Author: Article 2 Studios
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Requirements: Community Base addons A3

Version: 0.25
Signed: Yes, serverkey included

Short description: Operation: TREBUCHET is a mod for ArmA 3 that seeks to combine the realistic warfare and sandbox freedoms of ArmA with the assets, characters, and weapons from the popular video game series Halo.

Date: 2021-03-08 09:55

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Operation: TREBUCHET

Article 2 Studios

Operation: TREBUCHET (OPTRE) was the last major UNSC offensive against the human insurrection before the first contact with the Covenant empire. Our mod will focus on the struggles of the common soldier rather than the elite spartan warriors, allowing you to experience the Halo universe from a new, brutal perspective. OPTRE is a total modification with the intent to bring the popular Halo Universe into a more realistic setting by introducing it into Arma 3.



To install the Operation: TREBUCHET you should use modfolders to keep it seperate from the official game content to prevent issues.
With Arma 3 you can use different ways to set up your modfolders to use custom content you have downloaded.
Please visit the Arma 3 Mod install instructions page for more information about using custom mods and addons in Arma 3.

Included files:

For usage instructions and information of how to use the Operation Trebuchet mod please refer to the included documentation.

Media: has its own Youtube channel where we will cover the Community made releases.
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If you want to get in contact with us or the OPTRE community in general we highly recommend joining our Discord or one of the communication channels linked on the right.

Credits & Thanks:

Article 2 Studios
NO–TRIANGLE House Pictures
bad benson
CBA Team
ALiVE Team
AGM Team
ACE3 Team
carbon dudeoxide
joseph williams

License / Disclaimer:
The work contained in this distribution is licensed under the Creative Commons Attribution-NonCommercial-NoDerivativs 3.0 Unported License. Please note that the above mentioned agreement gives the right to Article 2 Studios to waiver any of the conditions, therefore you can contact Article 2 Studios to obtain permission to modify our work.

It is forbidden to redistribute the content of this package by itself, or as part of another distribution, using the Steam Workshop by anyone other than Article 2 Studios.

You may not use the material for commercial purposes. This includes running this package on server instances that employ any monetization schemes, including, but not limited to, donate-reward systems. Bohemia Interactive's approval of your monetization scheme does not grant you rights to wave this clause.

Halo© Microsoft Corporation. Operation Trebuchet was created under Microsoft's "Game Content Usage Rules" using assets from Halo, and it is not endorsed by or affiliated with Microsoft.

Game Content Usage Rules

Changelog: (08-03-2021 - updated as it happens, displayed in news once every month)
- Added S Scorpion
- Added Sun Devil
- Updated sniper rifle (compatible items)
- Changed Terminal Screen GRN
- Bison has been upgraded to the 105mm

Changed SRS99 ammo values to give slight drop at longer/extreme ranges.
Adjusted M41 SSR Guided lock-on altitude and speed.
Adjusted Catfish Green textures to match turret's woodland camo.
Updated SAS-10 textures to OPTRE internal materials
Added new SAS-10 ammo/mag types, adjusted mag sizes and masses (classname changes too)
Added SAS-10 and Comet icons to Arsenal/Inventory.
Added SAS-10 and Comet reticles.
(Hopefully) Fixed Scythe fire-geo issues, should now block bullets.
Fixed M12 and M319 sights transparency issues.
Fixed Arctic Researcher uniforms, corrected hidden selections.

- Added Comet and ammo
- Added SAS-10 and ammo
- M319 config update
- Added Catfish to pelican maglock
- Fixed Catfish Gunner animations and ADS.
- Fixed Warthog Gunner animations.
- Fixed M12 issues, added ammo.
- Fixed research uniform (partially).
- Fixed other uniform issues.
- Fixed (some) Scythe issues.
- Fixed guard shack broken shadow.
- Altered Space Elevator base model to allow usage.

