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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.00

Short description: Aircraft Spawner

Date: 2015-04-06 00:11

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Stack's Aircraft Spawner


Thank you for checking out my first script, Stack's Aircraft Spawner 1.00!
I spent many hours writing this script and doing testing.
There may a few other ways to write this script in an easier form but this is the way I wanted to write it.

First of all, some of you may be asking, "Why did this noob write this script? There are already vehicle spawners!"

Well, I mostly wrote this script for my friends and I to use on my custom mission and YouTube videos. I decided to clean it up a bit and publish it for public use! Also, I wanted to learn how to write scripts and learn more about how ArmA works.

This script does an important thing, that the other vehicle spawn scripts may not do. Which is, spawning the aircraft in mid-air already flying at 400km/h at 200 meters off the ground. And for the helicopters, it just spawns them about 50 meters off the ground, at 0 km/h, in case you want to land and pick up infantry.

So if you don't want to taxi out and spend 5 minutes doing that whole thing, then you will appreciate this script!

I also add a Parachute option, so you can just put a parachute on and not spend time going over to the Arsenal and grabbing a parachute.

Instant spawning aircraft and entering of Pilot seat of aircraft.
Contains all aircraft available in Arma III!
Extra Parachute option, which makes the player equip a parachute instantly.

1. Extract the zip file into your mission file.
2. Open up the SAS folder, and then open up the AddAction folder.
a. Here you have 5 different files. Four of the files contain the vehicles separated by nation. The other file, AddActionAll, contains all the vehicles.
3. All you need to do is copy and paste the script into a objects, vehicles, or players init inside the editor.
4. Save your mission and preview it!
5. When you run the mission, all you need to do is go up to that object and scroll with your mouse and you will get all the

Included files:
Test mission, where you can see how I set up the objects and how I added the script in game.

Video tutorial coming soon!

All of this information is also in the readme file included in this zip file.

Credits & Thanks:
Credits to the Arma community for tutorials on how to script.
Credits to the Bohemia Interactive wikipedia for explaining how all the commands work.
Last but not least, thank you Bohemia Interactive for making such a great game and allow the community to create missions and scripts!

Thank you for checking this out!

License / Disclaimer:
Please do not edit this script unless I have given you permission too.
If you wish to use this in a private mission, go ahead and enjoy it!
If you are going to use this mission that will be available to the public, go ahead and use it, but please send me an email saying that you are anyways.
And remember, please leave correct credits in descriptions if you are going to use this publicly.
If you are going to use this script a mission or video or anything that you can gain profit from, please ask me before hand.
If you have any questions or concerns or even suggestions please email me.

I will try to respond ASAP.

- first release

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