Author: igniseros
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Version: 1.0

Short description: Makes armA III description.ext files

Date: 2015-05-15 00:50

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Arma 3 EXT Generator

Peece studios

I got bored and made a description.ext files generator. I'm always open to constructive criticism!
It can do the following:
    Load ArmA3 missions
    Export description.exe files
    Change respawn weapons
    Allow Debug Console
    Custom Code
    Allow Respawn
    Different respawn types
    Different respawn delays
    Choice to spawn on start
    Help with most of the weapons and ammo in it
    Changeable files for respawn weapons
    Allow ai to score
    Corpse limits
    and probably more...

Armaholic note:
Exe files can harm your PC! Before running this you should make sure you understand the risks!
Armaholic is in no way responsible if this file causes any damages what so ever! Downloading and installing this program is at your own risk.
We have run anti-virus tools on the included exe and found one issue!. You can view the scan results here:

+export directly to MPMissons folder
+author textbox
-ability to edit mission path
-the struggle of exporting your mission through the ingame editor

+make mission ext files
-the struggle of everyday life
-the struggle of actually typing real words

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- Armaholic forums

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