- Added Catfish
- Fixed Warthog MG Gunner animation issues

This update aims to fix most of the issues the previous update had, while also bringing some new content. We will provide a more detailed changelog soon but for now this is the summary:
- Fixed bison crew issues.
- Changed the textures of the bisons.
- Changed the textures of the innie vests and BDUs
- Fixed Magnum handanimation issue.
- Revamped madrigal, much better performance.
- Kholo's performance has also improved.
- Added a new terrain based on the moon of phobos.
- Hornet model is fixed and has new textures.
- Changes were made to structures for increased performance.
And so on...
We were unable to fix some other issues, like the Spartan issue when they wear no BDUs, but we intend to fix them and provide more content as soon as we can.

- M7 SMG (Standard, Folded, and SF Variants)
- M295 BMR
- New M45 Shotgun Models and Textures
- AV-19 Sparrowhawk in multiple configurations
- New M850 Grizzly Models and Textures
- New M6G Textures
- UNSC Drake Class Corvette with fully-enterable interior, functional escape pods, HEV Drop systems, and defense turrets
- Kholo and Madrigal Terrains
- New Structures for Blood Gulch
- Spartans are now THICC, aka Lore Accurate
- Custom Universal UNSC Suppressor
- VX-16 Air Crew Helmet (With way too many variants)
- Alot of stuff, but still not enough

- New custom poses for M247T and M247H Turrets (by Lakarak)
- BR55HB variant
- M247H Unshielded variant
- Fixed frozen muzzle flash on M247T and M247H Turrets
- Fixed UNSC Army Units and Vehicles not being spawn-able in Zeus

- Fixed MA5 Smartlink reticle showing even with optics mounted
- Fixed M41 SSR Launchers causing CTD when equipped
- Fixed M6C Smartlink scope disappearing on zoom
- Battlejumpers' Rifleman (MA5C) changed to Rifleman (HMG38) to properly reflect loadout
- Fixed M319 and M309 Underbarrel GLs having camera issues related to zeroing
- Tweaked M247T pose to be somewhat more appropriate

0.20 (04/14/2019)
- M319 Individual Grenade Launcher
- M41 Rocket Improvised Explosive Device
- Portable UNSC Radio Object
- M247T Medium Machine Gun Emplacement
- M247H Heavy Machine Gun Emplacement
- New BR55 Model and Attachments
- Replacement Models for MA5A, MA5B, MA5C, M6G, M6C, M41 SSR
- M7 SMG Temporarily Replaced w/ Vanilla PDW2000 Model
- Shadow errors when using Tanoan Heads with short-sleeved uniforms
- GA-TL1 Longsword
- Paris-class and Charon-class Frigates and Interior Objects

- Added Heavy variant of ILCS Rucksack
- Added Blue M8 Signal Flare
- Added M850 Grizzly HBT (WIP)
- Added Urban Battlejumper Armor
- Added Medic Helmet, Armor, and ODST Equipment
- Added Several Modular Building Pieces and Arctic Objects
- Missing proxies on M90A LODs
- MJOLNIR MkV legs untextured in 1P
- Flares did not emit any light
- Incorrect medic spawning with UNSC groups
- Charon Frigate had some reversed faces
- Duplicate Scorpion tank under NATO
- Protection values did not inherit properly for some UNSC vests
- UNSC_Units_ODST mod entry was deleted accidentally
- Battlejumper uniform head proxy was left in 1P LOD
- Extra invisible seats in Recovery Hog
- All shotguns could fire full auto
- Vanilla quadbike textures applying to Mongoose
- Some popup errors with ODST HUD
- Conflicting addon rpt spam with BW_Buildings
- Depolarized ODST helmet not showing properly
- AI Backpacks not holding any gear
- URF units not showing in Zeus
- Corrupted LODs on ILCS Rucksack
- Corrupted LODs on Warthog(s)
- Incorrect rvmat values on URF and Battlejumper equipment
- Missing Auto Uniform Switching info from readme
- MA5 Smartlink optics disabled NVGs when aiming
- Escape pod is now set to be invincible on spawn
- Changed HEV inheritance configs to (hopefully) reduce crashes
- Adjusted Magnum engagement ranges to prevent AI using them over primaries
- Changed M6C Compensator into a suppressor
- De-obfuscated all pbos
- Changed M45E/A magazine model to be more realistic
- Adjusted FG75 turn and elevation boundaries
- Adjusted AI firemodes to make them mag dump slightly less
- Slightly increased the size of the UNSC Rucksack
- Adjusted M41 damage values to fit more in line with other AT weaponry
- Further tweaked Scorpion and Bison armor values (Bison should now take 1-2 M41 Rockets, Scorpion 3-4, and Grizzly 5-6 in most circumstances)

