Author: Zenophon
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Requirements: No addons required
Island(s): Altis, Chernarus, Proving grounds, Takistan, Utes, VR
Playable options: Multiplayer compatible / Singleplayer compatible

Version: 17.0

Date: 2016-05-14 06:43

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Zenophon's Mini Co-op Missions Pack


Greetings fellow Armaholics, I am proud to present Zenophon's Mini Co-op Missions (ZMCM). This mission pack is an ongoing project, with new missions to be released in an episodic fashion about every two weeks. The missions are not a campaign or connected as a series in any way; there is no overall story. Each one is a short (10 to 30 minutes) and fairly simple mission with a specific style; they are intended to be very replayable. They each support either 2,3 or 4 players max, and are meant to be played by small groups of friends. They are intended to be difficult and require caution and tactics.

Every mission is different, but the common features generally are:
  • Lots of randomization, such as:
    • Insertion, extraction, and objective locations
    • Enemy skill, numbers, patrol routes, and weapons
    • Weather, fog, date, and time
  • No magically spawned enemies; all patrols are there from the start
  • Fix for ridiculous AI accuracy on dedicated servers; their skill will be the same as in SP or local MP
  • AI skill and number scales with the number of players
  • Increased weapon lethality; 1-2 shot kills are now the norm
  • Easy repacking of magazines with an action, taking a realistic amount of time
  • Easily share magazines with teammates for their current weapon
  • No saving, respawn, or revive in SP or MP, to promote teamwork and realism
  • Good performance, whether you play in SP with AI teammates or in MP with friends
  • No mods or addons required in any mission

  • All this is done using my Mission Framework and Scripting Library (shameless advertisement, I know).

    Extract the .pbo file(s) to your Steam/SteamApps/common/ArmA 3/MPMissions folder.

    Mission content:
  • Abduction: A very open-ended, randomized mission in which players must defeat or evade numerous patrols. The mission area could be anywhere across about a 25 square km area. The goal is to capture an enemy officer and get him to extraction.

  • Ambush: A simple mission in which players can choose from various means to stop and destroy a convoy of vehicles. The position of the ambush is chosen randomly from five preset locations. Players must contend with armed vehicles and enemy infantry before making their escape.

  • Blackout: A stealth mission in which players must evade a few armed guards in a large power plant. Players have the option of maintaining stealth with hand to hand kills or risking a fast assault with just pistols and SMGs. If detected, you'll only have a few minutes to complete the objectives before helicopters and dozens of troops surround you. No one has NVGs or suppressors in this mission.

  • Checkpoint: A 'day-in-the-life' mission with a twist, players manning a NATO checkpoint will routinely search a few civilian vehicles before being attacked by various insurgent forces. The checkpoint location, the nature of the attack, the direction of the attack are random.

  • Cleaner: A stealth infiltration mission in an urban environment. If you can keep it quiet, you'll only have a few guards to deal with; if you're detected, you'll have the wrath of the AAF upon you. You must search several randomly placed containers in a storage yard for chemical weapons, as well as clear 2 buildings to eliminate the weapon's inventors. After a HALO insertion, you're free to attack the yard however you want; a sniper weapon is stashed on a hill nearby.

  • Convoy: A very randomized convoy protection mission. The players must drive the vehicles themselves through various threats, including IED's, infantry ambushes, MG nests, roadblocks, and even APCs. Beware, as the Opfor may choose to attack from the air using paratroopers and helicopters.

  • Lockdown: A POW rescue mission with a significant change: the POWs are players. Three FIA guerrillas must rescue two US paratroopers from the AAF. The POWs can free themselves after several minutes, but must contend with AAF guards unarmed; the FIA can also rescue them directly. Either way, the players will then work to complete a secondary objective in the area before retreating. The FIA start location, patrols, and secondary objective are randomized.

  • Pursuit: A combined arms mission in which an infantry team and an attack helicopter face Opfor infantry, MRAPs, AAA, MANPADS, machinegun nests, and snipers in a large, random area in the hunt for an Opfor artillery piece. The artillery will randomly move it's position to another large area controlled by these Opfor threats about every 30 minutes. Thus, all your work to clear an area may be wasted, but the vehicle will be very vulnerable as it moves between areas.

  • Raid: Inspired by an old TV show, The Rat Patrol, this mission is a procedurally generated, open-ended patrol mission. The players will complete the primary objectives provided as well as any secondary objectives they come across. The entire mission area is populated with random enemy patrols. Players can choose to complete the mission as fast as possible, or spend as long as they want searching the area for AAF activity.

  • Shootout: This mission takes a slight detour from the serious, authentic nature of the other missions to bring you a simple and fun shoot-out style mission. You will be fighting with some Opfor over control of a randomly generated junk yard full of objects for cover. This isn't a run-n-gun mission; you'll still need some CQB tactics and teamwork to win. The mission difficulty and arena size scales to the number of players.

  • Silence: A special forces infiltration mission with undercover and assault parts. Players must secure an Opfor radio outpost to locate their target and direct and airstrike on it. The mission offers CQB and urban fighting against Opfor attacks, and randomized patrol areas outside of town to hinder the players' extraction. The position of everything has been randomized, resulting in nearly a hundred combinations of objectives.

  • Specter: An asymmetric warfare special forces CQB style mission; players must assault and clear a large building in search of intel. The exact objective location and enemy patrols are different every time. Once they secure the building, players must cross an open area to reach their extraction vehicle.

  • Sweep: A sniper and an assault team must use team work to defeat numerous Opfor infantry and vehicle patrols in an urban area. A random town on Altis will be selected, and players will start at random around it. The number of Opfor will scale to the size of the town; Opfor will receive reinforcements by ground and helicopter. There will be enemies hiding in houses to provide CQB opportunities and MRAP in the town. The Opfor will detect sniper fire and employ mortars and vehicles to counter him.

  • Vendetta: An atmospheric sniper mission that makes players choose between trusting their sniping accuracy or risking a closer shot. A tense opening sequence is followed by an open-ended objective in which players must eliminate a target while working under a time limit.

  • Coming soon:
    Here I will outline the next mission planned for release. Feel free to make suggestions. Remember that the next mission is a work-in-progress, and may not end up exactly like this description.

    The next mission will be a stealth mission that rewards players for avoiding open combat. If detected players, will have to resort to a contingency plan that is more difficult. The main objective will be to secure chemical weapons that are hidden somewhere in a storage yard. It will include a HALO insertion and opportunities for sniping and CQB.

  • Ambush
      Fixed: Insertion task did not complete in all cases
      Added: Takistan version
  • Checkpoint
      Added: Takistan version
  • Convoy
      Added: Takistan version
  • Sweep
      Added: Takistan version

  • Legal:
    These missions are released under Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial 4.0 International (CC BY-NC 4.0)

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