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Version: Client 2.1.6 / Server 2.1.5

Short description: SQUADSYNC Launcher and Addons Synchronization software for ArmA

Date: 2015-08-26 12:56

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SquadSync Client and Server

Centurion Games and Combate Tatico Brasil

SquadSync Server/Client are applications developed by CCT (Comunidade de Combate Tático) to manage dedicated servers for Arma 3 as well as the user version of your ArmA 3. (It also works with ArmA 2.

It is the most time saver app of all time for your ArmA 3 Community.

It basically works like this:
You put the IP of the server you want to be synced with, everytime it updates you will get a message, click on update and you're in Sync with your community/clan's server until there is another one.

Then you just press launch ArmA to connect automatically to the Server(with password) and you're ready to Get Some.

Extremely friendly User interface (No more headaches from users who can't download for #!@#)

- Presets system
Choose automatically only the mods you're gonna use for your campaing or mission, no need to nitpick which mods you're gonna need your server does that for you, just Choose the presets your Clan is using that night. What more do you want? REALLY THIS IS AWESOME

- ArmA 2 and 3 support
- MP and SP compatible
- Easy connection to multiple Servers
- Arsenal
Be in sync with your server all the time, your SquadSync will download your mods for you through
the arsenal and everyime there is an update, you will get the message when you launch it.
- Extreme time save

Armaholic note:
Exe files can harm your PC! Before running this you should make sure you understand the risks!
Armaholic is in no way responsible if this file causes any damages what so ever! Downloading and installing this program is at your own risk.
We have run anti-virus tools on the included exe and found no issues which is however not a guarantee!

Run the included exe files to install the applications.

Client Manual:
Server Manual:

Client v2.1.6
* If battleye is in binary name, will add 0 1 parameters
* Improved application status information
* Only shows running presets
* Quick adding of multiple hosts

Server v2.1.5
* Remove deprecated configuration file entries “Launch graphical interface”
* Remove deprecated configuration file entries “Reporting IP”
* Remove deprecated configuration file entries “Equal MOD Require”
* Remove file entries “Checkfiles”

NEXT Version - Add MOTD, set squadsync server/client listen port, choose auto or manual port numbering, remove arma2, separate launchable presets from squad mod groups

SquadSync Client 2.1.4
SquadSync Server 2.1.2

Credits & Thanks:
Powered by Centurion Games and Combate Tatico Brasil

License / Disclaimer:
Terms of Use:
This program is free for use, but please notify me if you found a bug or if you have some suggestion.
The author of this program is not responsible for any damage or data loss. It is not allowed to sell this program for money, it has to be free to get.

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