- Added new Paris-class and Charon-class Frigates
- Added Editor-Placeable Weapons and Items
- Added Gao Battlejumpers and URF Soldiers (WIP)
- Added M274 Mongoose (WIP)
- Added FG75 Anti-Tank Gun
- Added UNSC Binoculars
- Added Several New Objects and Structures
- Added Overhauled Cross-Branch BDU, Armor, and Headgear
- Added MA5 Alternate Ironsights
- Added M794 Recovery Vehicle
- Added ODST Bullfrog unit with additional fall damage resistance
- Added Optional Automatic Uniform Switching (see Readme for more info)
- Added Medical Cabinet by Reverence
- Added Red and Blue MJOLNIR MkIV Armor
- Added Military Police and Recon MJOLNIR Helmet Variants
- Fixed PT uniform binoculars not showing
- Fixed m393 bipod inside gun
- Fixed missing reload sounds
- Fixed warthog top lights blocking driver's vision
- Fixed Building transparency bug on several objects
- Fixed Innie Hornets and Pelicans not showing in Zeus
- Fixed Bumblebee Pod geo colliding with ground when placed
- Fixed incorrect model used for Land_Garage_UnCovered_b
- Fixed Bison and Scorpion going incredibly slow offroad
- Fixed "Perilous Journey" track had no name
- Fixed Falcon not being able to slingload
- Phase 1 of Texture Overhaul (Several Weapons and Vehicles)
- Reduced range of C7 Explosive to make it better for breaching and precise detonations
- Added fastroping to Hornet
- Reworked ballistics and configuration of all infantry weapons
- Changed suppressors from 7.62 to 6.5 Stealth
- Removed [OPTRE] tag from emblems
- Added built in flashlights to appropriate weapons (MA5/MA37)
- Updated m41 rocket model to be more visible mid-flight
- Falcon canopy protection (up to 7.62)
- Re-implemented m7 flashlight
- Re-implemented M910 PDN
- Tweaked Warthog undercarriage GEO LOD
- Made vehicle flip action less likely to cause death
- Added vehicle flip action to all UNSC ground vics
- Added two more FFV seats to Hornet skids
- Tweaked Hornet flight model to be more agile
- Adjusted the mass of several vehicles to be more reasonable
- Enabled Pelican thrusters while mag lifting a vehicle
- Added Pelican Airbrakes
- Overhauled LODs for Weapons, Units, Vehicles, Objects, and Structures
- Tweaked ODSTs now are more resistant to fall damage
- ODST Helmet Variants (due to return in the following update)
- Balaclava UNSC and Innie Helmet Variants

