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Requirements: No addons required

Version: 1.0

Short description: It's basically Scripts that allow you to Pack and Unpack a tent and campfire anywhere.

Date: 2015-04-10 07:06

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Tent, Campfire, and Sleep Script


It's basically Scripts that allow you to Pack and Unpack a tent and campfire anywhere.
It also includes a sleep script inside "Camp_Script", so you may wish to change the time and date where you wake up.

Installation / Usage:
Note that you will have to follow my guidelines in the scripts on what to edit and what to not, because
if you edit something That I mentioned "DO NOT CHANGE" it may affect the whole script causing it to not work.

On the bright side, this script is for those who like exploring the 3 Bohemia Interactive maps (except for VR cause its
too flat).
As a tip, you may want to add the "Acceleration Time" module in the editor to make things more realistic.

Place this into your unit's init within the editor, or into the init.sqf:
player addAction ["<t color=""#F8FF24"">" +format["Set Up Camp"],"Camp_Script\spawn.sqf"];

I have also provided in the .ZIP an example mission for you to get started with.

Now get out there and have some kind of adventure.
Suggested mods for extreme camping would be (well my style of course):
- TPW Mods
- Acceleration Time Module (already in-editor)
- Ambient Music
- Ambient enemies across map
- Weapon Spawns

License / Disclaimer:
There is terms and conditions applied to this script, so read the below carefully. (don't play toddler either :P)
Any changes, modifications and publications of this script by other people MUST give the author (me, Rawner135)
credit or recognition.
If used for games, programs, etc (such as GTA), that are not made by Bohemia Interactive, is strictly Forbidden!

- CopyRight(C) Protected under the BI Community - (This means that everything made in BI's forums is CopyRight Protected)

- first release

Forum topic:
- BI forums

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