mod and the mod will attempt to start two executables: Athena Relay (relay.exe) and the Athena Desktop application (athena desktop.exe). Technically, the mod and the executables will be loaded when the first mission is run in Arma. By default, when Arma starts, it will load a mission in the background and it will play while you navigate the menu. Some players disable that particular feature and so, for them, Athena will start at the beginning of the first mission they play. If, for some reason, you stop either of the executables, you will have to re-launch them manually. They will only attempt to launch automatically when the first mission runs.

When Athena Desktop is started, it will grab 'focus' from Arma. This is not by design. This is just a side effect of launching another process. If you run Arma full screen, you may wonder what's happening. Everything is ok. Remain calm and alt+tab to bring focus back to Arma. Before doing that, you may want to click "Start" in Athena just to have it connect to the Relay. It will then populate when the first mission starts.


If you've never used Athena before, you probably don't have any of the maps imported yet. The process 'should' be seamless. Start a mission on the world and Athena Desktop will prompt you to export/import (depends on your perspective) the world. Depending on the size of the world, this can take a little while. On my PC (i7-4770k), Stratis takes less than 5 minutes and Altis takes around 15-20. After a world has been exported, Athena will save it and you will not be prompted to export/import it again. Very soon, there will be a publicly available "Athena Community Server" to which I plan to upload many maps. Through Athena, you will be able to connect to this server and download them saving yourself a great deal of time. I will update this when I'm ready to make that server public.


1. Go to the Mods tab in the Arma 3 Launcher
2. Click the down arrow next to "Athena - An Arma 2nd Screen Application" to show the details for the mod
3. Click the "..." button in the bottom right corner
4. Click the "Show folder in Windows Explorer" option
5. When prompted, click the "I understand" button
6. Open the "@Athena - An Arma 2nd Screen Application" folder
7. Open the "app" folder
8. Right click on "Athena Desktop" (or "Athena Desktop.exe" if you show file extensions)
9. Go to "Send To"
10. Click the "Desktop (Create Shortcut)" option

You now have an icon on your desktop for Athena Desktop.


If you're like me and you prefer to run the Athena Desktop application on a separate PC (Microsoft Surface, a touch enabled laptop, etc.), you can copy the "app" folder mentioned above to that PC. From there, you can run the Athena Desktop application but remember to:

1. Edit the !WorkShop\@Athena - An Arma 2nd...\AthenaExtensionSettings.txt file and set "ath_launch_app" to "false" to prevent Athena from auto launching Athena Desktop on your Arma PC
2. Open Athena Desktop on your 2nd PC and go to File->Settings and set the ARMA PC IP to the IP address or computer name of your Arma PC

You may run into firewall issues running Athena Desktop on a separate PC. If you need to modify your own firewall, the Athena Relay listens on TCP Port 28800 and it is the only port you need to allow on your Arma PC.

Also, keep in mind that it really doesn't matter how many computers you run the Athena Desktop application on. Each Athena Desktop instance will connect to the Relay and receive it's information from there. Apart from CPU contention, Arma will still only provide a single feed to the Relay. Also somewhat related, the Athena Desktop instances you run will share 'ink' between them automatically if they are all connected to the same relay.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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1. Resolved an issue with Elliptical shaped marker sizes being doubled
2. Added support for 'auto launch' of the Athena Desktop application for ease of use
3. Some additional features to assist in debugging

1. Resolved issue with map export command not being processed correctly.

This is the initial workshop release.
The following changes have been made to the extensions and addon:
1. The extension has been simplified. It makes less decisions and functions solely as a transport conduit between the SQF and the Athena Relay
2. The SQF has been changed to generate the Athena 'Frames' entirely in ARMA by using a mostly static array and very specify 'EachFrame' routines for gather updated unit positions

The following changes have been made to the relay, application and the acs:
1. The socket protocols have been simplified and made more efficient
2. The requirement that each component function as both a server and a client has been removed. Only the relay and acs function as socket 'servers' and the application functions merely as a client.