- Cross-Branch BDUs (Woodland, Olive, Tropical, Snow, Urban, Gray, Black, and Desert in Standard, Rolled Sleeves, Short Sleeves, and T-shirt variants)
- SPARTAN II Super Soldiers
- Dress Uniforms
- Physical Fitness Uniforms
- Patrol Caps for Army and Marines
- Iberius Terrain [W.I.P.]
- Medigel
- M247 GPMG (Created by Shadow)
- M393 DMR
- 3 New Optics (magnified 3D scope, CQB collimator, 2D multi-zoom scope)
- H-19 Smartfinder Designator
- C12 Explosive Charge
- M154 Mine
- C7 Foaming Explosive
- M168 Demolition Charge
- HUD Re-implemented (Must be manually turned on to avoid possible future issues)
- Several new Signs and Objects
- Falcon canopy was not protecting pilot
- Overwrite issues with third-party terrains
- Some minor issues with Gridlock
- Recoil issues on Warthog weapons
- Genet bone error
- Broken Warthog PiP screens
- Spartan helmets providing no protection
- Non-medical hard tents using medical textures
- ACE Compatibility moved over to seperate side mod
- UNSC Vehicles colors tweaked to a standard shade of green (other variants to follow)
- All armor plating moved over to vest slots (except ODSTs that comes later)
- ACE-Specific hitpoints added (Wounds should be more consistent now)
- Battle Rifle and Rocket Launcher optics have been changed to be more similar to games
- Weapon weights slightly reduced
- Military wall gate now has open and close anims
- Improved warthog brakes
- Vehicle missiles tweaked slightly
- Pelican rockets adjusted to be more accurate
- MA5C now has color matched smart link optic
- Updated all OPTRE items to be carry-able in vest and uniform (for spartans)
- Changed MA5A to MA3A (classnames remain the same)
- Added 3GLs to AR GLs
- Mag lift system improved considerably
- Pedestrian Bridges raised so that Scorpion can fit under
- Armor of Scorpions reduced moderately
- Armor of Bisons increased moderately
- Splash damage of S1 Canister rounds reduced
- Deprecated Uniforms, Vests, and Units (Sorry missionmakers)
- CAA Colonial PD (temporary)
- Old Boonie Hats and Patrol Caps (temporary)
- Editor Preview Images (temporary)

- New Supply pods for MA37 and MA5C
- HEV sounds not ending properly
- OPTRE content not showing in Zeus properly
- M90 CAWS muzzle flash floating
- Clipping on Skyline Tower
- MA5 backup irons misaligned
- M392 DMR materials were missing
- Some weapons shadows were missing
- Made MA5C more grey
- Changed Smartlink optics (original intent)
- HEV default speed reduced to accomodate new changes
- Tweaked Armor values in preparation for complete re-balance of damage scale (need feedback)
- Increased flight speed of unguided rocket munitions slightly

- Smartlink Optic for MA5, MA37, and M6G
- MA37 Ammocounter
- M90 CAWS Shotgun
- New Supply pods for new weapons
- Elephant causing crashes and bugged geometry
- HEV causing crashes when landing on objects
- Jetpack functionality re-implemented (no changes since v0.14)
- Gun incorrectly appeared on Police Falcon
- SRS99D completely black under shadows
- AI refusing to walk on custom sidewalk objects
- Removed front sight from Warthog MG irons
- Removed possibility of jamming on SRS99 Series (ACE)
- Increased spread of shotgun pellets
- Jetpack keybind re-added
Known Issues
- HUD still disabled (Working on a complete re-write)

- New MA37, MA5A, MA5B, MA5C, and MA5K models
- SRS99C Sniper Rifle
- Bison IFV/MGS
- Scorpion MBT
- Holo Table Objects
- LAU-65B Static Missile Pod
- Sandstorm Terrain
- Blood Gulch Terrain
- New Interior Pieces (to be used in a future terrain)
- Static Civilian Cargo Freighters
- "Jets-DLC" Sensor Suite
- Custom Inventory, Eden and Arsenal Icons
- "War Games" Equipment for PVP
- Elephant HRV (Extremely W.I.P.)
- New and Improved titles for the Soundtrack
- Military Wall Hub had no collision
- M7 SMG and M73 LMG would not appear in Virtual Arsenal
- ODST clan selection was upside down
- AI interaction with Gridlock sidewalks
- ACE_Compat requirement bug
- A bunch of building collision issues
- Some buildings could be shot through
- Some vending machines were sunken into the ground
- Warehouse ladders weren´t working
- Some buildings had bugged shadows
- HUD must now be enabled manually via keybinds (Due to 64-bit issue)
- Added a bit more detail to Gridlock
- Vehicles now can be customized using VhC/Virtual Garage setup (redundant classes have been left for compatibility's sake, but can no longer be placed in 3DEN)
- Reduced shinyness of Longsword
- Changed Innie warthog textures to be less ugly and more authentic
- Bumblebee interior collision to prevent the head clipping through the top
- Old "grey" MA5Bs
- ACE "dependency"
- [OPTRE] tag for items and weapons
- Redundant container buildings
Known Issues
- HUD consistently causes crashes on 64-bit (HUD disabled for now)

