Author: RobertHammer
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Requirements: AK pack 2.0 - Hotfix

Version: 2.0 beta
Signed: Yes, key included

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Date: 2008-08-21 18:31

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RH AK pack

Specially created for rebels and terrorists. In this pack you can find the following weapons:
    - AK47
    - AKS47 with buttstock and without
    - AK47 with GP30
    - AKS74U
    - AKS74U with PB silencer
    - AKS74U with PB silencer + Tishina GL
    - AK74's and Kobra sight
    - AKM
    - AKM with GP30
    - AKM with PSO
    - AKMS
    - RK95 Sako
    - AN94 Abakan
    - AN94 Abakan with GP30
    - SVD normal and grey grip SVD
    - Oc14's , Groza-1's

    - and Bonus guns:
    - AK47 Gold , Silver
    - SVD Gold
    - and others
First remove any old version if present!!

Extract the pbo(s) in your Arma/addons folder or as we always recommend use a modfolder.
If you do not know how to use mod folders have a loom in our FAQ.

Included .pbo files:

Credits & Thanks:
Model: Warfrog
Skin: Tha_Slaya
Drum/skin: menace2k3 , Marcius

AKM/GP30 model : Twinke Masta
PSO Scope: Twinke Masta
retractible stock: Spydr
AKM skin: Thanez, NCFurious, Moonspoon, Twinke Masta, Sproily
PSO Scope skin: Smokey Joe
stock skin: Kimono

RK-95 Sako:
Sako body model: Darkstorn
Magazine model: Twinke Masta
Skin: Twinke Masta
Aimpoint: Arremba_san_zorzo /thx/

Models: Ettubrutesbro
Textures: specnaz1980 , WangChung

Model: The_Lama
Skin: specnaz1980 , Polygon
PB and Tishina: Toxikneedle and Fipoch

Model: Malignant
Skin: Rosa Jonas

Base model : Twinke Masta
AK74 skin: Twinke Masta, Sproily and RobertHammer
Reworked from AKM model : RobertHammer
Kobra sight and skin : The_Lama and Millenia

Base Model: The_Lama
Skin: specnaz1980 , Polygon
GL parts and Skin : GSC
Some old parts and skin : Mr_Dexter1945
Reworked from AKSU : RobertHammer

Model: cryomerk
Skin: Millenia

Models and skins: GSC

And Golden skins:
AK47 Gold and Silver skin: RobertHammer
SVD Gold skin : WangChung and RobertHammer

BIG Thx for permission to compiling your the best stuff into great game and make the game nicer

Config work: Q1184 and RobertHammer
New recoils , bullets and other tweaks: Q1184
Improved Textures and sounds: RobertHammer , FDF RK-95 fire sound and The Noid's AK47 bolt sound
Animations : New updated SLX /thx Solus/
Cool Real optics: NonWonderDog
Testers : Aimpoint and Mark

- Updated Recoils by Q1184
- "white tunnel" fixed
- RPK74 with 45rnd mag as real one
- Gold effect is not perfect , but better then nothing
- OC14/GR1 are holding wrong ,but is Arma's engine "bug"
- SD versions with Scopes , when they using SD mags , they firing up the Scope's middle , i dunno why , same "bug" is on BIS mags too
- added parallax effect into Kobra sight
- added model of mags for custom mags
- Removed QG units and now it doesn't require QG

- new updates and changes
- now without pistol pack

- some tweaked and new recoils - by Q1184
- new Aks74u sound + new BS-1 GL sound
- new NMaps in pistol pac
- pistol pack and ak pack released in 1 file

- First public release

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