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deanosbeano submitted released his DBO Ponds addon on the Armaholic forums.

    Quote :
    Essentially its the A2 chernarus water pieces and made for my own port of Chernarus and as such anyone with the proper export data fromchernarus A2 and knowledge of Terrain builder A3 can simply add these as a library template and they will import as normal because the naming is unchanged.
    I have given them editor scope so people can use on there own Islands if the shapes fit.

    I have added some new sections for people who would like to make streams, whilst I would love to show you a prefect example unfortunately my Arma time is pretty limited these days especially in the summer so I hope with so many good commyunity scripts now like X-Cam and NeoArmageddons and Lynx75 placement missions others can have a good crack at it.

    I have also been asked by a few people how they can make their own so in the release topic you can find a simple tutorial you can use when you wish to improve and make your own.

    • Added the Ability to swim on the surface

Written on 2015-04-21 07:17 by deanosbeano  

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