v0.14 Alpha
-Maintenance Cart
-Several New Structures and Frigate Assets
-Fury Nuke
-Jetpack (Non-functional)
-Bumblebee Escape Pod
-ACE Compatiblity (Fast roping, Ear Pro, G Forces, etc)
-Emergency IR Beacon
-Gridlock Terrain (by Lumnuon)
-HEV Modules
-HUD Modules
-Short-sleeve Uniform
-Several New Music Tracks
-Tactical Glasses and Eye Piece
-Support Variants of M1087 Stallion
-Pistol Holster Proxy on Vests
-Placeholder Police Units
-3DEN Categories and Subcategories
-Balaclava Variants of M52 Helmets
-SRS99D Suppressor
-Thruster Function for Pelican
-Semi-transparency on some vehicles/units
-Floating Backpacks
-Tiny belt on M73 when reloading
-Shadow error on ODST Helmet
-Open faces on ODST vest
-Warthog headlights too bright
-M6C Alpha layering errors
-DMR ejecting machinegun belt links
-Soldier Hitpoints
-ODST Vest "skirt" look
-Fixed normals on Warthog wheels
-All Weapon recoils slightly
-Armor of Innie vests decreased slightly
-Overall damage of weapons more in line with Vanilla
-Innie Warthog texture now more distinguishable
-Improved Sniper and M73 Textures
-Sniper Bipod is now built into weapon
-Moved all music to new pbo (OPTRE_Music.pbo)
-Adjusted Falcon and Pelican Flight Models
-SRS99D Scope now has built-in rangefinder
-Added PIP screens to Pelican
-Adjusted Rocket and Sniper trajectory to more reflect the games
-M910 PDN
-Mongoose Re-textures

-Hitpoints changes post-v1.54
-Marine shoulders had no camo selections
-Army, Marines, and ODSTs can now take 2 shots to Legs and Arms if they are full health (Subject to tweakage)
-ODST Camo selections fixed