Code refactoring
Icons will now change color and type (unit, groups and vehicles were affected)
Noticed this during my group's session: downed (ACE medical) players were not showing as 'civ' which indicated that existing icons were not updating properly.
Update frequency limits removed. Previous limit of updating all non-player groups only every 100ms lifted.

Complete overhaul of markers
Unit Icons changed to use ARMA icons
Special icons for
NATO Icons changed to use ARMA icons
Marker Icons (those available in editor) changed to use ARMA icons
Marker Shapes (Rectangle/Ellipse) changed to use ARMA brush images
Vehicle Icons added
Icons added for vehicles
Icons are placed and oriented according to vehicle pos/dir
Icons are no longer placed according to vehicle location, not driver, command, etc.
Icons are no longer oriented according to vehicle position
Crew/Passenger list is displayed beneath vehicle icon
Icons for units are not displayed when in vehicle
Icons for groups are not displayed if group does not own vehicle (not commander, gunner, driver)
Misc visual improvements
Improved text visibility on grayscale color mode
Improved group name/group leader position (moved from below to right) and increased size
Misc bugs fixed
Resolved issue where Athena would immediately stop after starting
Resolved issue with oddly sized group markers after new group added
Resolved issue with empty groups being displayed (all members dead)

v1.0.0.26 Alpha fixed
- fixed bug introduced in

Athena Desktop
•Added - Multi Ink
•Added - Initial background image
•Added - Clear Map Controls Menu option (clears the map to remove data left over from previous missions)
•Added - Logic to detect mission change (Mission Name change)
•Added - Ability to rename groups
•Added - Cursor to indicate map panning
•Added - Ability to use scroll bars to pan map
•Added - Additional unit descriptions (crew, pilot, officer, ammo bearer, rifleman)
•Added - Alpha blended colors for GreenFor and Civ Group Icons
•Changed - Map Panning Logic
•Changed - Layer Management
•Changed - Group Icons Controls (Left Click on toggle unit list, Right Click to change size, Touch to change size)
•Changed - Group Icon display logic
•Fixed - Unable to ink near labels
•Fixed - Unable to ink near group icons

@Athena Mod
•Added - Support for Multi-Ink
•Added - Support for player based Athena variables
•Changed - Methods for grab files from network source improved

Athena Desktop
•Added - Marker Rotation support
•Added - Toggle-able grid lines
•Added - Toggle-able location names
•Added - Support for map specific locations.json files
•Added - Toggle-able ink visibility
•Added - Ink support (Ugly "I" button on left)
•Added - Ink Save/Load
•Added - Label to indicate zoom level
•Changed - Zoom step to 0.1 instead of 0.2 (smoother zoom in/out)
•Fixed - 6 digit grid coords were pulling Y value from Top to Bottom, not Bottom to Top for mouse cursor pos

@Athena mod
•Changed - Function names
•Added - Function for exporting location text (ATH_fnc_Export_Locs) Alpha
•Fixed - Additional localization issues
•Added - 6 Digit grid support for target unit and cursor position
•Added - Ability to import user supplied images for maps
•Added - Chunked image loading based on viewing rectangle for reduced memory usage

Athena mod: Alpha
•Fixed - Data export loop prevented missions with additional scripts from loading properly
•Fixed - Not correctly grabbing unit names in multiplayer missions
•Added - Dedicated server detection to prevent files from being generated and causing server side lag Alpha
- Fixed: Strings from ARMA containing C# escape characters caused export routine to crash Alpha
- first early release

Athena Desktop:
•Fixed - Multiple textblock creations per marker
•Added - DVR - Record and Playback missions
•Added - Ability to select unit to be tracked

- Fixed: Duplicate marker names were crashing marker cleanup routines
- Fixed: Duplicate object name checks on JSON import
- Fixed: Localisation issues when converting strings to numbers (Thanks Becario!)

- Initial Release

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