Author: r0dx864
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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 3.6
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Taking advantage of the NATO ghillie suit camo3 hiddenselection with version update 1.38; this mod adds all the camo color patterns from each side and uses them on the NATO sniper/spotter.

Date: 2019-07-05 08:01

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Hidden Ghillies


More ghillie suit camouflage options! Full suit variants provided by configs from g00d69 (thank you). No dependancies and uses the internal arma core files (mostly) to unlock built-in hidden features.

To install the Hidden Ghillies you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

bugfix: could not close object properties in 3den when unit did not have texturesources

Tweaked: Completely rewrote the texture properties, now relies on two properties: uniform and threads
Added: woodland (Enoch) camouflage from Contact DLC
Added: Stratis and Tanoa Intro scenes for main menu

added Malden camo ( posted by hakiku) to half ghillie
added Altis intro based on Relax video by Crystallum (

Added Vidda camouflage combination

added lrr_silencer pbo mod directly (no longer requires separate mod)

added snow texture for full ghillie
added snow texture for half ghillie
added LRR silencer to sniper squad (requires LRR silencer mod)

added marpat uniform/unit
replaced texture for fullghillie camonetting with reference to internal texture to reduce need for custom texture

added textures (not selectable in editor yet but all usable via {this setobjecttextureglobal [0,"hiddenghillie\*.paa"];} where * is the following):

added new B_Sniper_Strands_F
new strands texture added to list of camouflages under identity
added hidden nato_bdu.paa texture (currently alpha)
cleaned up fishnet textures to make them somewhat cleaner looking
replaced some of the gloves/boots textures for various camos to tropical (apex) colors
reenabled all unit classes so one can select them from the list in 3den (in the new faction)
moved all hidden ghillie units to their own faction
moved all units to their own faction

added new "cloud forest" camo
added new "cloud forest" full ghillie (long time coming)
revamped camo naming and options for CSAT full ghillie
renamed sniper/spotters so they are easier to distinguish from vanilla when selecting units in the editor
'added' CSAT ghillie threads to NATO camo options

added thermal masking to sniper squad half ghillies
added menu option to identity tab for camouflage that allows one to select from the numerous textures provided by this mod (closed ticket from previous update)
added new austrian pea, dragoncam, and night textures to the mix

added new austrian pea camo
added legacy full ghillie in virtual camo
added all permutations of uniform/ghillie textures to VhC selection list (be forewarned that dev version does not have drop down for selection of textures (ticket in work:
removed unnessesary list of uniforms from arsenal except (rolled the selection of textures into VhC)

added/converted most of the textures to VhC concept (uses attributes to change texture or leave on random so the uniform determines texture)
integrated select elements from APEX update to be included in sniper squad
removed earthquake and ACM modules (separate mod released)
finally included server key
todo: create combinations of ghillie/uniform within the textures list; figure out how TI textures work so ghillies can evade thermal as well

Bug fixes: missing cfgpatches entries, name changes, missing silencer on rook40 (spook)
ACM variable usage (allows for multiple modules, added option for faction types)

signed earthquake mod
added Ambient Combat Manager (ACM) module (separate mod/signed): great for simulating the tension of hostile environment
added new textures
added two new units (sniper devgru/spotter ghostex)
added spook unit to snpr_squad

removed backpacks from snpr_squad mod (commented the configs so one can still force original backpack config)
tweaked camo for snpr_squad members (all files are still included in pbo, feel free to extract and use alternate camos via setobjecttexture)
renamed texture files to consistently differentiate coverall vs NATO models

Added: Full Ghillie Active Camo (only accessible via editor and initial load, not arsenal)

added jungle full ghillie (great for limnos grass environments)
fixed issue with arsenal not showing perlinnoise with VR camos
moved VR sniper/spotter from MenSniper class to MenVR class
added black bandanna to VR sniper
changed phantom camo to jungle
adjusted phantom gear to match color pallet of new camo (bandanna, vest, hat, nvgoggles, and scope on rifle)

added two virtual designs as excuse to submit this update
tweaked spectre ammo to avoid "out of ammo" error
adjusted coverall camo on ethereal for better alignment of gloves/boots
replaced obsolete ELBV harness vest
swapped cfgpatches unit/weapon list so units show in zeus
added optional earthquake module (beta; please submit feedback): just drag, drop, and set the range

moved configuration of 'A' team units to snpr_squad optional mod (kept texture files in main pbo)
replaced textures for many 'A' team units and some main ones (grass)
swapped 'A' team identities with displayName to conceal units' purpose to those looking at unit
signed snpr_squad pbo

reposted to fix folder issues

modified coveralls for grass and weeds
added new unit with unique coverall camo
included optional squad config for quick group placement (utilizing real world modern sniper teams)

changed grass ghillie to weeds ghillie
replaced old grass ghillie with new more realistic grass pattern

tweaked some configs to better identify camo vs ghillie.
fixed issue with one unit not having ammo (due to rebreather vest)
dev branch full ghillie retextured with grass variant

Grass ghillie
Earthcam/Muliearth uniform
Camonet [CSAT]
Two special units
Spotter Night [Full]: replaced rebreather with default vest

Added a new fishnet ghillie
With update 1.40, added CSAT/AAF cross breeds (MTP/Woodland/Desert)
Signed with key

- first release

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Tags: Camo,   Equipment,   Gear,   Ghillie Suit,   Military,   Modern,   Sniper,   Spotter,   Suit