-Marksman DLC weapon deployment points
-M45E Combat Shotgun and M45A Semi-Auto Shotgun
-Innie Weapons Caches
-Neck covering to ODST and Recon Helmets
-Very WIP Structures from Elysium City Terrain
-More Colored Variants of ODST Armor
-Firemode Selector Sounds
-Tails to all weapons sounds
-More color variants of the Genet
-Altis Intro
-DLC Tags (Weapons Only)
-DMR has no shadow
-Rocket Launcher rate of fire too high
-With the Assault Rifle, iron sights zooms the camera in and then out just a little bit
-DMR, Sniper Rifle and Magnum go invisible when someone holding them is killed
-Bad physics for DMR and BR when someone holding them is killed
-Rocket Launcher loses it's rockets (visually) when dropped on the ground
-The DMR's ammo counter goes completely black when it's facing away from light sources
-Rocket Launcher has no shadow
-Specialized backpacks tend to overfill with the default supplies
-32rnd magazines don't work
-Magnification reads x10 for two magnifications.
-MA5 no gl fire rate
-Guided Rockets dont actually follow target
-HEDP rounds on sniper cause extreme cam shake
-Sniper bipod is not animated
-Marine and ODST AI are given random BLUFOR facewear
-All UNSC AI speak with American accents
-Asian, Iranian and Greek faces are not used for UNSC AI
-Eridanus Rebel AI have only American accents and faces
-URF AI have only Greek accents and faces
-Corpsmen and medics do not have medical icons (for UI)
-sniper ODST helmet attachment disappears
-M52 body armour, a big 'spike' will appear protruding upwards from their armour
-ODST scout sniper (placed in the editor) does not wear the sniper helmet
-AA specialists are equipped with non-guided rocket launchers and guided rockets
-units are equipped with non-OPTRE orange smoke grenades
-All memory LODS (
-Warthog turret isn't stablised
-Headlights on Warthog glare the windshield making it hard to drive in first person
-Genet has two extra invisible passenger seats
-All Warthogs float off the ground by about 1cm
-When disembarking a Falcon as a pilot, units will get out the right side, but then will teleport to the left side
-Mechanics in the Final Dawn hangar have replaced the balloons inside the warthog with proper components, so they should be slightly less floaty
-UNSC Mule has missing textures outside the cabin.
-Window is missing on the pelican's left
-Hog suspension damping too much
-Genet shadow
-M910 PDN Shadow
-Shooting the monument glass spawns dirt
-error message when a mission that has the object 'Console [Frigate]' in it
-There are two music tracks with the same name (Jeopardy)
-Stratis Intro throwing errors
-All M2 smoke grenades do not work
-All guns but pistols were missing muzzle flash rotations
-AR optic
-Guided Rocket Launcher now behaves like Rocket Launcher from Rocket Hog
-Shrunk Marine Shoulder pads slightly
-DMR, SMG, Rocket Launcher, Warthog MG, and BR given new sounds to sound a little more "Halo"
-Changed suppressed sounds to better, newer ones from Marksman DLC
-Magic Box
-Pelican Magnet and Thruster scripts until they can be better implemented (sry)
Known Bugs
-Issues with z-fighting and normals on m6c
-Body still sinks when resting weapons prone
-SMG Tracers and Illumination Torch still dont work (not sure why)
-PIP Screens need to be re-added
-M6C RDS is broken

-M392 DMR and Optic
-Mongoose (RETEXTURE) (Foreal this time)
-Magnet function for Pelicans (Foreal this time)
-Another static wreck model for the Pelican
-Could not spawn OPTRE objects in Zeus (Foreal this time)
-Magnet\fn_Init.sqf not found
-Warthog Handling and Physics (A little better still WIP)
-All OPTRE weapons are now ONLY compatible with OPTRE optics
-Base units in Zeus

-Tropic and Arid Army Units
-Ammocounter functionality to BR and AR
-HuCiv Genet (WIP)
-Civilian Warthogs
-Plants (WIP)
-Air Force Units
-Patrol Caps and Boonie Hats to match UNSC forces
-HEDP Rounds for the SRS99
-Mongoose (RETEXTURE)
-Blank and Stratis variants of Holotable
-Ghillie Helmets and Vests
-Thruster and Magnet(WIP) Functions for Pelicans
-Static Wreck Models for Falcon and Pelican (Pelican Wreck Model WIP)
-Custom 2D Optics for AR(WIP) and SRS99
-Added preliminary content for addition of DMR and M247 in the future
-Could not spawn OPTRE objects in Zeus
-Game-Breaking incompatibility with CBA
-Pelican muzzle flash and shooting issues
-Shadow LODs of most weapons, uniforms, and equipment
-Various other small things
-Warthog Handling and Physics (Better watch those turns now)
-Ballistics of all small arms
-Armor values of Falcon
-Redid UNSC groups
-Armor values
-Redid Classname Naming Conventions (Sorry Missionmakers)
-Various other small things
-Color variants of shotgun
-Army and Marine Pilots (replaced by Airmen and Naval Aviators)

v0.10 alpha
- first release

- Community Base addons A3

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